Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In flowers

Wandering through flowers while being dressed nicely. Its the time when the colours are magical and the wind moves all the plants and the hair so softly that you are surprised in the evening when you start to feel bad because of having spent too much time in the sun.

I can't say how much i love this dress. It is from Icing one of my favourite stores. The designer is one of the few who could use the skirtlayer. Of course on my small avi its seeable that the dresses are made with that layer but on taller avatars it is perfect, and on mine it looks so good that i love wearing it. The dress is black with a pencil skirt and an attachment at it which lets look it less strict. On the top is a pattern in grey which looks like a jugendstil pattern. That pattern on the top kind of moves into the flounce at the side. The left sleve is covered with lily blossoms. In my opinion it is a very lovely dress and its anyways always a good idea to visit icing - not for the purse - but to see some great dresses.
more love for flowers and for icing

Dress: * *ICING* Orchid Delight (350$)

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