Saturday, March 5, 2011

[twisted pleasures]

The Twisted Hunt is on again and running from March, 1st til the 31st. This is the fifth hunt since it was started in March 2009, and the theme this time is 'Nevermore' - right, just like the well-known raven, and many of the prizes are indeed related to this beautiful, dark bird. Known to be one of the hardest hunts in SL, it needs indeed lots of patience, luck and sometimes indescribable camera angles to finally spot the little rotating 'cube of doom' that carries the prize, but I can assure you, the goodies are well worth the effort. 218 stores in total are waiting for you, and I wanted to show you a little selection of the prices beforehand.

[twisted pleasures]
On Raven:
Outfit: +++BB+++ - Florence Corset (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Knife: [V/INSANITY] - VICTIM Munchie (part of the Twisted Hunt prize)
Wings: ::{Favole}:: - Megalomaniac (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Ravenlegs: gilded - Raven Leg (free at the Twisted Hunt

[twisted pleasures]
On Storm:
Pants: RFYRE - Immortal Chained Leathers (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Cuffs: KOSH - Asphyxia Bracelet - blood (Lucky Board prize)
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= - You Fail At Math (free at the Twisted Hunt)

Dark Command

Omen here, these days it is hard to find good male clothing that is both high quality and modern, while still retaining a 'manly' feel. It is a sad truth that masculine men who do not wish to have bulging biceps and abs showing are rarely able to find excellent prim+sculp clothing! So I made it my mission to find some interesting bits and pieces and throw together a list of interesting stores that provide them. This is what I came up with.

The Commanders Suit
Click the picture for a better view.

So what we have here is simple, and all in all not overly expensive. First up we have the suit. It is called Oppressive Force(it is also available in red and black) and is a prim set from .:Defectiva:. and while they may not have a large selection, what they do have is incredibly detailed and honestly looks fantastic. There are so many little details in this jacket that it may be hard to notice them in the screenshot. The Collar, shoulders shirt and tie are all different prims and looks stunning, not to mention the pockets buttons and belt. There is a lot of customisation with them too, with the ability to add flared pants(Think riding pants), or prim cuffs as shown in the picture. All this for $500L is really a steal.

The Commanders Gaze
Click the picture for a better view.

Next up we have the tattoo and hat. The hat comes in two different versions, one with a skull and one with an oak wreat, both together in the same purchase for $150L.The name of the item itself is the M44 Crusher Cap, these hats come from [SISU] and everything from [SISU] is really a great deal, everything is under $150L and has a great selection of hats, face masks, glasses, clothings and accessories, though be warned there are some product there that may offend. ((Please note that so that none are offended this is an edited version WITHOUT any insignia. ))

The Tattoo and the eyes($100L for colour changing and glow) are from Fallen Gods, and for any of you who have not seen or been to fallen gods I cannot recommend them more. When it comes to skins, eyes or tattoos it is hard to walk past FG. Not to mention the sim itself(and those attatched to it) are all strikingly beautiful, with plenty of secret spots and free items for those who are explorers. The Tattoo is called Cataclysm and at $550L it is hard to walk past. It is a full body tattoo, from head to toe, including arms and legs and has to be seen to be believed. I really recommend it!

Commanders Boots
Click the picture for a better view.

Now last, and certainly not least, we have the boots! The Long Combat Boots from TonkTastic are perhaps the best pair of boots I have ever seen in Second life. Why, you may ask. Well the pictures above are all the same set of boots, changed through the colour menu. There are 9 Primary colours, 9 secondary colours, 6 cap colours, 5 sole colours and a tonne of different textures to play around with, with glow options for those who enjoy a more sci-fi look. They can be military, they can be casual, they can be futuristic, but no matter how they are they look absolutely stunning. The detail on these boots is -phenomenal-. You have almost unlimited creativity with what you make with them. They aren't cheap, at $859L but when you look at the quality and the customisation in them they really could be the last pair of boots you ever buy. You can be damn sure I'm picking up a pair for myself.

Hope you enjoyed this post, look below for a link to the stores, and a refresh of the items. Leave comments on what you would like to see in the future!

Defectiva : Oppressive Force - Traditionalist
SISU - M44 Crusher Cap
Fallen Gods - Cataclysm Tattoo (And the eyes as well)
Tonktastic - Long Combat Boots

Saturday freebies

I often use maid outfits in roleplay as my roleplay character helps in a store and thinks that she needs kind of an uniform for this (and because it makes me giggle). So i always like it a lot when finding a free maid dress somewhere. This one is a 2o minutes camping item from likka house. It comes with many prim parts which have a resize script. Under the skirt the avatar wear white long undies with prim legs. The dress is striped and the frills always look prefect.
Free maid dress
Dress: LIKKA*HOUSE AliceDress-stripe- (0$ 20 mins camping)

This praise ferrets and beavers tops are from 22769. I like ferrets as well as beavers, although i secretly like ferrets a bit better so i thought those two free skirts would be a good reason to show off those shirts again. The long skirt will be on the pesca lucky board until tomorrow. The short one is the groupgift from couverture.
skirts and animals

Top: 22769 basic heart beavers tank (7$)
Skirt: :pesca:paisley skirt blown flower (0$ Lucky board)
Top: 22769 basic heart ferrets tank (7$)
Skirt: couverture - A/W Skirt:Group Gift (0$)

Spring posing

Spending some time with Omen at my home, taking a pictures together. As he is a bit bigger than me he was so kind to hunker down so that i was able to look over him. To say the truth i only wanted to be able to see the tattoos on top of his head normaly i do not have the chance to see them.

This pose is sold on the March into Spring Market by the store which organizes the whole event, Embody Shapes and Poses. It is one of their sale items so it is sold for only 10 Linden. I needed to adjust the pose a bit as Omen is much larger than me but for that you simply could unlink the poseballs move them while sitting on them until the pose looks correctly and link them again. Its not a big thing when you know how to unlink and to link prims again.
embody lean on me pose
Pose: Embody Pose MF LEAN ON ME MISM (10$)

This is the right pose for a romantic picture. Normaly this kind of pose should be used in the outside and be very romantic. Unfortunatly i did not think about this when taking the picture so it looks like Omen just collected all the glow in the dark stares i glued at the ceiling and would now let them fly in front of me. The pose is lovely i think it might also work to put something else than the stars into the hands maybe a gift? Or some food.
all the stars
Pose: Embody Pose UF ALL MY STARS (0 $ Huntgift in the March into Spring hunt)

Embody is not only a store for poses they also create shapes. So it is just normal that they also sells shapes at the march into spring market. This one is named Sierra. I have to admit it is difficult for me to deal with other poses than my own but as Embody also released a new set of female poses i took the pictures of those while using the shape to show it in different positions. The poses are cool poses for those who are famous and those who like to be famous and called Celebrity.
Embody shape and female poses
Shape: Embody Shape F SIERRA (10$)
Poses: Embody Pose Pack F CELEBRITY (0 $ Huntgift in the March into Spring hunt)

For more infos take a look at the March into spring site.


At my favourite Sim this evening there is a party to celebrate the birthday of Debelah Ballinger Happy Birthday Debelah! to celebrate this event there will be live entertainment with professional musician, AM Quar whose musical styles have a great range between, Latino, blues, ballroom &  Rock, so it should be a fun evening!

If that's not enough, then go pick up this beautiful emerald green dress, generously put out as a gift to all the party people! 

Party starts here Paris Metro at 12:30 - 1:30pm Sl time ( 9.30pm Paris time) Saturday 5th March  ( it's on the top floor of the store) 

Dress & gloves: Free > Paris Metro
Jewelry: L$99 - Jealousy > Ganked
Boots & socks: Free midnight mania board - latex dominatrix boots  > Tara

Friday, March 4, 2011

Waiting in the Dusk

Waiting in the fog for the right moment. Controlling the gloves again if they are in the right position. Some things should not be touched with bare hands especially not in the fog.
Leather Coat from a hunt
When it comes to impressive textures LnL is one of the stores which get into my mind. I still think that London, the creator of the outfits which are sold in that store, uses all the layers of cloth like a canvas. But not for plain pictures he creates the illusion of material. A good example for this is the look of the leather on the top of the coat. It looks like it would the patterns be feelable. The coat comes as all hunt gifts from LnL in a version for females and one for males. The prim parts have all an resizescript even the collar. LnL released this leather coat as gift in the hunt for roleplay. The store also got rebuilt an other good reason to visit it to have a look.

Coat: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-130--RPH GIFT (0$ Huntgift)

I took the picture of the coat at the awesome waterland sims.

St Patrick's Gift 3

Pickles is a lovely store that offer you cute furniture with holliday textures for you to enjoy doing something fresh and new everytime at your place.

For St Patrick they have this cute set that includes: sofa, lamp, rug and some pillows with a texture change option. Also if you visit the marketplace store you will find some other gifts from valentines, xmas, thanksgiving and halloween...

And btw, did i mention it is for free ;))

Pickles The clover collection
Pickles Store


Dressed for spring

Walking along the beach and shivering a bit because the water is still cold. But it is great to spend time at the sea and to feel the wind on the bare shoulders.
blackwhite cocktaildress
22769 takes part in the March into Spring Market. This market starts tomorrow and is organized and takes place at the roof of Embody Shapes and Poses. There is a market on the roof of that store and a hunt with some great gift takes part as well. All the participating designers sell an item for 10 Lindens. The dress with the black top and the white black striped shirt is the 10 Linden item from 22769. The skirt is kind of wrapped together and has a knoted band to keep it in place. Its a great dress for a party at a pool, elegant and sexy.
The cherry blossom dress on the other picture is the hunt gift from the same store. I liked the colours which have been choosen for the dress a lot. The skirt consists of three prim parts one being attached at the pelvis and the other two at the spine attachment points. So the dress still looks fine when moving.
cherry  blossom dress

22769 cocktail dress (10 L$ item) (sold at the March into Spring Market)
22769 MIS huntgift cherry blossom dress (gift in the March into Spring Hunt)

For more informations take a look at the Embody Shapes and Poses Blog.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

STEAM - the Hunt for tinies

Ephraim the the elephant was exhausted. And a bit annoyed. It was always the same with Elsbeth. She needed ages to dress up. Added there a cog wheel to her dress then some shiny stuff here and feather there. It was horrible. And when he finally had managed to sleep while standing she came around and yelled at him.
Steampunk suit for tinies
I love the tiny community and enjoy to visit it from time to time but im not a real tiny as i spend most of the time in human form and many tinies do not even have such a form. So its cool that the steampunk hunt even includes gifts for tinies. The hunt gift from tiny ruffles contains two gifts a suit for the tiny gentleman and a dress for the tiny lady. To wear them at the elephant avis from tiny inc i needed to stretch them a bit but i guess that most tinys are used to the fact that the bodys of the tiny avis are not exactly the same, as there are tinys which are a bit more slender than other tinys. Both outfits are of course steampunk themed. They both come with a hat which fits to the colour of the outfit. The dress for the lady has some ruffles and is a bit more playful than the formal suit for the gentleman. Both outfits are great for tinys and those who plan to spend some time as tiny.
Steampunk dress for tinies

Outfits: STEAM 4 #156 - Tiny Ruffles Gift (0$)
Elephant avatar: Tiny inc. : tiny elephant (not free i think around 200 $ when touching the ears it sprays water)

Sneak Peek

Starting March 6th The Fist Pump with the best Hunt will start.... So i have a sneak peak in the few days of some of the items you will find in the hunt...
The start point will be Atooly and the theme of the hunt is items that designers love. Cute isn't it....

Some of the stores that are taking part of the hunt are:

Atooly - POMPOMPOM - TAT’TASH INK TATTOOS - BellBalls - iPoke - Baffle - Nox - BlueSky - Vicarious Vitae - Designer Prims Modern Contemporary - Sexy Swagger - Prime - Shup Bish - GL Designs - iDress up - KHUSH - Creative Muse Designs - LoveBirds Paradise - Pink Mist - Insatiable Fashions - Magia - PeanutButterFly - Dahllywood - Label me Inc - .Visualz:Sassy Fashions - BedlaM - Quicksand - Pierce of Mind - Annabelle’s Song - YaYo - Absolution - Tribal Luv Thang - Lacie Cakes - Paper Doll - Mango, Mango! - Your Face - Bound and Bitten - Black and Blue Outfitters - HOGSMEADEICED - POUR HOMME - Oh My Stars! - Acide - Icarus - Whittenton - ::VMC – Victory Modan Clothes:: - POCOS PLACE - Femme Fatale - Static Clothing Co. - The Cheese Shoppe - SLACY’S - Studio Nails - The Odd Shop - Be Happy

This is the gift from Designer Prims Modern Contemporary
It is a cute, sexy and modern skybox.

This shape is the gift from the Odd shop
Very girlygirl like..

... Ania

St Patrick's Gift 2

Fashion Label...

Dress Miami [Join Miami inworld group and check notice]
Hair Mustashe [old group gift]
Tights Prelude
Boots Mentine [50% off]
Skin Belleza

Pants Miami
[Join Miami inworld group and check notice]
Hair Truth
Tennis 2Real [L$650]
Skin Belleza


Teddy Girl

Work is over now it is time to have fun. And to look good to be able to compete with the look of the Teddy boys
playing with the subcultures blogger challenge 3
When reading about the Subcultures blogger challenge i wanted to take part in it. And i hoped not to get the teddy boy theme. But of course i got it and so i had to read a bit about that youth culture of the 1950s. I did not want to adopt the look of the teddy boys but luckily i found a great fashion blog, calivintage, which had an entry about teddy girls. From the pictures there i liked this one best. The facial expression of that woman is just amazing in my opinion and the composition of the picture with her in the front standing cool and all the guys in the background is great. Im kind of sure that she knew how to tell all those boys to get her cigarettes or not to pester her younger siblings.
So i decided to combine a coat with two lines of buttons with rolled up jeans, pointy flat shoes and a handbag. On those pictures most of the girls wear scarfs i choosed to take a necklace from icing. The cigarette holder comes also from icing.
Choosing the hair took a lot of time and i have to admit i had help from Paco from 22769. I spend some time showing him what kind of hair i got in my inventory. With this short hair which is or has been a freebie from clawtooth he finally was content and so i decided to pick it for the pictures.
I really like this look and this blogger challenge is an awesome idea in my opinion, as it is always great to discover something new (ahm i discovered something old and found out that i like it thats also great).
playing with the subcultures blogger challenge 2

Coat: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Tartan Coat - Gray (Snowball Hunt) (old hunt item)
Trousers: Tyranny D. {Andel's Capris} - Medium (Tyranny got rebranded and is now called Grixdale)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Dianthus :: Blush (great lovely shoes from a very lovely store)
Hair: Clawtooth : You Say Tomato (was a freebie but i do not know if it is still one)
Handbag: Styles by Danielle : Sophia Green (belongs to a dress and Styles by Danielle was known as D-Design when i got that dress)
Necklace: *ICING* Princess Pearl Choker (belongs to a great set lovely)
Cigarette: *ICING* Little Bit of Midnight - Cigarette Holder (belongs to a dress but its a great dress as well)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A fine romance? [6]

She had decided that it was time to move on. Her rent was paid for one more week, and she had made the decision not to extend it. She didn't have another place in which to travel in mind yet, but she rather fancied a Town that Marthe had mentioned to her a few ago, so off she went to The restaurant to find out more.

That is when she saw him outside  chatting to a customer. She glanced at him as she was entering The Restaurant, and as he looked up,  he saw her too and captured her gaze . She felt unwillingly to look away, as if she had no option but to stare deep into his mesmerizing hazel green eyes. Only the sound of Marthes voice broke their gaze, as Marthe came rushing over to her and ushered her inside.

"Oh mon amie where have you been?, we worried you'd been swept away by a traveling salesman" Marthe cried as she sat her down at a table."have you met my nephew?" asked Marthe as she beckoned Gascon to come over. "well he's not really my nephew but he feels like family just the same,".

Gascon strolled over and sat at the table, but seemed quite distracted what she was wearing. "Madam the necklace you wear, might I ask where you got that?" he asked "well it's quite a mystery" she replied " I actually have no idea where the necklace, and in fact the whole set came from, it was indeed a gift sent to me but with no note or indication from whom" Gascon looked at Marthe, and they both stared back at the necklace. "Madam I'm sorry to tell you but I do believe you are wearing stolen goods, I'm quite certain that necklace belongs to my Mother and was stolen ".

Hair: Free group gift > W&Y
Dress:  Free - The french touch hunt item ( includes gloves & beret )  @ > Adoness
Tights: Free part of another hunt gift @> Adoness
Jewelry set: L$299 Phylactery sun amber set  > SKIFIJA
Boots: Are from Tara but seem to be no longer on sale.

The amber Necklace & earrings are fabulous! and what is really clever is that they have a changeable script hud, so that you you can alter the depth of colour and brightness. Everything in SKIFIJA seems to have adaptable huds, which in my opinion is a great feature., particularly in shoes as it offers great value for money!

Waiting for the dragon to get home

Standing in the water waiting for the beast to appear. The dragon. The wild one untamed and being in need to learn some manners. So it is time to make some stretching moves, while waiting that the scaled husband gets home from burning villages and the other things dragons like to do, to teach him a lesson about burning trees near the cave just for fun and because the light looks so funny...
I was shocked when seeing that Ezura has an outfit named Dragon Slaver. In my opinion it is just mean to slay dragons or even to hurt them. I m a dragon in roleplay for a long time and being slayed is something i do not want to happen at all. But the outfit is hot. I was not sure if i would like it because the cut is very silk like. But i have to admit i like it a lot. It is an very sensual outfit made of thin bands of cloth. The bra comes in a version which covers everything and one which is so open that the nipples are free. The set includes a weapon which is worn on the back (and only looks good) and a helmet. The cloth looks like being made of scaled skin which is kind of mean but looks good. Maybe this is the reason why uncle Firewing disappeared? In my opinion the outfit would be great for roleplay although it might be good to have a high level and to be a good fighter as it is very tempting.
Ezura Dragon Slayer
Outfit: + ezura + Dragon Slayer *Black Set (488$)

I took this picture and also the picture of my last post about a dress from Icing on Eternal Return. A great and stunning sim. And you could buy a lot of the plants they used to build it there as well. It is worth to take a look and great for pictures.

St Patrick's Gift 1

Just a few days left to St Patricks, so i will be bringing some gifts to all of you, i hope you enjoy it!!

Fashion Label
Dress *Bliss Couture* St Patrick's [Group Gift, free]
Skin Belleza Melissa New release [Group Gift L$250 join fee]
Shoes Letuka [old freebie]
Hair Elikatira Vivid [Essentials Collection LS205]
Tights The Secret Store [Purple wool]


Doll Spell

This morning when i woke up i feel odd. Suddenly i realize i wasn't able to move as i usually do. Little by Little i stand up and move one foot at the time. I feel my skin tight... I was so confuse, i looked for the mirror and i cound't belive it what i saw. My mouth was wide open, and, and...
I look closer and i found out i have one eye grey and the other purple, this thing in my back, and i wasn't able to fit my shoe in my foot... I was close to tears and looking for an explanation, i was confuse, and.... then it hits me.
A few days ago i was making some work for my class of ancient history, about celtic spells and this page felt out of the book, it was a poem. I took it but it wasn't the poem what call my attention, but how it looks in the girls body. So i decided to do it in my body, a new tatto to complement the ones i already have.

I call my mom and ask for money because i need and I make the appoinment at Plastik tattoo salon. I have to say the girl did a great job, and she is soo nice. But then this, i think is related with the poem..

So I took the phone and called my teacher and ask about the poem, and he explained to me that it is an old spell that turn little girls into Dolls....

So now i have this something in my back, a tattoo i cannot take off, and omg did i mention i am a doll...

Fashion label...

Skin EoS [Non free]
Tattoo Plastik [old fifty lindens thing]
Eyes Curio [Both]
Underwear Pig [it seems to be that is not longer available, but a lot of dollarbies and freebies in the store, plus two lucky boards]
Hair 69 [::69:: HUG ME 02 - darkbrown ]
Shoes Naofan [my very first good quality shoes in sl, i love them][look around the store, there are other freebies]

dollybunny... Ania

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When looking through the other submissions to Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge this week, I realized that I'm not the only one who considers 'electric lime' to be a great colour for latex wear - and that many bloggers made their way to +DV8+ to find some matching garments for their post. I paired the last release, the Toxic Tank, with a pair of low-sitting latex pants from Elixir (one of my favourite stores for squeaky-wear), slapped on some heavy boots and partially shaved my head - and so Zhavar, the EBM-loving alien from outer space was born. The picture is taken on the Mad Ninjaz-sim.


Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ - IRRADIATE xy (previous Lucky Fortune prize)
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Bastet Prim Eyes - Alley Cat
Hair: *HoM* - Rabid (previous group gift)
Hairbase: AITUI TATTOO - Biomech Web w/Hair Base

Tank: +DV8+ - Toxic Tank - Green
Pants: ELIXIR - Latex Hipster - Black
Boots: [SP] - Drudge Buckles
Piercing: KOwP - *=* Special Needs 2*=*
Armstraps: +DV8+ - Crosswired Strap - Green
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Poison Green

In flowers

Wandering through flowers while being dressed nicely. Its the time when the colours are magical and the wind moves all the plants and the hair so softly that you are surprised in the evening when you start to feel bad because of having spent too much time in the sun.

I can't say how much i love this dress. It is from Icing one of my favourite stores. The designer is one of the few who could use the skirtlayer. Of course on my small avi its seeable that the dresses are made with that layer but on taller avatars it is perfect, and on mine it looks so good that i love wearing it. The dress is black with a pencil skirt and an attachment at it which lets look it less strict. On the top is a pattern in grey which looks like a jugendstil pattern. That pattern on the top kind of moves into the flounce at the side. The left sleve is covered with lily blossoms. In my opinion it is a very lovely dress and its anyways always a good idea to visit icing - not for the purse - but to see some great dresses.
more love for flowers and for icing

Dress: * *ICING* Orchid Delight (350$)

Bad karma?

Bad karma? is that the message on this wonderful chunky knit jumper dress? possibly, that's what you may think having seen the front with the skull & crossbones, and  emblazoned on the back are the words 'karma', but since this dress is totally free i'd say it's all good karma! by the way I haven't taken these Bukka freebie boots off yet, as you can see! When out bargain hunting why not pop down to the buzzurl bazaar and pick up a few fabulous 49L items like this scarf from Chocolate Atelier. There are many various items to choose form , from some great designers, but I can never resist a scarf.

Hair: Free  group Luckyboard > Heart softens
Scarf: L$49 by Chocolate atelier @ > Buzzurl
Jumper dress: Free luckyboard item > M*G*S
Boots: Free luckyboard item > Bukka

STEAM - The hunt Preview #3

Omen Zero here, just I have just started to recieve the first trickle of items from STEAM - The Hunt, and I have to say it is an honor to be blogging them. Here you will find some posed couple photos of either myself or myself and dagmar from a photo session a little earlier this evening. Please note that the areas shown in these photos are the hunt gift D&M Steampunk Loft from Dagmars first preview

Clockwork love
"Clockwork Love"
This first piece contains TWO of the FOUR hunt gifts from The Secret Shelf - Number 68 on the hunt.

Clockwork Cleaning
"Clockwork Cleaning"
This second piece contains the skin from the first shown store, along with the lovely hunt item from Luminous Designs(61)

The Masquerade
"The Masquerade"
Second to last for this first preview from myself we have the lovely steam hunt gift from Ezura(67)(For men and women) along with the mask gift from ORQUIDEA (72)

EE -The Goddamn Batman

Lastly we have something that really is fantastic in my mind! From 22769 we have the retro batman! Take a look at these they have to be seen to be believed!
EE - Mines are Evil

That is all for now! Stay tuned for more. For store owners who have not yet sent in male items for preview, hurry on up! Men are seemingly under-represented so far, let us change this view, no? All in all the items in this hunt are amazing, everyone will have their favourites but it really is worth looking through all these stores. Enjoy!

At the sea

The barbee sale is kind of mean as there are so many great stores in it and so many things to buy. But they are pretty cheap so it is not that mean. This dress is one of the items from Tomoto. It is short and has some ruffles. I like the way the designer used net lace. It is placed over and under the skirt and also over the cuffs. The outfit looks a bit more playful on this way. The skirt looks like having kind of a underskirt with golden sparkles in the lace. I resized the upper and the lower part of the skirt a bit. It comes without resizescript but it is easy to stretch it down (i guess stretch is the wrong word).
At the sea
Dress: tomoto, night (49L BUZZURL!! limited)

Monday, February 28, 2011

[acts of love for free]

The store A:S:S has been remodelled, and in celebration of the re-opening you can grab this freebie tee whose slogan and colours contrast quite obviously with the classy, calm interieur you'll find in the new build. No matter if it's 'your thing' or you just wanna shock your SL-mom, go to check out A:S:S's new design and slip the shirt into your shopping bag on the way.You know you want to!

[acts of love for free]

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Hair: **Dura-Emo** - 03 (Black x Pink)
Eyes: A:S:S - Stars in your eyes (divine)

Shirt: A:S:S - Fisting Tee (free in store)
Pants: A:S:S - FF Plaid - (pink)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Jattoo Black
Bracelet: .:Hermony:. - Studded Wristband


She had tried it again and again. But she had no chance. Her wings were totally corrupted. With every try to fly she only hurt herself more. Her nose was bleeding now for nearly an hour and she did not care. Also not about the wound on her cheek. She only wanted to fly. But this would happen nevermore.
The raven
I love the idea of remades which appears often in the books by China Miéville. People who commited a crime and get bodyparts from animals or mechanical bodyparts as punishment. The boots i blogged yesterday from gilded allready reminded me very much on those stories. The ravenclaws and legs from the same store let me even more think about remades. The legs and is spend some time on a posestand together until they were small enough not to sink through the ground anymore. The set with the claws had smaller versions included those fit fine. Both parts come with alphalayers for one part and both parts so that it is possible to wear only the feet or only the arms or both at the same time.
In my opinion those arms and legs are really great roleplay items, for example as feet when somebody put a bad spell on somebody else and this caused that the appearance of the victim changed, or as punishment like the Remade by Miéville.
The black feathery dress with the roses on top is an item from the barbee sale. A sale with lots of japanese stores. All the items are sold for 49$ each. The dress did fit without any adjusting and came with the collar, the top and the skirt. Of course there are system layers included which cover all bits decently.
So spoke the raven more more more

Dress: +mocha+ - Monochrome Impatience [Black] (49$ Barbee sale)
Skin: DEN-DOU : Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (old huntgift now in a gatcha 200$ per round)
Scar: Squeek! Scarification went wrong (old huntgift or special item seems not to be sold in the store anymore)
Ravenarms: gilded: Raven Claws (350$)
Ravenlegs: gilded: Raven's Legs twisted hunt gift spring 2011 (0$)
Tattoo: SubDermal - "Rosary of Pain" Full Body Tattoo (295$)

Pink Lips

Standing at the harbor and being confused. Sometimes it is odd when landing at places and having forgotten what having planed there. At least it is intresting at this place.

Eret!ka and Soulstreet have normaly one or two freebies. At the moment they got the boots which are seeable on the picture on their mindnight mania board as well as a skin. An other skin is even a freebie. The shirt from arnadi is on sale at the 3º Edition of the Fashion Garret. And the trousers are zipper trousers from a:s:s are just nice.
at the harbour
This skin is currently a gift at Sooul's street. It is very pale with a pink lipstick and much eyeshadow in green. I like the elegant eyebrows. The little dot over the lips is a nice extra.
free skin pale pink lipstick green eyeshadow
The tan Cicilla skin is currently on the midnight mania board. It has very pretty eyebrows as well. And the lipstick is even more pink. Both skins have very pretty lashes which means there is no need to spend hours on the posestand trying to make primlashes fit.
free skin tan with pinkish lips

Pale skin: FREE 1.Skin Soul's Street-> NAOMI Pink/green (0$)
Tan skin: Eretika---> Cicilla 6 (Tan) (0$ Midnight mania) (0$ Midnight mania)
Boots: Soulstreet or Eretika : boots Leopard Black/Leopard (0$ Midnight mania)
T-shirt: [arnadi] - Short Tshirt Vintage Mexican Wrestling girl (50$)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 $)

STEAM - the Hunt preview II

Blogging the items from the steampunkhunt is much different for me than the things i usually blog. Well usually i blog clothes and there are clothes in the steampunkhunt but also many many other things than clothes. Things i never would have thought of.
But thats the spirit of this hunt and i guess this is also one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular hunts on the grid.
First i like to start with some clothes as clothes are something i am really used to. Even a steampunklady has the need for high heels when working on her next invention. So It is good to have shoes which are highheeled on the one hand but also not easy to destroy. The boots from bloodsmore meet those criteria. The colourful dress is the huntgift from Holly, as no decent victorian woman would be willing to show off her legs i did not make a picture of the cute stockings which belong to the set. I could only say that they fit to the hunt theme. The necklace with the clock has a great name" Miss Havisham's Tick Tock Necklace". It has not only a little clock on it there are also some little golden decorations at the neck. Its the gift from Embyr's Inferno and inspired by Miss Havisham. Reading this in the notecard i had to recognize that i lack so much in english literature that it is embarrassing for me.
Shoes for the speamlady
Boots: Steam Hunt 4 -82- Bloodsmoore, Inc (0 $ Huntgift)
Dress: ~~ Holly ~~ Steam Hunt 4 Gift #009 (0 $ Huntgift)
Clock: STEAM HUNT 4 -#30 - Embyr's Inferno (0 $ Huntgift)

Steampunkers need fire. And they need much fire to work with metal or just to cook some tea. This one could be found at Hearth & Home. The cogwheels at the front are animated and rotate. I like the smaller pipes which are added to the big one. That lets the fireplace look more elegant although i suppose it would be big enough to form the iron for horseshoes with its help. The textures are also great.
Steampunk fireplace
STEAM HUNT 4 - 88 - Hearth & Home (0 $ Huntgift)

This statue is one of the unexpected things which only seem to appear in Steam the hunt. I have to admit when opening the box and reading the name of the item "SteamStyle Garden Spinner" i supposed and rotary clothes dryer, as those are called "Wäschespinne" in german (german is my mothertongue) but this wonderful Statue is nothing i would dare to dry my laundry at. It is so beautiful. It reminds me very much at Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. When being touched the figure on the top starts to rotate. It looks like being made of many small glas panels. A man made of tiffany glass for the garden. This is a really impressing item and its even more impressing that even the cogwheels at the backside of the man are animated.
Steampunk statue
Statue: STEAM HUNT 4 - #62 - SteamStyle Steampunk Emporium (0 $ Huntgift)

Today at Monday, 28 February, 6-8 PM SLT takes the kick off party for the hunt place. So put on your steampunk outfits and visit the Black Bird Jazz Club in Mieville to have a great time with other Steampunkers.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which she gets the boots she's been longing for...

Yes, here I am in the Bukka lucky board boots that I have been stalking for days, if not weeks! If I'm not the last person in the whole of Second life to have them, then go there immediately and don't leave until you have them! they are free & I can't believe it! It's going to be just like when I was a young girl (tomboy rather),  and I wore my sacred boots. My mother still teases me now that I slept in them,  I loved them so much, that she couldn't prize them off of me! Oh and while you're out shopping pick up these other bargains That I managed to grab.....*skips off clumsily & pretends to be the 8 year old petrol pump attendant again* 

Hair & Hat: Free luckyboard item > W&Y
Top: Free group gift ( can also be worn as a dress) > Autre
Scarf: L$200 long scarf - sepia > Maitreya
Shorts: L$5 > Izm
Boots: Free luckyboard item  > Bukka