Thursday, April 24, 2014

Warrior of cards

It was a long tradition of the women of Nimoje family to read the cards for others. So nobody was surprised when Cilia showed a talent for that. It did not take her long to master even more difficult patterns and her forecasts became even more exact. Unfortunately they became too exact. She was able to tell people that they would loose their keys on a certain day to a certain time, and if they would be able to get them back or not. She also could tell them what they would drink or what kind of food they would get. It scared people. So her family tried to talk her into being less exact and she even tried but the more she tried to say simple sentences the more horrible things escaped her lips. And everything she said became true. For some time she tried to stop reading the cards but this also did not work. She started to see the future of random people in the leaves of trees or in dirt. And then she changed. She left her family and started to travel. Now and then she approached people and informed them about their future and disappeared again leaving a trail of cards behind her.
play-a-game-with-me-2 The Mia Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills has been released some time ago. It amazes by it's livid design which makes it look like being blown to the side by strong wind while still looking elegant. So it goes very well with the Soldier of cards outfit from DownDownDown. The outfit is made of unrigged mesh and clothing layer parts. This makes it slightly old school but it is very unique and definitely worth to have a look at. DownDownDown offer a lot of cute and unique accessories as well. Captivity Co. take part in the Comic Fair. Their items are joker and card related. The pose used for the picture belongs to a set which contains the pose, cards and also a base ball bat - which has not been used for the picture. They also offer other comic related poses at that fair. Their booth is worth to look at, while the rest of the fair is mainly not related to the topic.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mia Mesh Hair - Rouge
Dress, Gloves and Blindfold: DDD_Soldier of cards
Pose: Captivity Co. - A Game (Sold at the Comic Fair)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Counting Crows - Pose Fair 2014

The birds came at twilight. Coal black wings shot with petroleum rainbows scythed through the still air. Harsh calls ricocheted from tree to tree, muddling in the mist.
Coming out of her daily slumber, the birds were as much an alarm call as the seismic shift of sun sinking below the horizon. As she slumbered, they were her eyes, the only sight of truly sunlit lands she had seen in centuries.
Flying close, wings brushed against skin; further transferring memory and thought. As rare lovers could confirm, fingers smoothing through her hair would more often than not dislodge several feathers.
Far from stray quills, these were as much a part of her as of the crows surrounding her. When circumstance demanded and starlight silvered the land, she would leave it for a time, joining them in flight through the darkness.

Busy Busy! So much to do, and with the *ahem* Fantasy Faire not too far away, I'm covering what I can when I can!

The Hottie Cooterati Experience brings the Posefair 2014! Over 100 stores in an AMAZING build (full instructions on best viewer settings for the experience are delivered by NC on arrival). Stores offer exclusive poses, some gachas, some gifts. The fair runs until May 3rd.
Here shown is the Savoir Faire (SFS) 'The Crows' pose prop L$ 250. This comes set up for the model to stand amongst the crows at the apex of a corner as if in a room. The prop itself is modifiable, so you can re-texture the walls (which are a lovely battered and stained chintz). Here I've actually modified them by shrinking the walls down to allow greater depth in the image. I love crows. LOVE them, and this pose prop is excellent. Crows are MESH and unmoving, the prop itself contains six poses, which are all adjustable on X, Y, Z axes.

Also Shown :
Hair : Little Bones - Gods & Monsters (Royale) All Fades pack L$ 450 (Block 100 event exclusive)
Dress : even.flow - Igraine Dress "silver solid" L$ 195 (Monochromatic Fair exclusive)

And... just incase you missed it on Flickr - My entry for the Block 100 photo contest.
Block 100 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

A dance in monochromatic mood

Dance baby dance, like the world is ending.
Dance baby dance, like the world is ending.
Dance baby dance coz the world is ending.
The cosmos was tuning up for an epic performance. Darkness and light conspired to work together, bringing an end to the old, and creating the new. The music of the eternal dance played through all beings at all times, this would be a memorable crescendo, one requiring many hours of practice. There could be no getting it wrong.
Merida knew the steps, having watched the shadowdancers since her eyes could discern their forms from the surrounding darkness. This would be her début. It felt as though she had practiced for millennia, when in reality the nearest star had burned half its lifespan before she set foot in the practice studio. This place was out of time, above and behind, where protagonists of the dance would meet. Their movements syncopated, graceful limbs moving perfectly in time with the music of the stars, forever bringing death, and life.

The Monochromatic Fair opened on Friday April 18th. Far from just black and white, the fair is a riot of colour - just one at a time! 104 creators have set up shop on a single sim, with exclusive items from each - all keeping to the single colour theme. I really hadn't gone planning on spending anything (after my accidental *I must have it all* at the GoT gacha event) but that whole plan was ruined as soon as I saw the {Aoi Hime} horns at .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. I've said in the past about going back to visit things to be sure you want to buy them. This was an on the spot, got to have it type deal. The style of the horns is just beautiful, so organic. The colour set the tone for this whole look. Of course then I went looking in all the other stores cherry picking - pardon the pun - items to fit the idea sparked by the horns. Oh the dangers of shopping.
The Monochromatic fair is open until May 2nd.

You can find the SIM here...
The Monochromatic Fair
You can find details of all merchants and direct SLurls here

Horns : .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Aoi Hime} Horns  L$ 300
As I said above. Just beautiful. Here shown is the 'night' version, the 'day' version is also included.
Hair : [geek.] I'm a Puzzle - SurfShop (With bangs and headband) Blues Pack L$ 100
Love teal, love it. Nice selection of tones in each pack.
Cardigan : [NV] Ela Cardigan -Wool Black L$ 125
The fit of this cardigan is great. The texture of the wool sets it apart from the usual flat black.
Skirt : Razor/// Fluffy Butt Suspenders  L$ 150
This skirt - with suspenders - is pretty amazing. I'm not even going to pretend I've seen all it can do. You may have heard about 'Materials' in SL - for which you need a viewer with Materials capability. It's looking to be the biggest change since the introduction of MESH. Even without getting into all of that - the options on the HUD that comes with the skirt (along with multiple options for sizes, including those to fit Lola's, Cute Azz and Phat Azz) are great. Separate options to change the transparency and glow of the ruffles and the straps, along with 20 colour options for the ruffles and 21 for the straps, there will be a combination to fit your look.
Leggings : [-S-] Slinky Tights - Holey Moley - Blue L$ 100
These come with Slink and Azz appliers.

Not from the fair -
Ballet equipment : YumYums Mesh Ballet Studio Set  L$ 299
This is a prop - no poses included. It would work brilliantly to enhance any gym / ballet setting.