Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rocking at home

Just abusing a moment alone at home to rock. Loud, fast and hard. And having much fun. Of course you need to wear the right clothes for being a rocker. And black is always the right colour.A:S:S released cool unisex rockerjackets. They are very short but got enough fur for not needing gloves. The jackets are available in four colours. Black, blue, purple and red. The trousers also come from a:s:s. They are leather rocker jeans.
Jackets: A:S:S - Glamrocker Jacket (One 85 Linden fatpack 300 Linden)
Jeans: A:S:S - Rocker leathers - pink (75 Linden)
Makeup: A:S:S - Goth makeup (one 20 Linden or 100 Linden for the fatpack)

X-mas is close

You could get x-mas sweets in the store here since september and now x-mas is also reaching second life. Stores start to put out lovely seasonal outfits. Pure Style put out some dollarbies. You could buy several of them and at the and you have about two or three complete outfits. I liked the red coat very much, the short red dress (it comes with two kinds of skirts) and the fur. So i got me those parts and they look really nice. Jacket: *~PS~*SanTa Jk (1 Linden)
Dress: *~PS~*mini Dress(darkRed) (1 Linden)
Fur: *~PS~*White Fur (1 Linden)

For walking the dog this poncho might be perfect. It comes from the Maknie lucky board in the KDC Mall. Its easy to resize so it also fits small avis. The trousers are a groupgift from Sweetest Goodbye.
Poncho: MAKNIE**many style Poncho(D) (0 Linden Lucky board you need to be a member of the kdc group)
Trousers: Sweetest Goodbye: [SG*} Group Gift Leggings (0 Linden)

November is nearly over but the november eyes from sterling artistry are still available. This month the eyes are brown and shiny. The skin is from the Mother's Goose lucky board.

Eyes: Sterling Artistry - November Freebies! (0 Linden)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SiSi(2)_LB (0 Linden Lucky board)


Diapop released some cute bodysuits. They are available in white, brown and kind of a mix of yellow, white and grey. The suits come on all layers so you could wear either leggins under them or wear them with jeans. Or you just wear one of them while sitting in the bathroom and using nail polish. Left: * [DIAPOP] * ::foggy:: (69 Linden)
Middle: * [DIAPOP] * ::fudge:: (69 Linden)
Right: *[DIAPOP]* ::banana split:: (69 Linden) (The fatpack with all three is available for 200 Linden)

So here a picture of how to wear the suits. For this outfit i mixed the jacket and one of the body suits from Diapop with the green cc jeans from Somapop.
Shirt: * [DIAPOP] * ::fudge:: (69 Linden)
Jeans: [Somapop] cc jeans green (99 Linden)
Jacket: * [DIAPOP] * sakko ::tuxedo jacket:: (155 Linden)
Shoes: * [DIAPOP] * pointe* (160 Linden)

Turkey funeral

It was the same every Thanksgiving. The last turkeydrumstick somehow disappeared. It was always the one he planed to eat last because supposing it would be the best part of the whole turkey. But he never found it when he wanted to eat it. He didn t suppose that his partner ate it. She was a vegetarian for years and always a bit angry when he insisted on having a turkey at thanksgiving. She even seemed to bury birds which didn t manage to go on their journey to south in the garden. He had seen the little graves but never actually seen one of her bird funerals. But when seeing her with the turkeydrumstick he suddenly had an idea about the birds she burried around Thanksgiving.The Wasn't me pose comes from No Strings Attached. Its a funny thanksgiving pose. Of course its made for people who want to eat the last turkeydrumstick themself those who plan to give the turkey a decent funeral are only allowed to use it.
The Pose is available in the taste of SL this weekend.
The clothes Paco wears on the picture will soon be released by 22769 and the clothes of the female avatar are freebies from Honey Kitty.

Pose: 'NSA' - Wasn't Me! (TOSL incl turkey leg) (50 Linden)

[winter sun]

He'd stowed away in his desperate attempt to escape the countryside's neverending widths, the rotting smell of crops that had never been harvested and were still spreading the humid perfume of an eternal autumn. It was the cold he was longing for - an icy storm's needle-sharp kisses on his face and the immaculate white of a snowy blanket covering the world's ugliness...

[winter sun]

...but what he found in the end, once the train stopped and his impatient hands opened the heavy doors made of metal and wood wasn't snow, wasn't even white at all: it was a wintry sun's golden ray that bathed his dusty shape with a waterfall of glittering light, cold and crispy in this total absence of sounds between past and present.

[winter sun]

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Christmas Dreams (free)
Hair: Bryce - Led

Jacket: Alphamale - Classic Leather Jacket (free)
Gloves: A:S:S - Fingerless gloves (gacha)
Pants: {paper.doll} - Emily Trousers (free)
Shoes: +KiiToS!! Kankae+ - Knit boots

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting for snow

Two girls had spend now two weeks on waiting for snow. But somehow there isn't one little snowflake seeable. So after a long snowball fight in the cellar (they used the ice from the freezer) they decided to train for winter. In the cellar they also found their old sledge which seemed to be perfect for some wintertraining. Soon they recognized that pulling a sledge over grass is hard work. It was time to train falling from the sledge. It worked allready well.
At the end they looked rather tired and their clothes had become very dirty because of all the falling from the sledge. So they just spend some time with sitting on the sledge and having a talk (bigtalking about future snowmans and snowball fight tactics).
No Strings attached take part in the Hunt. For that Milli created a lovely sledge which could be used by two persons and fitting winter things like gloves, cute hats and scarf and winterboots. The items are all wellmade (she is only able to create great things). The facetattoo with the frostbite is an A:S:S groupgift. And its great. I love how it changes the look of the avatar into a freezing beeing which needs a cup of hot milk as soon as possible. The pasties are contained in a freebie outfit from Dr. Wraithwire. The shorts and the black dress come from the snatch lucky chair.

Winterstuff and Sledge: 'NSA' - Sled & Zassy Snazzy Snow Gear (10 Lindens WLFhunt)
Facetattoo: A:S:S Groupgift - Frostbite (0 Linden Groupgift)
Pasties: (NB) Dr. Wraithwire's Symbiote Nibbler Set (0 Linden)
Hotpants: Sn@tch Basix Shorts (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Dress: Sn@tch Daily Circus (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Danielle anniversary

From the 26th to the 30st Danielle is celebrating their first anniversary. Of course that means there will be some nice things available for the customers. For example at the 26 it will cost 20 Linden to join the group instead of 200 Linden. Being in the Danielle group is quite cool as you often get gifts and could win things on the midnight mania.

A hunt will take place. In it you could find for example this metalic top. The necklace will be on the midnight mania from 27th to 30st. Top: DANIELLE Leather Top Purple hunt (0 Linden)
Necklace: DANIELLE Boomy Necklace (0 Linden MM but you have to be a member of the Group)
Trousers: DANIELLE Africa Brown Jeans (not free)

The blue golden dress will be an other hunt gift. It comes with a resizescript so it might be possible to wear it kneelong and in tealength.
Dress: DANIELLE Noenna Flexi Turquoise hunt (0 Linden)
Earrings: DANIELLE Glamour Sapphire Earrings hunt (0 Linden)

At the 26th there will be also a special gift on the midnight mania board. A romantic dress which reminds a bit on the 70ties with its colour and the flowers on the skirt. Of course it comes with gloves.
Gown: DANIELLE Romance Orange MM item (0 Linden but you have to be a member of the Group)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[silence is golden] silenced me with your kiss - will it get worse than this?

[Silence is Golden]

For Luna Jubilee's '52 Weeks of Color' blogger challenge:
Week 3 - Goldenrod

Skin:.:Hermony:. - Kriz ST2 Shaved (V-DaySpecial)
Hair: +BM+ - PuNk hair H040 (free)
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar eyes

Pants: A:S:S - Rocker Leathers
Mouthzip: *SiSSi* - Silence is Golden V2

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Very happy unbirthday

When looking around for those rez day gifts i found a store with nice clothes for women. In my opinion they look very much like the stuff rockabilly girls like to wear. But i have no clue about fashion. So i can't say much about them beside that they look great. They got two dresses on the lucky board a red one and a blue one and somehow i managed to win both.Left: Has Been - Lucky Board Vivian Dress 1 Red (0 Linden Lucky board)
Right: Has Been - Lucky Board Vivian Dress 1 Blue (0 Linden Lucky board)

Stop in the name of chocolate

Yesterday was my rezzday so i spend some time on picking rezday gifts at stores. For example this chocolate dress. Its very cute. And comes with a fitting hat. And of course its very tasty so you have to say "No, Stop" all the time else you d be very fast very naked. Dress: <...spoonful of sugar - Chocolate cupcake costume> (0 Linden Rez Day Gift)

A Birthday is always a good reason to eat alot. So you need a bag to carry all the food. Luckily its possible to get a backpack as rezday gift from Boys 're us. The package contains a big red and a smaller blue one. Later you could spend some time on eating a jar of pickles from Concrete flowers. The black dress is available as rez day gift at Sweeter than candy.
Backpack: [bRu] Backpacks (0 Linden Rez Day Gift)
Dress: !STC Party Girl Black (0 Linden Rez Day Gift)

The cute dress comes from ****em****. Even December has a rezday gift of course its glasses. Now that my avatar its two years old its really time for glasses.
Dress: ****em**** Happy birthday gift(December) (0 Linden Rez Day Gift)
Glasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.36 (0 Linden Rez Day Gift)

Last i d like to thank all for the presents and the nice wishes. Especially all the look what the cat brought bloggers, our readers and my friends. A special thanks goes to Steven and to Manuel and Paco from 22769. Thank you very much for your blogentry which made me blush.
Dress: 22769 special rezzday present (priceless)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In school

Spending some time after school on training drawing. And trying to become much better in that subject as the teacher said that my paintings look like being made by a 5 year old child.But then the dog of the caretakers ate all my pictures and i got in real trouble the next day.
The winter schooluniform is currently available at the M*Motion Lucky board. It comes with the typical short skirt, a warm sweater, gloves and a scarf. A nice extra is the winter breath which looks very real.

Outfit: M*Motion C10-19-05 School uniform of winter (0 Linden Lucky board)