Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childrenbooks? not with me

Alith D`Dragonor didn`t mind being a darkelf. But what really annoyed her was that she had to go to a school where she should learn to become the perfect nanny. Lots of female dark elves have been asked to attend such a school. After reaching their degree they hid their ears, used special glasses and lots of makeup to aply at human families for a job. This was quite important as so they easily could kidnap children for the joy of their relatives. Alith hated humans so she was absolutly not intrested in eating them. "Why should i eat something i hate?" she often asked her parent but they didn t care at all about their bizzare offspring. On good days they asked "you don`t want that finger could i have it? " but normaly they just ignored her.
So she had to go to that nanny school every day and she hated it. One day she was asked to write down five famous human children books and wasn`t able to have anything in mind but "where the wild things are". That was the moment when she had enough.
She grabbed one of the scythes from the wall (she and her classmates used them normaly to fight against each other on the roof of the school) and used it to cut off her dress.
Then she ran out of the room. When seeing a female human of her size she knocked that girl down and stole her shoes and the strange vehicle she was using.
First she felt a bit insecure with it.
But soon she was able to use the skateboard correctly. She smiled for the first time in her life (it was more an odd grin) and thought "i like that".
Some minutes later she tried her first jumps. And the next year all she won all important skateboard contests.

For this blog entry i used a skin i won in the fantasy faire flickr contest. It comes in 4 versions, black brows, white brows and those with and without hair at the most intimate parts of the body. The skateboard is of course from Draneqo. Its a custom one with a Elfenlied theme. Elfenlied is a very nice and very bloody anime. Its the coolest skateboard i ever had in second life and its so much fun to use it. Customs from Draneqo start at 500 Linden. So if you like to have your own special sk8board send a message to DQ3 Jonstone. For the tricks i used the skatehud from the same firm. You could also have a look at their blog.
The dress is a gift in the good shit hunt from Show me on the Doll. It was the dress which made me have the idea of how to combine a dark elf and a skateboard. Its very well made and as shown its possible to skate while wearing it.
The blackboard is on the lucky board at *~MMGraffiti's~*. Its possible to change the text on it - you simply have to upload an other texture for it.

Skin: Ibanez Skins - Lyra - Moonlit Drowess (799 Linden)
Skateboard: +DRANEQO+ Sk8_board(elfenlied) (500 Linden but was a gift yay)
Dress: [SMOTD] Srs Bznz Outfit - (0 Linden)
Scythe: ## CI ## Scythe of Fate (350 Linden)
Skatehud: +DRANEQO+ SK8HUD(Center) (300 Linden)
Blackboard: *~MMG's~* Easel-blackboard+rafel+chalk_LB (0 Linden Lucky board)

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