Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad karma?

Bad karma? is that the message on this wonderful chunky knit jumper dress? possibly, that's what you may think having seen the front with the skull & crossbones, and  emblazoned on the back are the words 'karma', but since this dress is totally free i'd say it's all good karma! by the way I haven't taken these Bukka freebie boots off yet, as you can see! When out bargain hunting why not pop down to the buzzurl bazaar and pick up a few fabulous 49L items like this scarf from Chocolate Atelier. There are many various items to choose form , from some great designers, but I can never resist a scarf.

Hair: Free  group Luckyboard > Heart softens
Scarf: L$49 by Chocolate atelier @ > Buzzurl
Jumper dress: Free luckyboard item > M*G*S
Boots: Free luckyboard item > Bukka

1 comment:

  1. I love the hair. Argh i hate stalking lucky boards but it is worth it. I guess.