Saturday, July 3, 2010

Soup for all

Top secret is a very good mens freebie blog. Together with Before sleep a store for clothing and more they organized the Alphabet Soup bazaar. A small faire with nice summer clothes. It opens at the 4th of July and is worth a visit. Nearly all items shown in the blogentry are available at the bazaar. So if an item shown hasn t a slurl its available at the bazaar.

Going to the alphabet soup bazaar and being dressed perfectly for that. And having a good reason to get a lot of dresses there. As the can is quite unique but it lacks a bit in elegance.
The guys from 22769 also sell an item there which is perfect for going somewhere but theirs is perfect for going to the beach. Its possible to buy all the pieces together for 22 linden or you buy the single pieces for example when you think "I always hated left trousers cuffs" you could simply not buy it. Although i would buy the left cuff because those cuffs belong to the well textured trousers (and its not true you only could buy the trousers with the cuffs).
Outfit: 22769 alphabet soup - beachbum outfit complete (22 Linden)

22769 has some more stuff at the bazaar for example a bunch of shirts. Or a sexy outfit.
Left: 22769 alphabet soup soviet tee (3 Linden)
Middle 1: 22769 alphabet soup - fishsoup tee (5 Linden)
Middle 2: 22769 "his favorite shirt" - Complete Outfit (160 Linden)
Right: 22769 alphabet soup - nerd shirt (5 Linden)

The bazaar is not only for friends of soup its also a great place for the lovers of cookies. This cute dress from Miinii Inc Main comes with fitting flats, sunglasses and a scarf. I like the colour very much its a nice kind of blue. I just recognized that it is an item for children. But it also fits smallish avis without any trouble.
Outfit: ((MM)) Cookie Monsta Fit (299 Linden)

Before Sleep is one of the organisators of the Bazaar and have of course a lot of cute stuff in their booth. For example the shirts (Hottie and Geek) and all the flipflops shown in the blog are from before sleep. They only cost 1 linden, but as all flip flops they maybe only last for a summe,r so it would be best to buy them in all colours, which are available, to be prepared for some more summers which might come.
Skin left and middle: #BS# Vaxxine Skin + Shape (1 Linden)
Top: #Before Sleep# Hottie Tshirt (40 Linden)
Trousers: #BS# Beachy (5 Linden)
Top: #Before Sleep# Geek Tshirt (40 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Plaid Capris [Blue] (40 Linden)
Right: #Before Sleep# Heart (5 Linden)

While shopping i needed a rest so i was quite glad to get the july gift from kue. Its a nice bunny chair. The top is from 22769 and the capri trousers are also from before sleep.
Top: 22769 saussage tank (unisex) (3 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Plaid Capris [Pink] (40 Linden)

There are some funny free shirts available at the bazaar for example the "Let's the games begin" one or the bazaar shirt. The shirt on the right hasn t anything to do with the bazaar its one of the new lucky board items from mnk but goes very well with the trousers from before sleep.

Top: T Junction - Alphabet Soup - Male Freebie (0 Linden)
Middle: The Alphabet Soup Fair [M]
Top: MNK*Lucky Item! _Cotton Tunic (0 Linden)
Trousers: #Before Sleep# Board Shorts [Green] (40 Linden)


  1. yay i see my cookie monster fit :">

  2. Oh, yes its just so cute. I didn`t realize that it is an item for children avatars. But it fits also smallish adults.