Monday, June 28, 2010

Three hippies

Three hippies found a float. They put a candle on it. To keep bad spirits away the lit it and started hanging around.
The hippie in the yellow shirt and the fractal trousers was a bit annoyed. He visited his parents and while he was sleeping they cut his hair. Now he has a decent haircut but hopes to find something in his book which makes his hair grow faster again.
The only girl on the float was suffering under throatache caused by smoking too much. She didn`t thought that this would be possible but now she knew better.
And the hippie in the green shirt was a bit sad. Some years later he invented a movement called "Emo". Luckily nobody on the float knew that so they didn`t kicked him of the float.
But now he was bored. So he asked his friends "Hey i think i see some stuff there at the land".
So they used their hands to paddle to the shore. The hippie girl imediatly found a music instrument and started to play.
But not very well so the guys grabbed her and put her into a shopping cart they found.
When they reached a decent speed they started some cartsurfing.
Later at the evening they made a campfire and talked about hippie things. Like where to find good used clothes, drug prices, and how to dance as tranced as possible.

For this blog i used the rebuilt float from Needful PIXEL. It only consists of 8 sculpted prims. I have to admit that i have never heared of that before but sometimes when you look at a sculpted prim it looks like a mess, this float is Level Of Detail optimated which means that it stays a float and doesen t look messy when zooming out. It contains 4 poses.

The clothes are from the hippie collection from 22769. And what i found most amazing the designer made the fractals on the yellow trouser himself. Who ever tried to make great pictures with programs like chaos pro knows how tricky that is (if you aren`t a math hero who understands the whole fractal thing). I like the striped trousers best. Its possible to combine them with simple shirts. The scarf which belongs to the outfit with the striped trousers is also very well done. The trousers of the last outfit are also great. They could be used in a hobo outfit for example. And the batik pattern of the shirt fits to nearly every trousers (well not to purple latex ones).

Float: Dream Float v1.10 [needful PIXEL] (100 Linden)

Hippie in yellow: 22769 child of the sun outfit (unisex) (300 Linden)
Hippie in striped: 22769 modern hippie outfit (unisex) (250 Linden)
Hippie in blue jeans: 22769 living seventies outfit (unisex) (210 Linden)

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