Saturday, June 18, 2011

In uniform

Hitomi had some problems at school. As she spend most of her time in school life was not really easy for her. She was not popular. Her parents were not rich and the teachers did not like her at all. It was strange. Hitomi had really good marks. Surprisingly good. The teachers always supposed that she would cheat. But she was even good in sport.
katanas in kowloon
She wanted to join one of the sport teams. But none of the teams wanted her. It made her sad and angry. Sometimes she just wanted to hurt her classmates and teachers. When she met the old woman she had no clue how it would change her life. The woman recognized Hitomi's anger and she started to teach the girl how to deal with swords. Not only one she had to manage to deal with two. Hitomi became calmer and calmer, she kept writing good marks and managed to ignore the ignorance of the people around her. She was talented in many ways and now she slowly managed to accept that being talented did not have to mean that she would never have fun in her life.
katanas in kowloon II
This uniform is available at Bubblez Design. It comes with socks, a short skirt and a jacket. Under the jacket there is a white shirt. The red/white band around the arm also belongs to the set too. Very cute is the red bow in front of the collar. All the primparts come with a resize script.
The double katana comes from Kimagawa

Outfit: BB - VK Day Class Uniform ( 275 L$)
Katana: Kimagawa Katana n4 (600 L$)

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