Friday, May 30, 2014

World Goth Fair 2014 - Dark Wings

She landed in an unknown realm, wet and dark... which she found pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. She adored darkness, it was her natural element... but all that rain? She shivered as she felt her black feathers were already glued together. How should she fly now, and stalk her prey? Yet, she knew she had no other choice whatsoever. The Dark Lord was her commander and she was to obey his orders, no matter what. She shivered for a second longer, then she clicked her talons and spread her heavy black wings. The hunt for the lost soul was on.
Dark Wings
Greetings, ye dark creatures lurking in the shadows! You still have a few days to visit The World Goth Fair and pick up this dramatic tattoo by Fallen Gods, together with another great piece of skin art called "Widow". .... well, spread your wings, too, and flap away! :)

Skin: "Siggy Lumiere" by Essences, for the The Dressing Room Fusion - 70 L$.
Tattoo: "Tarantula" by Fallen Gods for the World Goth Fair, Donation Item for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation - 380 L$.
Ears: "Simple Elf Ears" by Mandala - 307 L$.
Wings: "Devine Wings" in Raven by Death Row Designs- 100 L$.
Claws: "Demon Hands" Female by Death Row Designs- 60 L$.
Lips: "Rival Black" by Glamorize - 1 L$.
Hair: "Siiri" in Black by EMO-tions - 245 L$ for a Black-and-White pack.
Eyes: "Feral Eyes" in Heavens by Sterling Artistry- 65 L$.
Armbands: part of the "Narke" outfit in Black by RunoRuno- 100 L$.
Pasties: "Muka Zombie Pasties" - part of an old hunt gift by Muka.
Pose: "SloMo Girlie" by Del May- 50 L$.
The picture was taken in the H220 sim, still wet and still wonderful. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mad times in Mad City

3 1 "Follow me" she said... 4 3 17 2 15 5 16 4 10 11 6 7 8 It's always incredibly sad when wonderful SIMs close, as MadCity will on May 31st. Madpeas are continuing - never fear - with the new Unia project keeping people in a drawn out state of excitement. The city will also, thanks to the eternal rain around The Silent Peacock Hotel, be flooded on its last day - so you can explore it underwater! There's a LOT of memories for me in this SIM, not least from Room 326, featured here with me getting my own back on the possessed TV, the amazing painting, capable of transporting the chosen few to a hellish world, looking on from behind. 
I urge you to check it out before it goes.
Madpeas have also created this fabulous 'gamer' outfit for hunting, scheming, generally getting into trouble in.

Included are : 
- Belt (rigged mesh)
- Holster (mesh resizable)
- Knotted T-Shirt (rigged mesh standardized)
- Jean Shorts (rigged mesh standardized)
- Combat Boots (mesh resizable)
- Gun as accessory (non scripted resizable)
Mesh standardized sizes for clothes (XL/L/M/S/XS)
Mesh guns as accessories for Holster, Belt, and Hands (non scripted).
All for L$ 150!
Female Gamer Outfit
(There's also an outfit available for the males)
Male Gamer Outfit
To compliment the outfit, and hopefully to do justice to the SIM I've used the following poses;
Firehawk Designs : Hold Up!  L$ 60
Frozen : Pistol Poses Fatpack   L$ 350

Monday, May 26, 2014

Skyfall to a new World

3 The world had changed. The sky had fallen. One way of life ended, and another began. The change had been abrupt, though it had started decades past. People had refused to see it. People had denied it, even once the effects of change were manifest. Only once it was too late did their eyes, blinded by scales of profit, finally clear. Only then went up the cry of the elite, echoing that which others had sung for years. "We need to change!" All too soon these belated truths turned to others... "It's too late." Denial turned to despair, and the aching search for someone to blame besides themselves. "Why were we not told?" "It's not our fault..." Shards of sky fell, tumbling down, scything through oceans and smashing the cities. High above, there was a new sky, and far below, new people to enjoy it. Not everything from the world before had passed into nothingness, it never had and it never would. New beings formed from all things into which creativity had been poured. All which had been loved found new form here. From the cloth she had once been, the weaver's care gave her breath. The world's old desires and pleasures gave her purpose, and a hunger. Her old design still lingered, silvery light now on her skin, her past showing clear. Her creator's taste for donuts found a place in her also, never anticipated, she intended to enjoy it, and this new world, for all it was worth. 2
There are times when I can be misanthropic. Even at those times, so I'm told, my rantings are hilarious enough to make it worthwhile. Other times, I'm blown away by how helpful people can be - cue the superfriends who can pick out and name a hairstyle I'm looking for from an image with no credits! <3

Skin :  :Sugar: [5] DB Avril - Teeth
Lolas : Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Tattoo :  Folly - Tintable Glaze - Serpentine - Light
Hair :  Magika [Hair] Shimmer (03)
Hairband : .{yumyums}. {Pinkie} EatMe Headband
Eyes :  .::Kre-ations::. Eclypse eyes{Neptune / Pluto}
Dress : Luas Tarna - Black

Folly, formerly Skinthesis, has opened a new mainstore, and Cane has produced some amazing tintable tattoos for the occasion. They come in Dark, Med and Light tones, but can be modded to your heart's content. They also come with appliers, making them even more versatile for those with body add ons!

The lovely Io at YumYums is at her headband madness again - seriously some of the upcoming releases are so glittery I nearly died -. This donut version was a taster (groan - didn't even intend that pun as I typed it) - keep eyes out at the mainstore for newness soon!

There is a free script available on Marketplace which allows more flexibility with clothing layers on your Lolas. I know in the past I have managed to have more than one layer showing, but I'd be damned if I could recreate that spark of genius. This script - produced by the Lola's creator - allows this with ease. The images above show the applier blending the skintone, 'dress bra' showing the tattoo, and 'dress top' showing the dress. All changeable by HUD, or by chat command. Perfect!