Thursday, September 30, 2010

The fourth raven

Most story books do not tell the truth about the seven ravens. In most its said that the seven sons have been turned into raven. Correct would have been that the seven children of a peasant had been turned into ravens. The fourth raven was a daughter. She was counted as son because she prefered boyclothes and all her brothers had to admit that she was faster and stronger than them. She was also the one who caused the whole mess. It was her who was so keen on bringing the water home alone so that she started to push her brothers until they dropped the jug by mistake in the well. After being turned into raven all of them spend the day alone and flew to a mountain at dusk. She prefered spending her time at the top of a tower. There she sat and looked down to the world listening to the rumors the seagulls brought to her. Often also a dragon came around to talk to her. But he was not really a good compainion. Normaly he only spoke about gold. If he was in a good mood he also spoke about jewels but that happened not very often. Usually he spoke an hour about gold.
And then he flew down to the shore to look for gold pieces in the water. When he found one he started to jump up and down and caused that the tower vibrated.
The fourth raven did not care. The seagulls spoke about more intresting themes. And from time to time she jumped of her watchtower and flew to them to have a little talk.
The Brothers Grimm hunt is going to start tomorrow. All participating stores designed an outfit to one of the tales the Brothers Grimm collected. 22769 got the seven raven and made a wonderful raven outfit. I like the texturing alot. Its also amazing how well the coat looks. Its a mix of cloth and feathers. As i really like the german language i like to use the chance to recommend an other great book which was started by the brothers grimm in 1838 and was completed in 1961. The german dictionary or also Der Grimm. There is an online edition of that dictionary available here : Das Deutsche Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm.

Outfit: 22769 brothers grimm huntgift

The pictures for this blogentry have been taken at Annon.

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