Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Which Sian Imagines the Last of Earth

The Last of Earth 9

I don't remember being taken.
It's all a blur, They wiped my mind.
I don't even know what I've forsaken.
Humanity I left behind.

The Last of Earth 8

They came and took us unawares.
They razed the world. They burnt the sky.
They told us we were always Theirs:
Always, for eternity.

The Last of Earth 6

They kept us few and they enslaved us.
They programmed us, They sent us out
To the stars with the skills they gave us:
Ambassador, herald, courtesan, scout.

The Last of Earth 3

From time to time my memory flashes:
A house, a lover, giving birth.
These things are gone; they're only ashes.
We are alone. The last of earth.

The Last of Earth 5

Eye Makeup: [a.e.meth] Egyptian Glam L$100
[Miamai] NoAlpha Lashes 2 L$100
Jacket, Collar, Armour, Gloves: [Miamai] Black Label Anisotropic Jacket L$550
Trousers: [Elixir] Latex Ripster Pants White L$250
Nipple Stripes: from [Graves] G206 Defence
Boots: [Miamai] Kyrie Boots L$500

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