Saturday, September 20, 2014

Twisted Take Two

As promised - more from the Twisted Hunt!
Mask : .Arcadia. Tuatha Winter Kings Mask
Necklace : ~SongBird~ Twisted Time Pendant
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Outfit : Vengeful Threads - Valkyrie
6 Setting : ~H&H~ Twisted Ruins Cemetery Wall
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Necklace : {Co*Motion} Raven Skull Necklace - Bronze
Choker : LIKKA*HOUSE Flying Time Choker
Pauldron : ..:{*Pandemic*}:.. Doyle F Doyle Pauldron F
7 Twisted Survivor ID Badge  - You can add your own photo! - Twisted Time Warp Fall 2014
Setting : ~*Souzou Eien*~ Scrying Ruins (Fall Twisted hunt '14)
Throne : Gothic Desires - Lost in Time Throne
Heart Jar : Ravenghost Captured Heart Luminary
Lamp : .:Stone Misery:. Macabre - Floor Lamp
Dreamscapes Art Gallery :  (gacha)
*Twisted Lantern* Spooky
*Twisted Lantern* Time Warp ULTRARARE
*Twisted Lantern* Delirium RARE
*Twisted Lantern* Magick

You can find out all you need to get your Twisted Hunt on here...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Green Mire II - A Journalist's Perspective

The word was that the two boys who had gone missing from the Green Mire swamplands all those years ago weren't dead... Not so urban legend whispered that they were alive somewhere, just perhaps not here. Some talked of alien abduction, others of kidnapping. The old drunken journalist down by the swamp certainly was of the latter opinion. Lately he's been talking of proof though, waving around a shabby letter, a promise of information and more for those two grieving families. I had to take the chance when he wanted help, if only I had known where it would lead me and what I would find... 4 1 2 3 
I still want to believe... 5 The Green Mire II is the much anticipated conclusion to the interactive game playable at the beautiful new MadPeas SIM. The original storyline continues, taking you now on a grid-wide search down two alternative paths - the Journalist and the Believer. Each path costs L$100, for this you receive a HUD; a notebook / portfolio which page by page will guide you across the grid, offering a clue for each location. Each must be completed to move on to the next. Once you reach the end - all is revealed to cynics and believers alike along with all of the amazing prizes! (Not all of which are shown here by any means!)

From the Journalist Path :
Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MadPea hunt skin girls
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Celestial Signs ~
Dress : #candy Cosmic Mesh Dress 
Table + Instruments : {Roawenwood} Stargazers Astronomers Set
Gun : Srs Corp. Kestrel Pistol
Dagger : [Van's Armory] Madpea Alien Dagger
Barn (with pose) : *~ by Nacht ~ Ascension Barn
Chair : *ZG* Alien Captive Chair from Zoe's Garden
Bathtub : [noctis] Dirty bath and alien duckie

Step into your Green Mire adventure here : Green Mire II