Friday, July 2, 2010

Dance or not to dance

Standing in a ballroom and having a look if anybody worth to dance with is there. But it looks bad. Only a few guys there and they look mainly like ones who step onto the feet of their dancepartners.
But at least my collar looks good. It is as the gown from D-design.
The gown includes a lot of wearing possibilities for example its possible to take of the lace of the skirt and there are possibilites to wear the top with gloves or without and without the lace over the glove or without it. The gown is only today (2nd of July 2010) on the midnight mania board at D-Design. After that it will be sold for 700 Linden.
What i like very much at the gown is that Dani Plassitz - the owner and designer of D-Design - is able to make black skirts which look like skirts and not like a plain black space on the screen. This is a problem dresses from other designers have sometimes. So here a picture of some ways to wear the gown.
Gown: D-DESIGN Stina Black (Midnight mania today or 700 Linden)
Necklace: D-DESIGN Black Pearls Choker (65 Linden)

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