Sunday, March 12, 2017

Support Elicio The Wizard!

Lurking In The Shadows...

Have you ever been to a fantasy sim in SL? Yes, I suppose you have indeed visited at least one or two of them… and, while walking in the woods created by limitless imagination, can you remember those wildly proliferating puffball funghi you could kick and they emitted a cloud of lovely sparkling spores? … yes, you do remember indeed. And those huge fantasy parasol mushrooms, with the swishy jellyfish-like tentacles? And those ancient-and-mysterious-looking ruins? And those orchids…? Yes, you do remember, and I suppose you remember because, in a way or another, these creations have touched your soul.

Now you have the opportunity to show your appreciation to the creator, Elicio Ember, who is in need of assistance and counts on you, generous and benevolent SL folk.

And this is how you can help:

I have just grabbed a full set of Tinderlings... and now I’m squeaking with joy, it’s hilarious to run around in SL wearing an avatar looking like an old piece of wood elegantly decorated with classy mushrooms!

... what “Tinderlings” are, you ask? Check out Elicio’s place if you want to know more, please.
Join the fun, and help the man who has already given us so much.

Thank you so much in advance, you all.