Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marriage with D-Design

A woman standing lonely, waiting for the most important day in her life. From time to time she nestles at her veil and her choker. But that doesn t help against her raising nervousness.
She looks out of the window but sees nobody walking or driving to her house. She sighs loud. But when hearing the hooters and starts to cry feeling what happend.
The wedding gown from D-Design is simply stunning. The designer managed to create a gown wich is elegant and sexy at the same time. I mean there are a lot of sexy dresses in second life available but a lot of those are everything but elegant.
This is a closer picture of the weddinggown. The textures are very elegant and lovely. I also like it that the veil is formed like an elegant hat.
Its possible to wear the gown on three ways. With a long train, a middle long train and without a train at all.
The long train is really long.
I like the middle long train best.
This is how the middle long dress looks on the backside. Its very pretty with all the bows.
At the wedding party the dress allowes the bride to dance very sexy in the short version of her wedding dress.
As written before the gown comes with three skirt options. There are also fitting shoes available. What really impressed me is that there is also a demo of the dress available. So its possible to test the dress before making a final desicion about the gown for the most important day in life. For couples who like it a bit darker there is also a black version of the gown available. On the pictures i combined the gown with a white pearl choker from d-design.

Wedding gown: D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle-London White (2300 Linden)
Choker: D-DESIGN White Pearls Choker (65 Linden)

For the time after the wedding its also possible to wear d-design. This outfit might be great for cleaning the place where the party took place and the walking cane is good to help the last guests out (either by loaning it to them or by poking them with it).

Outfit: D-DESIGN Colors jeans (129 Linden)

To this outfit there are also accessories available. For example this bangle and the nail piercing. The colour is unique and the silver ornaments look quite well with it.
And also earrings.
Jewlery: D-DESIGN Colors jewelry set (189 Linden)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golf training

Training some golf moves with my new walking cane. Its the best cane i found.

Dress: "Sa green dress (LB) (0 Linden lucky board)

Here im thinking about how to beat people with the cane.
Dress: "SA DOT dress blue(LB) (0 Linden lucky board)

After all the training i got tired and decided to hang around in a shirt and panties.
Top: SA groupgift long top (0 Linden groupgift)
Panties: [[[COGOO]]] Kimono mini (0 Linden groupgift)
Cane: [[[COGOO]]] Birdskull cane (0 Linden groupgift)

Nom nom nom tasty fairy

Scratching my head while wondering about what to do with the fairy in my mouth. Its squirming but that tickles so nicely on the tongue.
Outfit: 22769 blue capri outfit (200 Linden)

The fae tastes sweet. Its fun to suck at her. I got her and the choker as random gift at Etheria.
Choker: Lolapop! Bitten Choker Fleur De Lis Pattern w/ white crystals (0 Linden gift at Etheria)
Fairy: *EC* Oops! Etheria Munch Faery (0 Linden gift at Etheria)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arrr do what i want

Pit Pitson breathed a sigh of relief when seeing the ship. His own little boat was smashed into pieces when sailing onto a hidden rock. So he yelled up to the captain hopeing she would be willing to allow him to sail back to land on her ship. She seemed quite friendly and caring and allowed him to climb onto board and looked even like she was having mercy for him.
As soon as he was on board he was surprised. She threatened him with her sabre and forced him under the deck telling him to wear the usual uniform on the ship.
For Pit followed a time where he was forced to serve the captain. He had to massage her feet, swap the deck and to oil her pegleg.
Sometimes he had to carry her around. While she was poking him with her peg leg.
From time to time she even rode on him telling him that she was training for being able to ride on a pony.
But he never complained when she forced him to dance with her while she poked his side with her sabre.

The red outfit is from LnL from the go4goal hunt. The textures are amazing. The sabre, pirate hat and peg leg are from an outfit from violent seduction. The pictures have been made at Athan Selidor, one of the wonderful sims designed by Alia Baroque.

Coat and trousers: LNL BOX O-68 SIXTY EIGHT G4G SPECIAL PRIZE (0 Linden g4g hunt)
Pirate stuff: Violent Seduction - Pirate Lolita (0 Linden - lucky chair)
Tattoo: blogged before

Blue Room

The Dressing Room has a new section to it "The Blue Room" and as you can see the items for sale are very blue orientated
The dress is lovely, I adore the little details of this shift dress, the skirt has ao animations in it and is easy to fit to your avs size (it's made by Baiastice) it's only 70l
The shoes I just fell in love with, they're sexy, unique and only 70l also (by Kookie)
The eyelashes are gorgeous, I never used to be a fan of lashes because I struggled fitting them but I read this article and It showed me how to fit my lashes easily and correctly, these were only 40l (by [glow])
So take the tp to The Dressing Room and have a look around!
Saff xx

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flower power and a free skin

Before going to bed i d like to blog this wonderful top and the great flower power trousers and the skin.
I won the top on a lucky board. The trousers are from D-Design. I love all those little flowers. And they are even resizeable. The trousers are mod. so its possible to make the flares bigger if a smaller avi wears the trousers.
Top: Palette*fuwafuwa-tulip (Lucky board 0 Linden)
Trousers: D-DESIGN Flower Power Jeans (199 Linden or 125 Linden if you are a groupmember)

The skin is an other gift from the stamp card rally at the H&G Mall. Its very lovely in my opinion.
Skin: SKIN&Shape B.diamond :::White Lips::: H&G (H&G mall stamp hunt 0 Linden)

Cherry blossoms

Having an argument about what to wear. I prefer traditional clothes and marcuz wanted to wear something with calvin or more with spaceman spiff.
So here the cherry blossoms kimono. Its a gift in the lost my marmels hunt from the ancient kimono store.
Its a very pretty kimono. Although the obi is a bit too large for small avis and its not possible to make it much smaller. The katana is from needful PIXEL. Its spellfire scripted and has accuracy: 8, damage: 7, range: 2 and speed: 6. I like it very much that it also comes with a version which could be used as decoration (its seeable on the first picture).
Kimono: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop : Cherry Blosssom II Kimono (0 Linden Lost my marmels Hunt )
Katana: [needful PIXEL] Uesugi Katana v1.0 (200 Linden)

The gift for men is much more modern. Its blue as seeable on the picture and there are some pictures of spaceman spiff on it. That is also the name of the Outfit.

Outfit: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop : Spaceman Spiff (0 Linden Lost my marmels Hunt )

Playing alone

Today i went into the park again to play football.
Pose: Milestone Creations : [MC] Pose - Soccer I (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Outfit: IC Design & Boe : Go4goal hunt female gift (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Hat: Pestique : World Cup Football Hat (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Goal: Wisent Animations : Go4Goal VKSLX (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)

But i was all alone so i tried playing against myself. After i shoot i quickly ran into the goal changed the colour of my hat and tried getting the ball.

Goal: Wisent Animations : Go4Goal VKSLX (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Outfit: IC Design & Boe : Go4goal hunt female gift (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Hat: Pestique : World Cup Football Hat (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)

It was horribly boring to i went home and tried to play football with the owl. It was quite unwilling.
Shirt: **TKO** Abi Top - Purple (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Pose: Milestone Creations : [MC] Pose - Soccer III (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)

Being sweaty i sat on the floor and had a look if my fingers are dirty.
Tattoo: [White Widow] Soccer (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)

At the end i ended nuzzling with the dog and hoping that more people would be in the park the next day.

Skin: :: Ci Co. :: Female Prize G4G (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)
Tattoo : [White Widow] Soccer (0 Linden gift in the go4goal hunt)

How to get a bunbun car

Standing in a sandbox with some friends and two friendly bunbun cars. We got the cars in the H&G mall stamp hunt. Its not a real hunt. You go to the sim, click on a white board and get a point card, wear it and then you click on the pillars with 75 written on to get 75 points in your point card. With those points you could buy gifts at the stores at the mall. There are 25 gifts available. As you get 75 points a day and one item normaly is at 20 points you could get 3 every day as long the hunt is running.
The hunt is quite easy. Its only sometimes a bit difficult to find the stores.
Projector on the hand: [BoxY] Mov 2 for EVENT ITEM (H&G mall stamp hunt 0 Linden)
Bunbuncar: bunbun-car (Wear) ~2th~ H&G (H&G mall stamp hunt 0 Linden)

The gift i like most in the stamp hunt is this japanese tattoo. It comes in different tones and is very well made. I love the dragon on the leg.

The pictures are just great in my opinion. And there is no visible cutline between upper and lower part - as some tattoos which come on the undies layers have. The football boxers are the june gift from vitamen.

Tattoo: ::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (H&G mall stamp hunt 0 Linden)
Boxers: VITAMEN Monthly Freebie on Jun @ House

For those who like to fight around this Robot might be fun. Its also available in black and has a different walk animation (on the picture i was flying around with it).
Robot: ROBO-R (H&G mall stamp hunt 0 Linden)