Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Which Sian Imagines the Last of Earth

The Last of Earth 9

I don't remember being taken.
It's all a blur, They wiped my mind.
I don't even know what I've forsaken.
Humanity I left behind.

The Last of Earth 8

They came and took us unawares.
They razed the world. They burnt the sky.
They told us we were always Theirs:
Always, for eternity.

The Last of Earth 6

They kept us few and they enslaved us.
They programmed us, They sent us out
To the stars with the skills they gave us:
Ambassador, herald, courtesan, scout.

The Last of Earth 3

From time to time my memory flashes:
A house, a lover, giving birth.
These things are gone; they're only ashes.
We are alone. The last of earth.

The Last of Earth 5

Eye Makeup: [a.e.meth] Egyptian Glam L$100
[Miamai] NoAlpha Lashes 2 L$100
Jacket, Collar, Armour, Gloves: [Miamai] Black Label Anisotropic Jacket L$550
Trousers: [Elixir] Latex Ripster Pants White L$250
Nipple Stripes: from [Graves] G206 Defence
Boots: [Miamai] Kyrie Boots L$500

In uniform

Hitomi had some problems at school. As she spend most of her time in school life was not really easy for her. She was not popular. Her parents were not rich and the teachers did not like her at all. It was strange. Hitomi had really good marks. Surprisingly good. The teachers always supposed that she would cheat. But she was even good in sport.
katanas in kowloon
She wanted to join one of the sport teams. But none of the teams wanted her. It made her sad and angry. Sometimes she just wanted to hurt her classmates and teachers. When she met the old woman she had no clue how it would change her life. The woman recognized Hitomi's anger and she started to teach the girl how to deal with swords. Not only one she had to manage to deal with two. Hitomi became calmer and calmer, she kept writing good marks and managed to ignore the ignorance of the people around her. She was talented in many ways and now she slowly managed to accept that being talented did not have to mean that she would never have fun in her life.
katanas in kowloon II
This uniform is available at Bubblez Design. It comes with socks, a short skirt and a jacket. Under the jacket there is a white shirt. The red/white band around the arm also belongs to the set too. Very cute is the red bow in front of the collar. All the primparts come with a resize script.
The double katana comes from Kimagawa

Outfit: BB - VK Day Class Uniform ( 275 L$)
Katana: Kimagawa Katana n4 (600 L$)

Can't beat candy stripes


Well I've been out of blogging action for the best part of a week, mostly due to RL goings on, but I took this picture over a week ago, so I know that the Taste of SL hunt will be well underway by now. The lounge set shown here is only a selection of the whole set which is Dreamscapes art galleries offering to the hunt. Can you believe you get a whole lounge set as a free gift?! the quality is fantastic too and the design is right up my alley. See previous post for more details of the Taste of Sl blog.

Oh but this outfit I adore and I've had more compliments about the jacket from Villena. There is quite a range of colours to choose from too and an absolute steal at 180L. For me this outfit encapsulates some of the finest quality items in SL and I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to wear these boots now I have a new viewer that allows the alpha layer yes yes I know it's old news, while everyone is getting excited about depth of field & shadows hehe, notice no shadows here folks I may get those in the year 2014. *trots off to get blogging organised*

Hair: 0L - black > Yuna's hair
Skin: 0L - Zombie popcorn hunt item- Monica deep tan > Natural Beauty
Shades: 0L TOSL hunt item >  CandyDoll
Jacket: 180L Leo Jacket - Black & yellow > Villena
Top & belt: 0L - Male group gift > Gizza
Shorts: 0L- group gift > Wave
Boots: 0L - DSN hunt item > IrEn
Bag: 0L - luckyboard item > !1MM
Home items: 0L - TOSL item > Dreamscapes art gallery

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spring walk

The summer finally seemed to want to visit the area in which she lived. So she used the weather to go for a walk. Of course she had picked the wrong shoes for that. So she ended walking barefoot through the green meadows.
wandering in 22769
This outfit is the June groupgift from 22769. It comes with brown pants, a tank top and a jacket whicch is worn over the top. Of course it is possible to wear only the striped top. The trousers are shaded in a way which lets them look lightly crinkled. This outfit is great to wear it while working in the garden and also would fit well to a professor. All prim parts are resizeable. Of course the groupgift is available for both genders.

Outfit: 22769 Groupgift June 11 (0 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack)

Flying to shop

She loved living abroad. As she was never much into spending time with other humans the little house in the marsh was exactly what she needed. Of course she had a really good internet connection which had been very expensive but money never mattered to her. The only annoying thing was that she had to learn to fly a plane. On an other way she would have always needed the help of others to go shopping. And she loved flying alone over the marsh. It caused that she went more often shopping then in the time in which she lived in the town.
Shopping by plane
The Usami outfit is one of the latest releases from Bubblez Design.The set contains black tight pants and a shirt in two colours, black and maroon, which is worn over a white blouse. It is also possible to wear only the shirt on the top and to replace the white blouse with a bra for example. The tie and the white collar are a nice detail. Beside this there is also a shopping bag in the set.
The boots come from perse. They are perfect for shopping or to go for a walk just comfy and elegant at the same time.

Outfit: BB - Usami Outfit (199 L$)
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots Smalt Blue (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)

The picture has been taken at Aventurien I.

In Which Sian Becomes... Jeep Girl!

What's bald and smelly, snogs clowns, has a USB socket on her head, wears shoes that don't fit and a bra that's too tight, (and knickers that need a good wash), drinks and fights too much for her own good, and at this very moment in time has a mega hangover?...You guessed it!


Like we said before, Sian spent a load of time on the now closed Dark Future Hunt (she blogged some of the hunt gifts here, here and here already). She doesn't normally do grunge, preferring to be shiny and clean, but given the stuff she scored from the hunt, she'd thought she'd rock it a bit post-apocalyptic here, just this once.

Besides, Sian, long ago, used to love Deadline. She thought Tank Girl was hilarious. She could never really be in the gang with Sub Girl, Jet Girl, Booga and all the others, but an avatar can dress up and dream, can't she?

Free hunt gifts:
Stockings, skirt, armbands: [The Delectable Doll] Tank Girl set
Zydrate Gun: [The Little Bat] Addicted set
Collar, Cuffs, Gaffer Tape: [Beautiful Disaster] Dark Future Hunt Gift
Boots: [Delaney's Delirium] from the Sion unisex set, (which Sian/Sion sort of had to nab for obvious reasons, and which was really hard to find because they'd put about eight decoys around the store)

Not free stuff:
Body Tattoos: [AVM] TCC1-11 Sleeve Tattoo L$129
Headphones: [Bare Rose] Otome Virko (modified) L$170
Eyes: [A:S:S] Soultrap eyes L$50
Makeup: [a.e.meth] Glam Rock Lashes L$100

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Princess of roses

She was proud. At least that was what people said about her. Proud, stubborn, arrogant. For a long time she believed those opinions. She tried to change herself because she thought she would not be a good person. So she spend time with people who bored her talking about things which didn't intrest her at all. But it only made her unhappy. She knew that she was smart and she hated it. But trying to pretend to be somebody else did not work at all. She fell in love without really recognizing it and he did not notice her at all until she made a witty and smart comment. This made him curious he tried to talk more often with her. It was a hard fight until she believed him that he had not a problem at all with the fact that she was smart. After a while he proposed to her and she accepted after he repeated his proposal three times. Today was the day they would marry. And she was happy, the dress was beautiful and stunning. It would be a wonderful wedding and she was completly herself.
roseprincess II
The dress with the wonderful roses is a limited gown from fierce. There will be only 150 sold of that dress. It comes with three kinds of skirts. A big ballroom skirt, a medium one which is also the one at the picture and a tight long one. The lace of the top is romantic and rosethemed as the rest of the gown. The dress works very well as wedding dress or as special gift as it is limited.

Dress: Fierce**DIVINE LIMITED EDITION (1500 L$)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Which Sian Rises to Three Challenges and Lets You Into a Secret

Sian's going to let you into a secret: when she first joined Second Life, she wanted, for various reasons, to make a boy avatar.

Which is why, when her display name is "Sian Pearl", her actual username is "Sion Pearl" (If you are not from the UK and/or do not know Wales, you may not know that "Sion" and "Sian" are the Welsh versions of "John" and "Jane" — they're pronounced "Shaun" and "Shaahn").

To her disappointment, Sian discovered that it is much, much harder to make a satisfying male avatar (one that doesn't look like a pimp or a drug dealer, anyway) than it is a female one. And so she gave up and reverted to being a girl, relying on the fact that no one on SL knows Sion is actually a boy's name and changing that pesky "o" to the distaff "a" as soon as Display Names entered the grid. Eventually, Sian made a male avatar, but honestly, she liked being Sian better.

After a great deal of work, however, Sian finally managed to step up and succeed with Dagmar Haiku's Change Your Gender for L$0 Challenge. This took ages and ages. Like, weeks.

Here's Sion Pearl. Sion is 30 years old, is proud to be Welsh, and finds the zombie slicers useful for Saturday nights in Newport. Sion's a bit sad that he couldn't find a nice black skin for free, but he's got some leads and might still have another go.

Sion Pearl's Gender Agenda

Shape: Sion Shape (I made this myself. If you want him, ping me and ask nicely) L$0
Skin: [Style by Kira], Drake (MENStuff hunt gift) L$0
Eyes: [Poetic Colors] Moroccan Nights Dark (Store Freebie) L$0
Hair Base: [KMADD] (MENStuff Hunt Gift) L$0
Top: [Color Me Chaos] Unisex Military Tank (Dark Future Hunt Gift) L$0
Gloves: [ELIXIR] Unisex Carbon Fibre Gloves (Hunt Gift from Christmas) L$0
Pants: [ELIXIR] Hextile Unisex Pants (Squirrel'd Away Hunt Gift) L$0
Knifey Wristband Things: [Indigo Oddities] Zombie Slicers (Dark Future Hunt Gift) L$0
Boots: [Black Cat Bones] His Dark Future (Dark Future Hunt Gift) L$0
AO: [Oracul] Basically Boy AO (no longer available, modded so as not to include that skipping animation) L$0

Shrugging with a little relief back into her accustomed form, Sian found out yesterday that her previous statement that the Dark Future Hunt was over was very much exagerrated, and that it had one day to go! Since she was home poorly, Sian, who is not normally one for hunts, scooted around the hunt locations, nabbing a good three quarters of the gifts.

Sian will no doubt blog a few gems from the hunt in the next few days, but just wants to share her clubbing kit from yesterday. Sian thinks it's hot and this is her in her house just before she went out for a dance at Club Industry.

No, of course it's not for RP

Bodysuit: [DV8] Merciless Blood (Hunt Gift) L$0
Tattoos: [Miss Shippe's Studio] Cyborgian Inserts White L$100
Skin: [Nuuna's Skins] Astroglam L$300
Helmet: [Blue Galaxy] Panzer Helmet L$200
Boots: [Blue Galaxy] Panzer Boots L$300

Over on Flickr, Barbara Nicholls of Leezu! was challenged to see if she couldn't make an outfit that didn't frankly look daft using ten things from the Leezu! shop.

Sian has spent frankly stupid amounts of Lindens in Leezu! recently and thought, I'd like a go at that. This is what came out the other side. You've seen several of these things recently, but Sian wants to bring your attention to the Quartz glasses, which wouldn't look out of place on Lady Gaga herself... and Sian loves a bit of Gaga.

Leezu Mashup Challenge

All the following items are, of course, from [Leezu!].

Boots: Courtisane Esprit de Sable oldwhite L$450
Pants: Florentine High Heel Pants (pants layer) L$480
Corset: Lea Vivendi Pants (underpants and shirt layer) L$190
Hankie: from Britpants silver L$320
Top (undershirt): Margo Jacket silver L$350
Top (jacket): Jeanne Van Dark L$450
Scarf: Miss Mara Ethno Beige L$250
Earrings: Zoee Gold L$100
Shades: Quartz Glasses v.2 L$200
Fascinator: Soraya Hat Pin L$90

Monday, June 13, 2011

A taste of what's to come

With the Taste of SL Hunt just around the corner yes! it starts tomorrow!! ( runs from 15th June - 15th July ) I thought I'd bring you a sneaky beaky peeky at just a few of the amazing gifts that some of the designers are offering. Check here for a list of participating stores and here for full details of the event. There are some really fabulous stores involved in this hunt, so it's one not to be missed!

 Sweeter than candy - Papillion blue > here

Baby Monkey - Martine > here

PiCHi - Bandeau bikini > here

Indie Rose - Layered frill dress > here

Sunday, June 12, 2011

[goodbye, coroner...]

...your hospitality was greatly appreciated. I particularly adored your fascination about my "extraordinary physique" and how you handled all those shiny, sharp tools with the precision of an artist. For the mess with the scalpel and the blood I'm really sorry, but your horrified screams when I suddenly opened my eyes hurt my ears a bit too much. I am convinced that your devoted assistant will clean up after the police has secured your corpse, though - not that you need to worry about it anymore, but still...

[goodbye, coroner]

Just a short post on my behalf to make you aware of two lovely freebies. The triple face piercing, or facial plugs, are from :GAUGED: and you can snatch them up in store for free, whereas the sleeve tattoo is ::Para Designs:: contribution to the 'Depraved Summer Nights' hunt. Get them while you can!

Skin: [.:Mascarade:.]- Nilan - Black King
Hair: booN - QQL838
Eyes: REPULSE - Post Mortem Eyes

Wound: REPULSE - Autopsy Chest Wound
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Anchor (free in the DSN-hunt)
Piercing: :GAUGED: - Tripple Set (free in store at the time of posting)

Chess Butterflies

She dreamed and returned to the chesslands. This time she was prepared. Her outfit was not only black or white as at the last times. This time they would not be able to use her as queen in a game she barely understood. And she had done some research in the time in which she was awake. Now she knew the rules better. She knew how every chess piece was allowed to move. This time she wouldn t loose the game. At least she thought so. The next night she was prepared much better. So she played chess every night. Until the head of the chessclub called her a bimbo. Acting suddenly much braver than she ever thought she would be she asked him for a chessduel and won. After that day she also played when she was awake. And she played much better than most.
dressed in butterflies III
The fly gown from SoliDea FoliEs belongs to their Surreal Collection. This collection is inspired by the dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher. He made some great pictures with butterflies. This dress is covered by butterflies. They glow while they slightly move at their position while the person who wears the gown moves. The hat and the skirt look a bit like butterfly cages. They primparts come with a resize script. And although they say not mod it was possible to stretch the chest part down to make it smaller. The dress comes with a body on the shirt and pants layer. It was a bit short on my avatar so I wore leggins on the undies layer so all bits were covered. It is worth to visit the SoliDea FoliEs store as they have many unique dresses and items. And the design of the store with the Surreal Collection is great. To get an idea how different the dresses are they create have a look at their blog.
The skin on this picture comes from nuuna's skins. It was a gift at the skin and shape expo but she has similar ones in her store. The pose is available at Di's Opera.

Gown: SoliDea FoliEs**__ Fly (1700 L$)