Monday, April 5, 2010

Art hunt

I was quite surprised to find an easteregg in a gallery. I touched it and got an item and a landmark. So by mistake i found an art hunt.
Its worth to go on the hunt. I saw many great places i have never seen before. This is the startpoint. When you come to the Excalibur Studios in Aquitaine don' t go inside the big building - well i would go inside as there are impressive installations - but the hunt item is findable at Miso Susanowa`s place (its seeable from the landing point).
This lamp was the first item i found and its also the item i like best.

Lamp: Sledge Roffo : Retro Mini Lamp 6 by Sledge Roffo (0 Linden)
Suit: Omega point: Omega Point Suit (1 Linden)
Wings:Fancy Fairy : Draconia Scripted Wings in Black (250 Linden)

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