Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chess Butterflies

She dreamed and returned to the chesslands. This time she was prepared. Her outfit was not only black or white as at the last times. This time they would not be able to use her as queen in a game she barely understood. And she had done some research in the time in which she was awake. Now she knew the rules better. She knew how every chess piece was allowed to move. This time she wouldn t loose the game. At least she thought so. The next night she was prepared much better. So she played chess every night. Until the head of the chessclub called her a bimbo. Acting suddenly much braver than she ever thought she would be she asked him for a chessduel and won. After that day she also played when she was awake. And she played much better than most.
dressed in butterflies III
The fly gown from SoliDea FoliEs belongs to their Surreal Collection. This collection is inspired by the dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher. He made some great pictures with butterflies. This dress is covered by butterflies. They glow while they slightly move at their position while the person who wears the gown moves. The hat and the skirt look a bit like butterfly cages. They primparts come with a resize script. And although they say not mod it was possible to stretch the chest part down to make it smaller. The dress comes with a body on the shirt and pants layer. It was a bit short on my avatar so I wore leggins on the undies layer so all bits were covered. It is worth to visit the SoliDea FoliEs store as they have many unique dresses and items. And the design of the store with the Surreal Collection is great. To get an idea how different the dresses are they create have a look at their blog.
The skin on this picture comes from nuuna's skins. It was a gift at the skin and shape expo but she has similar ones in her store. The pose is available at Di's Opera.

Gown: SoliDea FoliEs**__ Fly (1700 L$)

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