Saturday, July 3, 2010

Soup for all

Top secret is a very good mens freebie blog. Together with Before sleep a store for clothing and more they organized the Alphabet Soup bazaar. A small faire with nice summer clothes. It opens at the 4th of July and is worth a visit. Nearly all items shown in the blogentry are available at the bazaar. So if an item shown hasn t a slurl its available at the bazaar.

Going to the alphabet soup bazaar and being dressed perfectly for that. And having a good reason to get a lot of dresses there. As the can is quite unique but it lacks a bit in elegance.
The guys from 22769 also sell an item there which is perfect for going somewhere but theirs is perfect for going to the beach. Its possible to buy all the pieces together for 22 linden or you buy the single pieces for example when you think "I always hated left trousers cuffs" you could simply not buy it. Although i would buy the left cuff because those cuffs belong to the well textured trousers (and its not true you only could buy the trousers with the cuffs).
Outfit: 22769 alphabet soup - beachbum outfit complete (22 Linden)

22769 has some more stuff at the bazaar for example a bunch of shirts. Or a sexy outfit.
Left: 22769 alphabet soup soviet tee (3 Linden)
Middle 1: 22769 alphabet soup - fishsoup tee (5 Linden)
Middle 2: 22769 "his favorite shirt" - Complete Outfit (160 Linden)
Right: 22769 alphabet soup - nerd shirt (5 Linden)

The bazaar is not only for friends of soup its also a great place for the lovers of cookies. This cute dress from Miinii Inc Main comes with fitting flats, sunglasses and a scarf. I like the colour very much its a nice kind of blue. I just recognized that it is an item for children. But it also fits smallish avis without any trouble.
Outfit: ((MM)) Cookie Monsta Fit (299 Linden)

Before Sleep is one of the organisators of the Bazaar and have of course a lot of cute stuff in their booth. For example the shirts (Hottie and Geek) and all the flipflops shown in the blog are from before sleep. They only cost 1 linden, but as all flip flops they maybe only last for a summe,r so it would be best to buy them in all colours, which are available, to be prepared for some more summers which might come.
Skin left and middle: #BS# Vaxxine Skin + Shape (1 Linden)
Top: #Before Sleep# Hottie Tshirt (40 Linden)
Trousers: #BS# Beachy (5 Linden)
Top: #Before Sleep# Geek Tshirt (40 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Plaid Capris [Blue] (40 Linden)
Right: #Before Sleep# Heart (5 Linden)

While shopping i needed a rest so i was quite glad to get the july gift from kue. Its a nice bunny chair. The top is from 22769 and the capri trousers are also from before sleep.
Top: 22769 saussage tank (unisex) (3 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Plaid Capris [Pink] (40 Linden)

There are some funny free shirts available at the bazaar for example the "Let's the games begin" one or the bazaar shirt. The shirt on the right hasn t anything to do with the bazaar its one of the new lucky board items from mnk but goes very well with the trousers from before sleep.

Top: T Junction - Alphabet Soup - Male Freebie (0 Linden)
Middle: The Alphabet Soup Fair [M]
Top: MNK*Lucky Item! _Cotton Tunic (0 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Board Shorts [Green] (40 Linden)

Welcome to the future

Walking throught the empty city in a dress made of paper.
The light of the advertisement at the walls changes the colour of the skin.
The reflection of the sky causes a feeling like walking on clouds.
There are few designers which make unique affordable dresses. Sanders Beaumont is one of them. In his store .::dj::. DoJo he sells unique dresses to fair prizes. The cut of the clothes is modern, elegant and surprising. I like the colours of this one very much and also the idea of a dress made of paper and safety pins.

Dress: .::dj::. Futuresque redblack (450 Linden)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (i m not sure but think 800 Linden)

Its Cake at the fashion fest

I have to admit i always thought that its cake is just a store for funny toys like food to carry in the mouth or their brilliant bouncing castle. I was wrong. There are also a lot of nice clothes available. I recognized that when visiting the booth of the store on the fashion fest. They got a very nice shirt there as gift. Its very pink and with the typeface which has been used on it it fits perfectly to the sim of the booth. They are on sim 8 of the fest which is designed in a 1957 Philadelphia style. The skirt from Casual Elegance is also a gift from the fest and fits perfectly to the shirt and the sim.
Shirt: .:it's Cake:. FREE Group Gift Tshirt!! (0 Linden)
Skirt: *CE* Danielle Skirt-Navy (0 Linden)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kimono in black

Waving in front of a door. Hopeing to get in.
When entering the room was empty. So kneeling while waiting for getting heared.
The Kimono is a gift from the ancient tree kimono shop from the international fashion fair. There is kind of a hunt and somewhere in their shop there is a star hidden. Thats the Kimono (a friend somehow knew that i like kimonos and told me about it). The skin was a gift from ania. Its a dollarbie on xstreet and very cute.
Skin:!!KKBB!! - Geisha Makeup Skin !!DOLLARBIE!! (1 Linden)
Kimono: Black Phesant Ancient Tree Kimono (0 Linden Hunt gift)

Warrior of love

Kneeling for a moment to become mentaly ready to kill. Sometimes even pacifits need some help of weapons to get their ideas through. So its always useful to have a m107. Luckily the clothes are quite comfy. And what is more important they are quite robust so its not a problem to spend some time in them in laying in the mud.
22769 are having a sale on xstreet. The tank-top is one of the items they sell there. And with the om jeans outfit. It reminded me on violent hippies. The guns i used in the pictures are quite well made and from Ironsight Armaments. They come with nice combat gestures and its possible to wear them slung on the back and to carry them in the hand. Also nice is the possibility to do a melee strike with the guns. So if a guy mocks about your clothes you simply could knock him out.
Top: 22769 camutank with vintage jeans (50 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 om jeans outfit (60 Linden)
Gun on the back and used in the pictures: ::ISA:: Barrett M107 v1.0 (500 Linden)
Gun in the hand: ::ISA:: H&K MP5A4 v1.0 (500 Linden)

I like this outfit very much. Its kind of a celtic steampunk outfit. The trousers are very nice and the textures on the belt are just amazing. Its also very useful to have always a horn to drink out with you.

Outfit: 22769 Totoy complete Outfit (99 Linden)

Somehow this shirt reminds me a lot on freddy. But its comfy and useful. And the pants are very well made and nice. Its possible to resize them very well.
Outfit: 22769 casual couture camushortbaggy with redstripped longsleeve (60 Linden)

Ready for the heat

Its getting hotter and hotter so its time for some short clothes. For example the subscriber gift from Prim & Pixels a top in two lengthes in peach. They come on all layers. The butterflys are a groupgift from govil. The skin comes from the midnight mania board from Ibanez Skins.
Top: P&P Bare Shoulder Blouses Peach & Tulip SUBSCRIBER GIFT (0 Linden)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * jeans da ballo green ::low rise:: (113 Linden)
Boots: DragansVarg *imrae* armor boots flat (between 400 and 500 Linden)
Skin: Midnight Madness - Ibanez Skins - Lyra Peach Skin Pack (Midnight Mania 0 Linden)
Butterflies: GOVIL hair Butterfly1 (groupgift 0 Linden)

Some shorts are also useful at the warm weather they are a groupgift from JAZMYN D the tanktops also belong to that gift. They come in many colours. The flats come from Duh!. They are a gift in the good shit hunt.
Top and shorts: JAZMYN D: GROUP GIFT [JULY] (0 Linden)
Flats: ::Duh!:: Spring Flats Ink (black) (GSH 0 Linden)

Dance or not to dance

Standing in a ballroom and having a look if anybody worth to dance with is there. But it looks bad. Only a few guys there and they look mainly like ones who step onto the feet of their dancepartners.
But at least my collar looks good. It is as the gown from D-design.
The gown includes a lot of wearing possibilities for example its possible to take of the lace of the skirt and there are possibilites to wear the top with gloves or without and without the lace over the glove or without it. The gown is only today (2nd of July 2010) on the midnight mania board at D-Design. After that it will be sold for 700 Linden.
What i like very much at the gown is that Dani Plassitz - the owner and designer of D-Design - is able to make black skirts which look like skirts and not like a plain black space on the screen. This is a problem dresses from other designers have sometimes. So here a picture of some ways to wear the gown.
Gown: D-DESIGN Stina Black (Midnight mania today or 700 Linden)
Necklace: D-DESIGN Black Pearls Choker (65 Linden)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childrenbooks? not with me

Alith D`Dragonor didn`t mind being a darkelf. But what really annoyed her was that she had to go to a school where she should learn to become the perfect nanny. Lots of female dark elves have been asked to attend such a school. After reaching their degree they hid their ears, used special glasses and lots of makeup to aply at human families for a job. This was quite important as so they easily could kidnap children for the joy of their relatives. Alith hated humans so she was absolutly not intrested in eating them. "Why should i eat something i hate?" she often asked her parent but they didn t care at all about their bizzare offspring. On good days they asked "you don`t want that finger could i have it? " but normaly they just ignored her.
So she had to go to that nanny school every day and she hated it. One day she was asked to write down five famous human children books and wasn`t able to have anything in mind but "where the wild things are". That was the moment when she had enough.
She grabbed one of the scythes from the wall (she and her classmates used them normaly to fight against each other on the roof of the school) and used it to cut off her dress.
Then she ran out of the room. When seeing a female human of her size she knocked that girl down and stole her shoes and the strange vehicle she was using.
First she felt a bit insecure with it.
But soon she was able to use the skateboard correctly. She smiled for the first time in her life (it was more an odd grin) and thought "i like that".
Some minutes later she tried her first jumps. And the next year all she won all important skateboard contests.

For this blog entry i used a skin i won in the fantasy faire flickr contest. It comes in 4 versions, black brows, white brows and those with and without hair at the most intimate parts of the body. The skateboard is of course from Draneqo. Its a custom one with a Elfenlied theme. Elfenlied is a very nice and very bloody anime. Its the coolest skateboard i ever had in second life and its so much fun to use it. Customs from Draneqo start at 500 Linden. So if you like to have your own special sk8board send a message to DQ3 Jonstone. For the tricks i used the skatehud from the same firm. You could also have a look at their blog.
The dress is a gift in the good shit hunt from Show me on the Doll. It was the dress which made me have the idea of how to combine a dark elf and a skateboard. Its very well made and as shown its possible to skate while wearing it.
The blackboard is on the lucky board at *~MMGraffiti's~*. Its possible to change the text on it - you simply have to upload an other texture for it.

Skin: Ibanez Skins - Lyra - Moonlit Drowess (799 Linden)
Skateboard: +DRANEQO+ Sk8_board(elfenlied) (500 Linden but was a gift yay)
Dress: [SMOTD] Srs Bznz Outfit - (0 Linden)
Scythe: ## CI ## Scythe of Fate (350 Linden)
Skatehud: +DRANEQO+ SK8HUD(Center) (300 Linden)
Blackboard: *~MMG's~* Easel-blackboard+rafel+chalk_LB (0 Linden Lucky board)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ben and me

I found Ben in the garbage in front of my house. His tail was very short for a rat and he looked weak so i gave him food.
He grew and became rather curious.
So i decided to go to the park with him.
Sometimes he seemed to plan to talk with me. He sat on my hand wrinkled his nose and looked up.
Maybe he just wanted food.
He was rather good in balancing on my hand.
But it was clear that he needed to have his own life one day.
But i hoped that wouldn t be so soon.
He squeaked loud while we spend time in the park.
So i placed him carefully on the ground.
It seemed like he was waving with his tail and saying good bye.
Then he climbed quickly on the back of a big ferret.
Last i saw was that they made their way into the hills. I hope they have some nice adventures.

The rat with the poses is the item from No Strings Attatched for Operation Squeegee. In the pack are nine rats each with an other pose. Operation Squeegee is a fundraiser event to help the National Wildlife Federation. It will take part from the 1st to the 15th July. The rats fit very well in that in my opinion. Here is the link to the blog of Operation Squeegee.

For the blog entry i used the song lyrics hunt gift from 22769. The ferret avatar comes from wynx.

Poses: 'NSA' - "A Friend Like Ben" ( will be sold at Operation Squeegee) (250 Linden)
Outfit: song lyrics hunt #16 - 22769 - Casual Couture (0 Linden)
Avatar: Extrovirtual : Quadruped Ferret Avatar - Chocolate (850 Linden)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nobody wants to dance with me

Nobody wanted to dance with me. So i got rather angry and ran to the water to throw bread to ducks but so far that they need ages to get to it and it sinks while they swim to it. I was so angry that i didn`t even care that the skirt got wet.
This gown comes from the midnight mania board from Bellissima!. The textures are just wonderful. I had a try and its possible to wear the top as corset. It looks rather good to jeans so its a nice possibility to use it for a casual but elegant outfit.
Gown: _Bell_Bellissima! Ballgown - Blacl (0 Linden Midnight mania)

Silent Sparrow at the GnubieStore

The Gnubie store is one of the best freebie stores i know (beside the stairs i never manage to deal with them and fall off all the time). Today i was there to help a friend who was in need for a new male skin. And of course we didn`t find a skin but i found two outfits from Silent sparrow.

First this blue outfit. It comes with lots of layers and even starshaped pasties. The stockings have a nice bat pattern.
Outfit: Silent Sparrow @ the gnubie store : (Bunting) Suite ~silentsparrow~~Gift~ (0 Linden)

The second outfit is for the lovers of frogs and tentacles it comes with cute tentacle hornes and lots of frogs. Included are two kind of skirts and gloves.
Outfit: Silent Sparrow @ the gnubie store : (Grassies) Suite ~silentsparrow~~Gift~ (0 Linden)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Three outfits for women

Scratching my head a bit while thinking of where to wear this great corset from Orquidea. Its from the song lyrics hunt. The store is also rebuilt and there are some more new outfits so its worth to look a bit around in this store.
Corset: Orquidea : SLH Note #23 Earthbound corset (0 Linden)

Yesterday i was horribly keen on a dress on a midnight mania from Bellissima!. While waiting i won some outfits from the store raffle. For example this top and the skirt. The top belongs to a whole skatergirl outfit and the skirt. You got the chance to win all 20 minutes. The skateboard comes from Draneqo. And the sk8-rack was a groupgift from the same store.

Top: _Bell_Skater Gurl - Skulls Black (0 Linden raffle item)
Skirt: _Bell_Tartan Mini Skirt Robertson Modern (0 Linden raffle item)
Sk8board: +DRANEQO+ Sk8Board(Devil Boy) (300 Linden)

This outfit is the new lucky chair item from Deviance. And its just amazing. But i only dared to wear it at home as its only made of prims. The design is great, very sensual but its still possible to fight in it.
Outfit: Deviance - Elementalist - Rainbow (0 Linden Lucky chair)