Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annoying butterflys

Today i was very grumpy so i went to the garden to pester the whales, who swim in the waters in front of the island.
But while being busy with calling the whales names like: "fish with blood, flippereater or sharkimitator" a butterfly secretly sat down on my hands.
Soon some more butterflys came and angered me.
They tickled my nose and made me giggle so i jumped happily around in the garden with a butterfly on my nose.
When one choosed my foot to sit on i used this as reason to sit down. Now i hope that neither the goats nor the moles have seen me jumping around. They might use it to blackmail me.
Butterflys with poses: [LAP] - Pose Fair Donation Gift (1 Linden or more depends on how much you like to donate)

The Butterflys are great. They are named butterfinger so i supposed that they are really strange things but when i tested them i was so happy and glad. I don t know how long the posefair will last so hurry to get the butterflys.
The coat from LnL is well build as all their stuff. The box contains a version for males and one for females (they look exactly the same only the prim parts have different sizes). The prim parts are resizeable.

Dressed to kill

I don t know if im against bullfighting or not. But i like the clothes and so i was quite excited when seeing this torero outfit on a midnight mania board at FallenAngel Creations.
So now i stand near the wine plants and prepare myself mentally for the bull.
The trousers are made for men i suppose. I love the textures of the outfit. Its very well made.
The outfit comes with two trousers, a long and a short one. And also several tops. Even shoes have been included but i prefered wearing the black flats from ingenue.
Outfit: FallenAngel Creations: FallnAmadorSuitOrange
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)

FallenAngel Creations have some more midnight mania boards and also two lucky chairs. So make sure to visit all floors and slap all boards.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Waiting for the big event

Today at the 9th of april from 6-8pm SLT will be a party with the DJs Jernae Sweetwater and Deviant Zauber at the Grettony sim. Sascha' s Designs has a branch on this sim and sells the red envy gown because of that for 300 instead of 500 Linden today.
There are many ways to wear the gown. I love the shawl on the back very much. It makes an elegant gown even more elegant.
The envy gown comes with lots of different skirts. This is the tealength version.
Or for a evening at the opera a more slim shirt, so you don t force others to stay 3 metres away from you to avoid to step on your skirt.
And for the wild party you could simply pull the long skirts away and take off the straps and its a minidress.
Gown: Sascha' s Designs: SAS - Envy Red (300 Linden instead of 500 Linden)

On the way to the hidden library

She heard of the hidden library from her nanny. Now that the tower where she grew up was more or less empty she decided also to leave it.
The way was long and not very comfy. She had to hide several times. She was very glad about wearing a warm cloak when she reached the snow line and even more glad about her battle boots when recognizing that the path up the mountain was as tricky as her nanny told her. But finally she managed it and stood glad and proud on the top of the mountain.
She moves the hood of her cloak up and walks to the door of the library hoping the librarians will let her in.
Gown: ~Mystic Sky~ Isadora Gown: Green & Gold (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

This gown is very useful in cold areas as every where in Second life it starts to be spring i went to a winter sim i like, The Lair of The Winter Wyrm. Its a very pretty sim. Its perfect for pictures as its even possible to rezz there so its possible to rezz couple poses for couple or friend pictures. The tower there is worth a visit. Its an very impressive building.

Test clothes and more

Meriken is testing a new gift card system at the moment. And to make it possible for all to test the system they give away a giftcard for a free shirt. The system is quite cool. You give the card to a machine, press enter and get the shirt. I have never seen something like that before and im sure its quite usefull.
Top: Meriken Co. "GCES"
Trousers: [SP] LL-R jeans green (99 Linden)
Shoes: blogged

Im always glad when i find clothing without prims, the system shirts and trousers are much more usefull and you don t need to spend hours on the posestand to resize them. So i m very glad about having found this great shawl top at Somapop. Its wearable as top so its really hot and as its non prim, everything is always covered perfectly.

Top: [SP] tuch green (comes in a set with 4 colours for 149 Linden)
Trousers: [SP] LL-R jeans cyan (99 Linden)
Tattoo: Stinkeye : *Slippery When Wet tattoo* (100 Linden)
Shoes: blogged

Underwear for dragons

Its more or less a secret what underwear dragons like. Today i ll unveil this secret. Of course they wear dragon underwear. This is underwear for dragons and people who like dragons from Sindecade™. Its free until April 23th and its pretty.
Underwear: -sD- Sexy Dragon [Noir] (0 Linden until 23th April)
Underwear: -sD- Sexy Dragon [Vegas] (0 Linden until 23th April)
Underwear: -sD- Sexy Dragon [Pink] (0 Linden until 23th April)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japanese multicolours

Somebody catched the smoking bunny and crucified it. With its telepathic abilities (the ears are antenna) it calls for help.
Outfit: ELL : Beni kunoichi (0 Linden)

The pink heroine is allready getting ready. Yelling her "by the power of rainbows" battle cry.
Outfit: ELL_Cure pink_pack (15 Minutes Camp item)
Paws: blogged

Also the blue heroine has allready transformed shouting "May the makeupgodess be with me".
Outfit: ELL_Cure blue_pack (15 Minutes Camp item)
Paws: blogged

But what is going on with the third heroine? She is only standing around and smokes. Did she maybe even crucify the smoking bunny to steal its cigar collection?
It seems like she did. The face she makes looks to much like she is secretly smirking.
Kimono: Cafe Cloud: Maiko05 (0 Linden)
Skin: Miasnow - White Queen skin (Starlust Egg Hunt 0 Linden)
Eyes: sa_StarlightEyes_Constellation (50 Linden)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deviance Groupgift

Standing in the forest fighting against the evil. And clothed perfectly in the new groupgift from Deviance, Enchantress.
Deviance have just released the Enchantress outfit. And because of that they have sent the outfit in teal to their subscribers. It comes with a shape but its possible to modify it. I can`t belive that they choosed to give away the outfit in teal as gift, as its the best colour in my opinion.
Outfit: Deviance - Enchantress - Group Gift (0 Linden)

Its all about the gloves

At the icon hunt i found those great white kidskin gloves at Indyra Originals. In the shop i saw also an outfit which contained the gloves in black. I tried to ignore it but my need for it grew and grew so i had to buy it.
The outfit contains an elegant jacket with a rose. And also a pretty ribbon belt. In my opinion its a big loss, that no resize script is included. Those scripts always save me from hours on the posestand.

Outfit: Indyra Originals: La Capitaine: Black (500 Linden)

Pixeldolls midnight mania thingies

Pixeldolls has a midnight mania where they give away 75 Linden gift cards. I won two so i bought some dresses with them.
Dress left: (PixelDolls) Nanette - Black (50 Linden@branch 10 Linden at Mainstore)
Dress right: (PixelDolls) Wool Plaid Coat - Ash 50 Linden@branch 10 Linden at Mainstore
Top left: (PixelDolls) Emilie Top - Ocean (25 Linden)
Top right: (PixelDolls) Emilie Top - Voilet (25 Linden)
Trousers: Menlosophy Present for Holidays (0 Linden)

At the moment in front of the midnight mania board is this easter gift dress.
Dress: (Pixeldolls) Blouson Easter Gift (0 Linden)

Before giving away 75 Linden gift cards, 175 Linden gift cards have been on the midnight mania board. With one of those i bought this dress ...
Dress: (PixelDolls) Slim Satin Dress - Teal (100 Linden)

and this top ...
Top: (PixelDolls) Bella Lace Top - Red (25 Linden)
Dress: (PixelDolls) Bella - Black (50 Linden)

There is also a mainstore of Pixeldolls. Unfortunatly its not possible to buy stuff there with the giftcards from the midnight mania. Also dresses which are sold at the other store for 150 Linden are there on sale for 10 Lindens. So if you are intrested in a dress at the other store have a look at the main store first and find out how much it costs there. As its not possible to use 2 giftcards on one dress you might have to pay more for a dress when buying it with cash and a giftcard at the other store than just with cash at the mainstore.

This dress i won at the lucky chair at the mainstore of pixeldolls.
Dress: (PixelDolls) Innocent Dans L'amour ~ Ivory

Monday, April 5, 2010

Art hunt

I was quite surprised to find an easteregg in a gallery. I touched it and got an item and a landmark. So by mistake i found an art hunt.
Its worth to go on the hunt. I saw many great places i have never seen before. This is the startpoint. When you come to the Excalibur Studios in Aquitaine don' t go inside the big building - well i would go inside as there are impressive installations - but the hunt item is findable at Miso Susanowa`s place (its seeable from the landing point).
This lamp was the first item i found and its also the item i like best.

Lamp: Sledge Roffo : Retro Mini Lamp 6 by Sledge Roffo (0 Linden)
Suit: Omega point: Omega Point Suit (1 Linden)
Wings:Fancy Fairy : Draconia Scripted Wings in Black (250 Linden)

Pookie opening gifts

A new shopping sim named Pookie opend this weekend. All stores have opening dollarbies. I liked the ones from Beetlebones best.
Left: bb*Pookie Opening dollarbie dress in grapejuice (1 Linden)
Right: bb*Pookie Opening dollarbie dress in candyfloss (1 Linden)

Make her over

The make him over hunt is great for people who love elegant trousers and unelegant trousers and suits and everything. Steven covers here my uncovered stomach. And i cover his.

Suit: SSH...Designs : MHOH3 #114 - After Hours

I love this outfit because of the suspenders. The shirt is very well made. I love the frills (im just insecure if they are really frills - but the shirt is still great).
Suit: LADS Suspended MHOH 3 gift from Lois Allen Designs

And here a mix of the gifts from fir. I think normaly you wear the wine coloured shirt over the womanbeater top but i liked it better this way.
Top: *FIR* Wife Beater Black
Shirt: *FIR* Open Shirt Wine
Trousers: *FIR* Pinstripe Pants Mocha
Necklace: 22769 surferboy necklace

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freebie path

In a japanese store i saw a sign "next free ->" near some freebies. I touched it and was surprised when the map opend and i got the opportunity to teleport to an other sim. I was curious so i teleported and landed in an other shop with some freebies. Again there was that sign so i got teleported to a third store and so on. After searching and looking in profiles and so on i found even kind of a center of that path. From there you could start after having picked some free stuff.
So here some stuff i found on the path. I won`t post any landmarks as you could get to all stores on the path.
Dress: +HONEY+ : checkwanpifree
Dress: +HONEY+ : RIBONknit(red)Freegift
Bikini: STARLUST HUNT: [W&B] Frilly Little Set ZOMBIE DAY STRIPES (1 or 0 Linden=
Swimmring: CriCri-FREE ukiwa(wear&touch)

Top: *seikatai* by KB-GIRLS
Pants: *Hani* My room pants Green
Wounds: Pie Hole's Big Ass Creepy Egg (0 Linden Starlust hunt)
Boots: .::Delirium:: Fallen Angel Mens Boots (MHO 0 Linden)
Gun: ("FRAG"); MAR-15 v1.7 (xstreet gift)
Dress: Lunne77 birth dress gift

Dress: LUNNE77 2010 02 gift pink

The Lady and the Unicorn (dress)

Hoping to attract an unicorn with an unicorn gown. But it didn t work well. This dress is a dollarbie at Grimorio creations. The colour is very pretty. I also adore the texture on the top.
Dress: Grimorio creations : lady unicorn (1 Linden)

Very well to the dress fits this simple necklace with a note. It comes with a good script to modify it. First the normal resize script and then also a recolour script. The script for recolouring has many options.
Necklace: Necklace + Earrings with Music Note [needful PIXEL] (150 Linden)

The necklace comes with fitting earrings. As my hair does cover my ears i moved the earing a bit away from them to make a picture of it. The earrings have also this great script in them.
Earings and necklace are made by Ilse Bellic. She also builds on demand. In the store she owns with Elke Wylie she also sell innocent looking jewlery which is less innocent when using rlv.

Its april now so its time to visit Kouse's sanctum and the lucky dip again. This is one of the dresses i choosed there last month.
Dress: [K~*~S] Diana - Water (Bought with giftcard won at the lucky dip)