Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dash of Cinnamon

December rolled around, and the forest took on its winter plumage. Snow had fallen throughout the night, and all through the day. Its chill gripped the creatures of the land, causing some to curl up in hiding, knowing the time for their hibernation to come. Others, however, came into their season.
Cinnamon was a part of the forest the whole year round, of course, but only once the snow fell did she feel her time of year had come. This was when she felt most comfortable, away from the heat of summer, that even the dappled shade couldn't entirely prevent. The ground carpeted in a thick layer of crystalline white, its coating making the leaves still clinging to frozen plants sparkle, far from the rotting loam of autumn. Snow crunching under her decorated hooves, she grinned, even with all the work ahead of her, she knew it would be a lot of fun, a chance to stretch herself. Descendant of the line of Blitzen, toward the end of December she would take her place with the others in the mad dash around their world. Some might think the adornments to her hooves and antlers would slow her down, not a bit of it. They added to the fun, turning the race into an enjoyable game.

Feeling a bit in the spirit of the season, but in a frugal way, I though I'd see what I had lying around from winters past which would work for a look now. All except the hair, which is a new purchase, have been lurking in my inventory for at least a year or more. The items listed are all still available!

Antlers :  HBD holiday antlers 2.1     L$25

Hair :  Truth Hailey w/roots- blood  Reds Pack    L$250

Skin : Petrichor Fawn (mocha)    L$240

Tattoo : Panda Express  OH Deer spots tattoo    L$150

Ears and tail : [D O D I E] Oh Deer! UPDATE   L$200

Top and Stars pastie :  Nadas naughty xmas    L$99

Leggings :  Erratic  Laser cut leggings    L$150

Legs and hooves : Epic  Festive faun legs   L$199