Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garage Nights

The Garage didn't appear to be anything special... as it turned out, that was entirely the point. Seeming special was for the purpose built clubs in the town, the ones where security bordered each doorway, ushering in the shiny and the famous ahead of those who stood queuing in the cold. The Garage was just that, a workshop in the dirtier quarter of the town, filled during the day with rusting hulks and the gleaming chromed beasts they could become. At night, these were pushed to the sides, along with the bags of rubbish; speakers were pulled from behind the toolboxes, and the music would begin.
The temperature in the Garage was set by the energy of those there, on cold nights, breath would come in clouds from mouths on the makeshift dancefloor just as icicles on the roof would tremble and fall from the pounding bass from the speakers. Now it was summer, the air was sticky with heat; puddles of oil on the floor shimmered in the hastily rigged up lights, and the people moved as one. Bouncing to the tracks laid out for them by the dj, sweat would pour off them, rising as steam from the bestial crowd. In the shadows, there was always somewhere to rest, crates and boxes of car parts may not have been as comfortable as the padded booths in the clubs uptown, but they suited this crowd infinitely better. No security on the doors, the darkness was a place for trades of all kinds, all were adults here after all, they took their safety into their own hands as a conscious choice. You could find whatever you needed, all you had to do was ask.

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