Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday freebies

I often use maid outfits in roleplay as my roleplay character helps in a store and thinks that she needs kind of an uniform for this (and because it makes me giggle). So i always like it a lot when finding a free maid dress somewhere. This one is a 2o minutes camping item from likka house. It comes with many prim parts which have a resize script. Under the skirt the avatar wear white long undies with prim legs. The dress is striped and the frills always look prefect.
Free maid dress
Dress: LIKKA*HOUSE AliceDress-stripe- (0$ 20 mins camping)

This praise ferrets and beavers tops are from 22769. I like ferrets as well as beavers, although i secretly like ferrets a bit better so i thought those two free skirts would be a good reason to show off those shirts again. The long skirt will be on the pesca lucky board until tomorrow. The short one is the groupgift from couverture.
skirts and animals

Top: 22769 basic heart beavers tank (7$)
Skirt: :pesca:paisley skirt blown flower (0$ Lucky board)
Top: 22769 basic heart ferrets tank (7$)
Skirt: couverture - A/W Skirt:Group Gift (0$)

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