Saturday, October 2, 2010

[lord of the manor]

[lord of the manor]
"Greetings to you, dear lonesome wanderer... yes, I am the Lord of this mansion, and I'm truly sorry to hear you've lost your path. Indeed you're still in the Carpathian forest - and, as far as I can see, the weather has given you a raw deal. I'd be honoured if you'd accept my hospitability... don't you want to come... inside?"

This beautiful suit is the more than generous gift of Bubblez Design to celebrate 2000 group members.It includes black pants (with prim cuffs), jacket and vest and a white shirt with attached tie in an anthracite-tone. All pieces are resize scripted and easily to fit, even for smaller male shapes. A gift for the ladies can be found in store as well: a pretty, black dress, perfect for those gloomy nights in autumn.

Suit: BB - Salvatore Outfit (2000+ group members gift, free in store)

Skin: [Buried] - ^v^ Vampire ^v^ Skin
Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls** 04
Eyes: HKK - Vampire Demon Eyes (water)
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ears

The Zombie hunter

Somebody needed to care about the brainless creatures. So she did. She took the old gun of her dad. And spend her time with hunting.She was always very attentive. As soon she heared something she turned and looked if there is a zombie around.
Sometimes she had to kill them. But well that was the job she picked. And secretly she was quite proud about her shooting abilities.

The outfit is the gift from *b[ELLE]issima!* in the Zombie hunt. Its a trenchcoat with fitting trousers, and a lot of weapons. And of course there is some zombie blood on it. It was possible to resize the coat and the gun works as most guns in mouselock. The skin also belongs to the gift. And so do the eyes.

Outfit: *b[ELLE]issima!* : _b[ELLE] - Zombie Hunter Avatar - Female (0 Linden Hunt gift)

Halloween Scare Fair 2010

Standing at an a bit scary looking house and knocking in search for help with my pumpkin.Somehow the door opened but nobody was in the house just invisible walls and strange pictures at the wall.
The hounted house and this wonderful orange dress are visitable and available at the Halloween Scare Fair 2010. At the fair you could get everything for halloween. Dresses, Costumes and even decorations so you could have a competition with your neighbour for having the most scary house. There is even a little ghosttrain which you could visit and even ride. The whole sim is halloween themed. The fair will end at the 1st November so you got some time to visit.
The orange gown is one of the items Bellissima! sells at the fair. As all the outfits from that store it has wonderful patterns. And of course it comes with fitting black gloves. The skirt is mod so you could make it smaller or bigger if needed.

Dress:*b[ELLE]issima!* : _b[ELLE] - Regina Gown - Burnt (50 Linden)

Visiting the Oktoberfest

Not being a real fan of drinking Marie was not really keen on visiting the Oktoberfest. But she went there. First she was very coy and drank only a bit.But soon she got into a better mood and started to sing the famous beer songs. So she sang "beer, beer, beer". But suddenly she didn't know the lyrics anymore.
So she climbed onto the stage to ask the other people for the lyrics but on her way she forgot her plan and started to hold a speeck. Praising Bavaria and saying some rude things about the winelovers from Franconia.
But you never should say anything rude about people from Franconia so she started feeling dizzy.
She even had to crawl. But even when she fell asleep on the stage she still took care not to spill her beer.
The wearable beerstein with five poses is available at No Strings Attached. Its a really funny object and made me laugh alot. Its in the taste of sl this weekend so it only costs 50 Linden today and tomorrow.
The Dirdl was at the lucky chair at MysticParadise some time ago. Im not sure if its still available there it only fitted very well to the beerstein.

Beerstein: 'NSA' - Prost! (50 Linden)
Dirndl: blogged here

Friday, October 1, 2010

[got pumpkin?]

[got pumpkin?]
"...they are coming for you... even as we speak."

No clue what to wear for Halloween other than the olde dusty witch-rags or the always-boring ghost avatar? Missing that last touch of decoration to turn your house into a spooky cave? Search no longer!

A:S:S is offering this *coughs* minimalistic Halloween-costume for free in store, for those who like to show a bit more of their (zombie) skin or are looking for an extraordinary outfit to pose in on the next party. In case you don't want to present your naked behind to fellow creatures of the night, you can also use the crotch-pumpkin as deco - it has glowing and flashing lights!

Costume: A:S:S - Halloween costume (free)
Skin: Miasnow - Immortal Dreamer Male 3 (green)
Hair: +BM+ - frog (free)

Jewelry for Halloween

Jumping a bit around to become fit for a long trick or treat night. So for becoming fit some jumping jacks are a good start although the coordination isn`t perfect yet. But the jewlery picked for that night is. As earrings i picked the Witch's Brew Earrings from Frippery. They are great. On the one ear you wear a little witch and on the other one you have her cauldron.
There are some more halloween themed earrings and necklaces available at frippery. For example the ones with the vampire and his coffin. Fitting to the earrings there is a necklace with a vampire and the word tasty available. If you prefer not to wear the opposite of a garlic necklace you could wear the spooky necklace. It showes a ghost. Fitting to that you could get earrings with ghosts and a graveyard.
There are also some great halloween rings. You could either get the unholy union together on three rings (they are one item you wear at one attachment point) or you buy a single ring. I still wonder what the witch and the vampire do together after halloween. Maybe they visit Santa Claus and help the elves. The pumpkins are also available at earrings of course.
What really amazes me about the jewlery from frippery are the details. Here a close picture of an earring. The creator used so many little prims. I still can't imagine that somebody has the patience to build such a piece.

Earrings shown in this entry:
Frippery: ET~Witch's Brew Earrings (150 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Crypt Sweet Crypt Earrings (150 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Ghoul's Night Out Earrings (150 Linden)

Frippery: ET~Spooky (Ghost) Necklace (200 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Tasty (Vampire) Necklace (200 Linden)

Frippery: ET~Monster Mash Mega Ring (200 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Henchmen United Ring (100 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Unholy Union Ring (100 Linden)
Frippery: ET~Night Terrors Ring (100 Linden)

Outfit on the first picture:
Top: MHOH4 # 5 - *FIR* & *MNA* (0 Linden)
Trousers: A:S:S - Rocker leathers - pink (75 Linden)

Freebies in between

I d like to show some freebies i got on my ways through second life in the last days. On the left and the right side is a latex lowrise outfit i got from the midnight mania board at SKINwalkers. I like the cut of the trousers and well the shirt is short and hot. The blue dotted sweater is a gift from :NuDoLu. At the same place i won the blue trousers on the lucky board. The black dress was on the midnight mania board at PiNkMaReS HoUsE . It comes with a hat and has a bow on the back.
Left: [SKINwalkers] Bluestar Latex Lowriders (blue) (0 Linden Midnight mania board)
Top: :NuDoLu: Les petits bonbons bleus
Trousers: :NuDoLu: Collants romanesques LB BOX2 1
Third: PiNkMaReS HoUsE : *PH* Shadow Moon Dancer (0 Linden Midnight mania board)
Right: [SKINwalkers] Bluestar Latex Lowriders (black) (0 Linden Midnight mania board)

Zebra time

Im not good in science but if i think correctly it just must be spring in africa. So wearing a dress with zebra pattern fits to the season. The dress is the october subscriber gift from D-Designs.It comes with two kinds of tops. One is kind of an corset with open front and the other one is a blouse. The skirt is resizeable and has a belt.
Dress: D-DESIGN Free Memb. Gift 2010-October (0 Linden Subscriber gift)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The fourth raven

Most story books do not tell the truth about the seven ravens. In most its said that the seven sons have been turned into raven. Correct would have been that the seven children of a peasant had been turned into ravens. The fourth raven was a daughter. She was counted as son because she prefered boyclothes and all her brothers had to admit that she was faster and stronger than them. She was also the one who caused the whole mess. It was her who was so keen on bringing the water home alone so that she started to push her brothers until they dropped the jug by mistake in the well. After being turned into raven all of them spend the day alone and flew to a mountain at dusk. She prefered spending her time at the top of a tower. There she sat and looked down to the world listening to the rumors the seagulls brought to her. Often also a dragon came around to talk to her. But he was not really a good compainion. Normaly he only spoke about gold. If he was in a good mood he also spoke about jewels but that happened not very often. Usually he spoke an hour about gold.
And then he flew down to the shore to look for gold pieces in the water. When he found one he started to jump up and down and caused that the tower vibrated.
The fourth raven did not care. The seagulls spoke about more intresting themes. And from time to time she jumped of her watchtower and flew to them to have a little talk.
The Brothers Grimm hunt is going to start tomorrow. All participating stores designed an outfit to one of the tales the Brothers Grimm collected. 22769 got the seven raven and made a wonderful raven outfit. I like the texturing alot. Its also amazing how well the coat looks. Its a mix of cloth and feathers. As i really like the german language i like to use the chance to recommend an other great book which was started by the brothers grimm in 1838 and was completed in 1961. The german dictionary or also Der Grimm. There is an online edition of that dictionary available here : Das Deutsche Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm.

Outfit: 22769 brothers grimm huntgift

The pictures for this blogentry have been taken at Annon.

[eastern prince]

[eastern prince]

His youth had startled many ever since he'd ascended the throne, and even more had given him less than a year until some poisoned food or a blade would end his life. But he was strong, and the piercing stare from those eyes of polished jade had sent many to their knees. He'd become a respected emperor, but his days were filled with loneliness and cold while the number of his enemies grew in proportion to his age.
Only the dance with his sword could give him inner peace.

Left: Mashooka - MHOH4 (free)
Right: The Ancient Tree - MHOH4 (free)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Music for halloween

Staying in front of a house and playing the violine to make the people give me sweets to make me go away. But unfortunatly nobody is there. Satoko has two lucky chairs for halloween. On one is a violine and on the other one is an ukulele. Both are very well made as all the instruments from that store. With the violine you could start pumpkin and bat particles with the ukulele just normal notes. The witch hat comes also with the violine. The skins and the brown hair are freebies from curious kitties. The teal hair is a gift from magika. Magika is offering her hair now with lots of new features like the possibility to have streaks in the hair and finally with a resize script. I m not able to say how much i like the new features. They are just awesome in my opinion.
The outfits are both hunt gifts.
Violine: Satoko's Violin V1.4 H Set (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Ukulele: Satoko's Ukulele Mint Set (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Outfit left:
Hair: *C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Nyanotech 09-3A Pretty x Cool Autumn (0 Linden)
Outfit: ::JAZUMI:: : Mushroom Hunt gift (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Outfit right:
Hair: Magika // Color Pack // Delora (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Outfit: MHOH4 # 12 - BalAni (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Skin: *C:K* FREE Autumn Spirit Azil Skins (0 Linden)

Water sprites

Not only merrows live in the water. There are much more water related creatures. In the deepth of the sea live huge green golden waterdragons sleeping most of the time and dreaming of ships full with gold. At the shore little fae build their nest in empty snail shells and there are the water-sprites. They like to hear news from all over the world and they like to bake green cookies made of algae. But they do not get all the news they want to hear underwater. So sometimes they swim up till they find somebody to talk with. Usually they hide their feet in boots somebody lost. They have duckfeet and they are very embarrassed because of that. So if you ever go fishing and you catch a boot quickly throw it back into the water as it belongs a water-sprite.
So on the picture you could see a water-sprite talking to a crane to get news. He speaks about foreign lands and that the dragon who reigns the lands in the north is searching for a wife. She thinks of her feet and blushes (water-sprites turn green when blushing) and tells the crane that the dragon would be never intrested in her. The crane laughs in his mind and does his best not to chatter with his pecker as so the water-sprite would know that he found her answer funny. Instead he asks her if she knows a nice dragoness which might be intrested in that Dragonlord and instead of answering she jumps back into the water to wake the sleeping waterdragoness.The crane is from the midnight mania board at neon frog studios. Its great well sculpted and being made of only 4 prims. So its perfect for the garden. And its smaller than the moose or the t-rex. The green dress is from the Simply Beau midnight mania board. It reminded me somehow on algae so i wrote that story about the duckfooted beings in the water. Its a really lovely dress. The texture of the top is great. The skirt looks a bit torn and like being made of lace.

Crane: Neon Frog Studios : Crane (0 Linden on the Midnight mania or 400 Linden if you buy it)
Dress: Simply Beau : Agatha (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Leaves: Olive Juice- Fallen Leaves (0 Linden Subscriber Gift)

being dilly

The dilly dolls midnight mania finally locked. And the prizes are cute. For women its a short dress with fitting stockings. For guys its kind of underwear. Both sets are nicely coloured and are very cute. What makes me laugh are the stockings of the guys set. They even come with suspenders. Left: *DD* Corrin Brown (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Right: *DD* Male - Tommi Teal (0 Linden Midnight mania)

[lotn - blue in brown]

[lotn - blue in brown]

Trying to adjust my mood to fall, craving for hot chocolate and worshipping the scent of falling leaves billowing in through the open window. Sprinkles of golden sun on my screen. The year is breathing its last breaths. I'm feeling blue in brown.

[lotn - blue in brown]

Skin: *KENTO* Josh_T1 - Vegas
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar EYES (gold)

Coat: *fir & mna* - Duffle Coat (free/Seasons Hunt)
Tanktop: +KiiToS!!+ Border Tank *Brown* (Renewal open's dollarbie)
Scarf: {theosophy} - Auldearn Scard (free/Seasons Hunt)
Pants: Poison - Dark brown jeans

Pose: aDORKable Poses - Dorky Pumpkin Sit (free/subo-gift)
Leaves: ~Scribble~ Autumn Leaf Set (free/Seasons Hunt)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Spending some time to visit and explore an old castle. But somehow in the fall the dusk is much earlier than it used to be in summer. And then suddenly i had to run. Eight little ghosts have been flying around me and i got frightened.
The ghosts are a freebie at Omega point. You could attach them and they fly around you. In my opinion they are just lovely (there are also some more gifts there). The rest of the outfit are gifts from the make him over hunt. The black shirt is the gift from schwarz. I needed to have it because of the dragon on the back. The trousers are from hate this.

Shirt: MHO4 #80 Schwarz-Hunt Gift (0 Linden)
Trousers: [hate this] MHO4 - jeans - regular, boot cut (PA) (0 Linden)
Ghosts: :::Omega Point::: Ghost (0 Linden)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

in bloom

Standing in my favourite meadow and waiting for spring. Dreaming of it and smiling as the dress and the flowers look so well together. [ a.e.meth] released a new gown. Its a wonderful violet gown looking like a silken blossom. The leaves float very nicely and the texturing is pretty. The top is also looking like being made of a blossom. In the outfit is also the skirt in a shorter version included. I used both skirts at once for the pictures.
Dress: [ a.e.meth ] - Satin Petal Dress (5 Linden)

Becoming a witch

Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of my favourite films. Its a anime about a little witch leaving her parents house to become independent. She and her cat jiji have some adventures till they finally find a place where they like to stay.
For halloween Kiki's outfit is the gift in a mini hunt (you have to find one pumpkin containing the gift) at KiiToS.

In the gift you get three broomsticks. Two with a pose, one of them has jiji on it and one without pose and also without jiji.
And there is also Jiji for the shoulder. The whole outfit is extremly well made and looks very much like the film one. So if you love studio Ghibli this is just an amazing gift.
Outift: KiiToS : Kiki's Delivery Service (Secret gift) (0 Linden)

Marching slowly

General Madleen Leburg was a very demanding general. And she normaly walked much faster than her troops. So one day she marched and marched and marched. But suddenly she recognized that she didn t even see her troops. So she was glad when finding some hay and took a seat to rest there. When hearing a sound she supposed that it would be her troop but it was just a very loud bird.
So she decided to sleep a bit. But the hay wasn t that comfy.
Then she saw a trampoline nearby and decided to test it. Fortunatly her troops still were miles away so when they managed to reach her she had allready stopped jumping around and got the respect she deserved.
No strings attached take part in the taste of sl again. This time its country themed. So they designed a hay bale with a blanket over it (its possible to change the texture). The bales contain 5 different poses. They are also great for posing in a riding outfit on them. As i wanted to blog those military coats too i needed them for an army based story. They hay bales are sold for a special price at this weekend.
The purple coat is from the NiCo lucky board. There is a female and a male version on the board. I personally prefer the male one because it has such a nice long coat but the one for girls looks very cute. Its just a matter of taste.
Left: ::NiCo:: Military Suit Set Purple LB ver. (0 Linden Lucky board)
Right: ::NiCo:: Military Coat Set Purple LB ver. (0 Linden Lucky board)

Hay: No Strings Attached (NSA) : Country Couture (75 Linden)

Faun in disguise

A faun trying to hide herself between the humans. So she took a dress for humans and put it on. She even had a wild fight with her hair until it also looked very much like human hair. But she wasn t sure if all the things she did worked so she put on a mask. Now she is pretty sure that nobody will recognize her true nature. Everything used for this outfit is a freebie. The dress and the avatar are in the seasons hunt. They are both very well made and i have to admit they look far better when wearing them like they should be worn. The hair is a gift from battle angel and the mask was on the favole midnight mania board.
Avatar:Djinn & Tonic {TSH} Faun - .44 Caliber Collaboration (hunt gift 0 Linden)
Dress: Ingenue :: Highland Traveler :: The Season's Hunt Gift (hunt gift 0 Linden)
Mask: ::{Favole}:: Tender Lies (mm 0 Linden)
Hair: Hazel Blonde Pink Spezial *Battle Angel* (Subscriber gift 0 Linden)