Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sheep door style

Congratulations to the opening of The new store 'Sheep door' I can see that this is going to be another to add to my list of favourites! it's style is very much unisex which I love! so today I am wearing the hair & hat which comes as an opening gift, and these super cute dungarees, which come in male/female sizes and length options for a different look. You can go with a longer length, shorter ( like I am wearing) or go for a quirkier style and have one leg shorter , one longer. I picked up a few other items while I was there as the prices are very reasonable. Good luck with future success Sheep Door i'll be rooting for you!

Hair& hat: Free opening gift > Sheep door
Dungarees: Free lucky board item > Sheep door
Top: Free ( top part of a dress) luckyboard item > Kyoot
Shoes: Free- teal sneakers > In her shoes

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