Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing the violine

A friend made me very glad with telling me about a lucky chair with a violine. So since yesterday im a very talented violine player. As you can see on the picture.

The violin comes with 10 pieces of music. Mainly Bach and Vivaldi. And with five animations for playing violine, one for Pizzicato and even a bow animation. The design is a bit unique but i love this instrument.

Violine: Satoko's Violin Snow Leopard Set (Lucky chair item)
Jacket: Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Bra : Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Shorts: Beauty Avatar: Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Heels: N-core Group Gift "Classic Stiletto" (0 Lindens)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A short freebie

There are weired days. Today an octopus jumped on my head. But it was very friendly. It told me that his name is George and that he likes swimming.

So here the set. The Shirt and Skirt (which is very short wear other panties under it than the ones which come with the set) are from Meriken. There is a hunt for white bags. I found 3 of them. In one was the octopus and in an other one the set on the picture. In the 3rd bag was a nice Jacket but it doesen t fit me so i don' t show it here. Maybe its for men i m not sure about it.

The boots are an item from the Peace on Earth Hunt. You can pick them at Simply Seraphs. But there are two Hunt items in the store so be sure to pick the female one. In the female one is a whole outfit even with Hair.

Some more freebies without stories about Octopuses.:

Dress: *G FIeld* : Lilith Corset Dress (Subscribo gift 0 Linden)
It comes with cute shoes which i don t show here cause they don t fit me. The dress has two skirts a narrow and a wide one.

Left: *MIU* simasima allinone (Groupgift 0 Linden)
Right: Top: !Ohmai : Basics Loose Racerback BLANK (O Linden)
Skirt: Slow Kitchen : Powder_snow_skirt (Lucky board gift)

This dress is an other gift from Slow Kitchen and the socks are also from there.
This dress is a dollarbie from Malt.
Dress: .:MALT:. Fashions - Merry Xmas Gift 09 (1 Linden)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dressed for X-mas

Here some nice free outfits which might be perfect for a X'mas party.

The blue Dress is a hunt item at the Naughty N Nice store. I found it in 3 colours there. Here i'm wearing the blue one while visiting Isle of Wyrms with an other Dragon.

Dress: Naughty N Nice : Xmas Ornament in Blue, Red and Green (Hunt items)

Here an other christmas gift. This dress is a gift at Mashooka. Its rather elegant but you have to be a bit careful because as you can see it has a high split at the side. I found it at Mashooka. They have some more X'mas gifts. So don t miss the chance to get them.

Dress: Mashooka: Emery {beige} (X' Mas Gift in Store)

From the same store are those beautiful saris.
Left: Mashooka: Nisha gharara {copper} (X' Mas Gift in Store)
Right: Mashooka: Anuradha gharara {red} (X' Mas Gift in Store)

If you like short cute dresses, you might love this one. Its a lucky chair item at Pinky*Gals. The skin I wear in the foreground is a groupgift in this group: Gala & Rita Design Announcements . I just had a look and it is still in the groupnotices so join the group and grab the skin. It comes in 8 versions if i remember correctly. The Eyes are also a freebie. They are an hunt gift at the CandyCane Hunt at Sterling Artistry Eyes. They are hidden in his satellite store at Sinners Shopping Centre.

Dress: Pinky*Gals : X'mas dress (Lucky Board)
Skin in the foreground: Curio : Elf skin Groupgift (join Gala & Rita Design Announcements and you' ll find it in the groupnotices)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : CandyMintEyes_Peppermint (Hunt Item)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Honey kitty X-mas

Honey kitty has a x-mas store group hunt. You have to search for 5 stars hidden in the store. At the end you get a cute x-mas outfit. It comes with two kind of skirts (a red one and a long version of the green shirt like on the picture) and two pairs of socks and hairbows. I think i needed about 10 minutes to find all items. But you have to be member of the Honey kitty group to be allowed to hunt for the stars.

Outfit: H+K : X'mas hunting2009
Shoes : Djunk and Hoc

Monday, December 7, 2009

Down with the chimney hunt

Yesterday started the down with the Chimney hunt. It ends at the 20th of December. Here some Huntgifts.
Left: .::TD::. Jersey Lump Top attachment (DWTC-Hunt Gift 0 Linden)
Right: **MIS** Hipsters n Leggings (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

Pullover: *Fishy Strawberry* [chunky] Norwegian Wood Knit Sweater (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)
Trousers: .:A&M:. Reaction Outfit (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Bulky Sweater (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

I always wanted to have hooves for my human avi. So i was stunned when i found this.

MiniGarden: Julia Collection - Mini Park (DWTC-Hunt Gift)
Dress: [Miseria] Sugar Dress - Holly (DWTC Hunt Gift )
Antlers: *Cobrahive* Rudolph's Crazy Antlers (Store Hunt Gift)
Hooves: *Cobrahive* Rudolph's hooves (Store Hunt Gift)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Im a wild thing

A mixed blog without any concept. Well if you like it give me a cookie.

I love the "where the wild things are" book (in german its "Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen" so this gift is stunning in my opinion.

.::Tyranny designs:: Wild Things (You get it via the I <3> group. Go to my profile (Dagmar Haiku) and join the group there and then go to the groupmessages and take the gift from tyranny designs)

Its X-mas time again. So here a dollarbie X-mas parka. I used the great x-mas fighting shovel from Dante Vantelli Sword MAINSTORE for posing.
The owner of the sword store is just rebuilding it. It will open again in one or two weeks.

Parka: ::JK:: XMasParka Box (Dollarbie)
Dante Vantelli Sword MAINSTORE Free Winter shovel Christmas box (Freebie)
Tights: Tomoto : dot tights full set (not free but great)
Legwarmers: *McSkin* (belongs to a lucky chair item - its really cute if you got some time go there and get the complete outfit)
DragansVarg (former Husky GFX) imrae boots (not free)

My Friend Myrian told me to get this Skin. She found it in the peace on earth hunt. And i love it. The undies are a lucky chair item.
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] : Farrah POE2 Hunt light (TINT) (Hunt gift)
*RD* CHERRY SOPHIE (Lucky chair item)

The Snowflake hunt is still going on. This is the Hunt gift from Blue Blood.

Dress: Blue Blood
: Snowflake hunt Gift

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some rather short dresses

I have to commit i like weapons. Especially swords. Yesterday i found in Momo's blog a great post (all posts in her blog are great) about free poses from Niqotine. A lot of them are weapon poses so i used the chance to pose with swords. I have to thank two friends one did borrow me her sword and the other one gave me swords she build as gift.

After reading the blog about the Christmas items at Evie's Closet I had to get there and so i won one of the ice-skating outfits. In my inventory i found some ice-skates from Digit Darkes store. So i was curious to see if they are still freebies on the sim like last year. Instead of finding the shoes i found this dress. Its a freebie cause somebody has stolen it. Its really a shame that there are people who don' t care about the properties of the Designers.
Dress: Digit Darkes : Foreign Affair-Black Zebra/Red (B) (0 Linden)
Sword: Stygian: Dragonsworn Katana (99 Linden)
Stockings: Sheer: Stockings 07: Shiny Black (50 Linden)
High Heels : Moody (not free)

Visiting Kowloon i found this group gift dress. It comes in a short and a long version and fits to swords. I asked a friend if she knows where to get free katana and instead of giving me a landmark she gave me a copy of swords she made. They aren t on sale yet but will soon be sold in her shop.

Dress: Lika Ruby : china-dress (group gift)
Sword: Wylie : Katana Dual (price unknown)
Stockings: Sheer: Stockings 07: Shiny Black (50 Linden)
Stockings: ::: B@R :::: : Mini Check Socks (came with a free dress)
High Heels : Moody (not free)

And cause it fits so well and cause posing with the swords was such a fun here an unfree dress from sheer. And look at the details of the sword. Its definitly a sword for a dragoness.

Dress: Sheer : Shy Black 250 Linden
Sword: Stygian: Dragonsworn Katana (99 Linden)
Stockings: Sheer: Stockings 07: Shiny Black (50 Linden)
High Heels : Moody (not free)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Free Kimono

Yesterday i found a store with a lucky board with two Kimono by mistake. I suppose that also
others would like to have a Kimono so here they are:

Left: toutouann-LB-momonoka (Lucky board gift - you have to become group member to get it)
Right: toutouann-LB-karyuu (Lucky board gift - you have to become group member to get it)

Both on the lucky boards at toutou-ann kimono shop

Cause both Kimono (i don t know the english plural so maybe its also Kimonos) come without socks (tabi) and shoes (zouri) here an other free Kimono which comes with tabi and zouri.

HavelockShrine (JapaneseGoodsShop GiornoBrando) : Free Kimono for Women (0 Linden)

The Havelock Shrine sim is also worth visiting. Its build in the style of a japanese village.
So if you like japanese things you maybe would also like the sim.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Very mixed and quickly made....

A quick compilation of freebies which do not really fit together but i love them all.
For making the pictures i used a midnight mania gift from ChereeMotion 40 Pinup Poses (normaly sold for 1000 Linden).

I was stunned when i saw this dress at the midnight mania board at blue blood. Look at the details of the gloves. Its really stunning.

Dress: Blue Blood Bachelorette red (Midnight Mania board)

I like patterns and this is one i really like. In german its called "Hahnentritt" but i don t know the english name for it. The Skirt was a groupgift from *salire* . The pullover is a groupgift from *coco*.

Skirt: *salire* chidori flared black (group gift)
Pullover: *coco* gift turtle neck sweater (group gift)
Stockings: sheer (not free)
High heels: Moody (not free and i don t want to know how much they did cost)

I always was proud on my eyes which i made on my 2nd day in Sl. Today my pride did float away from me. I did get eyes as hunt gift at a store named Sterling Artistry Eyes. The Store is taking part at the Shining Stars hunt. Im very amazed by the eyes. And i think in future i will only trust Silverr Andel the creator of those wonderful eyes. For those who don't like hunts there are also some freebies in the Mainstore Sterling Artistry & Sterling Artistry Eyes . Be carefull there and don' t jump into the water.

Eyes: Sterling Artistery Eyes (Hunt gift)

If i did understand it correctly the Lindens are going to change Xstreet SL and Freebies will disappear from the site. So here one of my favourite freebies from Xstreet SL Catboy Tartan Outfit .

Outfit: Catboy Tartan Outfit (freebie)
Shoes: Chucks from Hoc Apparel (i think they did cost 30 Linden)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elephants and more

Today i had a look at a sim i always liked very much, Omega Point.
I was there some weeks ago and they have just been busy with rebuilding the sim.
Today i was there again and i found some great freebies.
The first thing i found was freebie called Elephants Dream.
Cause i love Elephants i had to get it. Without having any idea how it would look.
When wearing it i had to giggle. Have a look and you ll understand:


(Omega Point : Elephant Dream - Opening Gift 0 Lindens)

In the second box was a coat.


Coat: Omega Point - Messenger's Mantle - O Linden
Suit: Omega Point - suit KWZ (Im not sure if it is still there but it was a dollarbie at that sim some time ago)
Boots: DragansVarg (former Husky GFX) imrae boots (not free)

You find the freebies here:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Freebies for Tinys and items tinys could use in roleplay

Cause i spend a lot of my time in second life as tiny i thought i should make a blog about freebies and roleplay items for tinies. In this blog i used avis from wynx (the otter and the ferret) and from Isle of Wyrms (the Spirit Hatchling).

I start with two japanese outfits for tinies.

Armor: Tiny TAMA's Wondrous Tiny Store : Tiny Tama Free Saki Munke Wushu outfit :) ! (0 Linden)
Kimono: Tiny TAMA's Wondrous Tiny Store : TT- 043-Kimono Kaeru-A gift
Pipe: Nekoma : Kiseru-y04 (freebie you can go there every day and click the giant pipe and get a free pipe - i got some more from there for using it as tiny you have to edit a bit and delete the included smoking pose)

Here some roleplay items which work good with the wynx quad ferret:

Collar : Open Collar : [AiTech] Spiked Collar (its an adult sim and you might see some stuff you don' t like to see but its a great item for roleplaying as ferret - you can walk on a leash and it looks good)
Bunny : SOCK BUNNY DOLL : made by Morgan Underwood (was 1 Linden on xstreet im not sure if it is still there but he has a shop now)
Sock : freebie (ask one of the avilion hatchlings most of them have it)

Here some roleplay items i use as hatchling.

Bat : Schadenfreude : Brackle (0 Linden)

This bunny reminds me always on Lady Xen. So i needed to share it.
Bunny toy : Sanu : *Sanu Wicked Witchie Snuggle-Bunny (Lucky chair gift)
Cupcake : Sanu : Sanu Vanilla Christmas Tree Cuppie Orange (Cupcake gift - just nibble at the big cupcake in the store and you ll get a great gift)

Those who know me also know the sock. Here is the unbeliveable angry and great sock:
Sock: SquirrelTech : Ferret Sock by Misch - Enjoy :) (75 Linden)

Here one of my absolut favourites at the moment. The feather from scrible. Now that there are lots of gryphons every where its a great item. You can play that you did steal it from somebody and use it for tickling biggys.

Feather: scribble : ~Scribble~ Ever After Mouth Feather Lucky board prize