Saturday, August 6, 2011


The spacebar had been Nala's dream for ages. Now it was open for a year and she allready had made the money she needed to open it. She was surprised that nobody had copied the idea yet. But on the other hand nobody had had the idea to open a spacebar for ages. Creativity was something which wasn't popular in the society she belonged to. When Nele had been younger it was a problem for her as she always felt alone. But now she was using her creativity without asking. She had been afraid for a while if people would accept a new bar but they did. The money she gained was a compensation for the way people used to treat her because the way she was.
The varity of the items Bubblez Design creates is amazing. They made many items which reminded me on animes. This little black dress with the fitting jewelery is completly different. The dress is closed with a collar on the top so that it has no sleves. It seems to have been made of a slightly thicker fabric than most other dresses with a cut like this. The set contains a necklace and two wristlet. Those look like gems which are connected with black thin metal. All the primparts come with a resizescript and it was also possible to make the jewelery much smaller.

Dress and jewelery: BB - Eternity Outfit (249 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

I took the picture at Mythical. To get to that spot you most likely need to use a teleporter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Kernin enjoyed the time at the beach. Normaly he managed to go once or twice a year on holidays. It was great in his opinion. He spend his time with relaxing on the dock. Sometimes he fished or used the boat to mow over to the riff where he collected shells.
Urban Elf
His holidays were the only time in the year in which he was able to wear jeans and shirts. It was the only time in which he was able to wear modern clothing at all. He loved it. It was so different and definitly worth traveling for a long time.
Causual elf
But as one of the seven elven kings he needed to be sure that nobody would see him while he wore clothing which had been created by humans for humans. Kernin sometimes wished that he would be able to stay away from it. Once his brother had caught him in jeans. Luckily Keron wasn't intrested in being king himself else he would have abused the knowledge about his brothers love to human clothes. Instead he helped Kernin to travel through the planes to the only place where he could wear what he loved.
Male Elf Free
At the 25th July was the birthday of the owner of the Plastik and she made an awesome gift to her group. A bag filled with skins, outfits and more. This blue skin is one of those. The bag contains items for both genders and is still available in the old groupnotices of the Plastik Group. You only need to open them and to save the attachment. The tattoo is an other gift from this group. The green eyes are currently a freebie at poetic colours. And the hair is also a freebie. It comes from Exile and is normaly for women but looks also great on guys. The clothing comes mainly from 22769. They have nice items for mens which are easy to combine. The prim parts are mod and come when they have been created by using more than one prim wit a resizescript. I like the black silk shirt very much which is causual and elegant at the same time. The baggy shorts could be combined easily with any t-shirt. The espandrillos are brand new and available in many colours.

Top: 22769 red cross tank
Trousers: 22769 baggy shorts camouflage (120 L$)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)

Shirt: 22769 black silk shirt (110 L$)
Trousers: 22769 ~ blue jeans (90 L$)
Shoes: 22769 ~ espandrillos powder blue (40 L$)

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Forest Cat - Freebie Eyes (0 $)
Skin: The Plastik : [Vaelian]Elven Fatpack-Tide (0 L$ contained in the birthday groupgift)
Hair: Exile Kendra/ All or Nothing (0 L$)
Tattoo: The Plastik :[P]:- Valah Markings- Recolorable (0 L$ The Plastik Groupgift)
Poses: *SHISEIDo?* (1 L$ for one pose)

The pictures were taken at Watatsumi Reloaded. Thats my current place the ground is public so feel free to visit it. Its possible to fish there but do not release the tentacle monster.

In Which Sian Reviews Certain Curiosities

Marleen Vaughan, who Sian understand to be a longtime creator in Second Life, very recently opened her House of Curiosities, her stated intent being a seller of really random stuff. Sian got some review copies. Marleen's stuff has a nice retro feel, so Sian took herself to New Babbage for the pictures. It sort of felt right.

vaughan summer swallows dress

Sian Wears:
V. Summer Swallows Dress L$93

Sian likes the cut and style of the dress. Note that the prim skirt and belt are a) made of sculpties, so they don't swish about or anything and you may have to stick to one or two stands or put up with your hands delving inside it, and b) have the dreaded resize scripts. At least the item is copiable, there is only one of these scripts in each item, and it's deletable with a single click. It's a nice, pretty dress in a nice cut and it's cheap and very well-made. So thumbs up (note the stockings aren't included - they're from an old Bare Rose set).

Sian doesn't like resize scripts much. She still has nightmares about a Japanese creator who shall remain nameless who makes some outfits out of hundreds and hundreds of teeny tiny prims, every one of which has a re-size or show/hide script in it without a delete button. If you're going to put them in, writing a good script that only requires it to be in the one prim and making it go away when you're done is about as good as it gets. Marleen does that. So that's OK.

vaughan artist mafia hair

Sian Wears:
V. Artist Mafia Hair L$93

Now Sian doesn't normally wear hair, but if she did, she would wear something like this, because this is great. It's modifiable, and if you click on the beret you can change the colour. The hat has six colour options (the grey one isn't pictured above because Sian is not very good at GIMP and couldn't figure out how to fit it in) so it goes with most outfits. It comes with a hairbase, but honestly, you might find yourself using other hairbases in your collection or none at all, since it works fine without. It's well worth 93 of your Lindens.

vaughan goggles and bear

Sian Wears:
V. Sinister Goggles L$76

Also pictured:
V. Childhood Dreams Wall Mount L$76

The goggles are a nice cheap steampunky find. Modifiable, Sian found it easy to shrink the strap down to fit her head and appreciates the opportunities for customisation these present (Sian might recolour the lenses next time she wears them, for example).

On the right, the Childhood Dreams Wall Mount. The blogger pack actually had all this stuff packed inside, but you can buy it as a furniture item. The texture on the bear's head is exactly like a teddy Sian had when she was little. That's a teensy bit disturbing. Which is sort of the point.

vaughan telephone hat

Sian Wears:
V. Telephone Hat L$156

This is genius. Seriously, Sian's so wearing this the next time she goes clubbing. It's deranged and funny and quirky and Sian loves it. Note that Sian's copy doesn't appear to be modifiable, but it fits all right (Sian's head is an average size) so that's not an issue. (Edit: Marleen forwarded Sian a hat with the correct perms, so it's modifiable. Which is nice. SP)

Go visit: Marleen Vaughan's House of Curiosities.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plastik fantastic!

I wanted to go with a look which was a little less my usual style, of course I can't stray away too much because I like what I like and  despite me saying that's so not me" my friends would still be able identify and say "that's so Fauna!"

I've had plenty of compliments about this particular look and I love it too, so let me start with the dress which started off the whole look and the rest came together. I adore this knitted dress i'm not usually a fan of mini dresses but the gorgeous & roll neck make it so classy & sexy and can suit so many different styles, it would look fantastic for some great big para boots and ripped fishnets for a grunge look. This dress was a group gift from Plastik to celebrate Kea's birthday and was one of a unbelievably generous  whopper package which I still haven't managed to unpack!

 I wanted to carry on the knitted theme with one of my all time favorite boots from Les petits details, love these boots I wear them loads! Oh goodness and the skin! it's out brand new in store today for just 10L yes 10L you'll want to buy the whole store I tell you. I adore the tone of this skin which also has received compliments - take a closer look....

Skin: 10L - Inspire tan 2 > Devine perfection
Hair: 0L group gift - Lily > Heart softens
Dress: 0L - group gift - Turtle dress- pinnystripe > Plastik
Boots:  250L -  Boho boots - black > Les petits details
Tattoo: 200L - Part of  the se7en pack tattoo's > Collisions
Pose:  Bella angelica > Lauria

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Which Sian is Disciplined

Taste the whip, in love not given lightly.
Taste the whip! Now plead for me.
-Velvet Underground

Sian Wears:
Outfit: [Bare Rose] Phi Harness (recoloured)
Boots: [Vanilla C] Patent Boots Black/Silver (no longer available)
Nipple Tape: [Graves] G331 Jinx

Monday, August 1, 2011

In Which Sian Is a Harlequin, But Not a Columbine

Harlequins 1
Harlequins 2
When Sian asked Lillian Shippe if she fancied making a makeup for her Columbine, she wasn't prepared for how quickly she'd do it or the extent to which Lillian would rise to the challenge. Sian and Columbine felt the need to dress up together to celebrate.

Sian and Columbine wear:
Outfit: [Jetdoll] Harlequin Dress
Makeup: [Miss Shippe's Studio] Columbine Apres La Danse

Caught with cupcakes

Amelie was swearing in her mind. They had caught her again. It was always the same. She managed to sneak out of the theatre and to hurry to the next bakery but when she wanted to eat the cupcakes the managers normaly managed to get her. It was horrible. She so wanted to eat sweets. But as usuall she was pulled to the healthpolice where she had to hold the cupcakes in her hands while they took a picture of her. It was embarrassing.
devious hunt 2
She never really managed to understand why the managers pulled her to the healthpolice when she wanted to eat cupcakes. They never seemed to see a problem in the fact that she smoked. And she smoked a lot while waiting for her performance. Sometimes she even smoked during her performance. Balancing her cigarette holder in her hand while she danced or sang. But maybe it was expected that dancers smoked and not ate cupcakes. Ameli wanted both. Luckily she found a baker who was finally able to create cupcakes which really looked like apples.
devious hunt 1
Devious Mind is one of the best stores in second life when it comes to lingerie and burlesque poses (they also have the greatest lucky chairs). At the moment there is a hunt going on on their sim. Four of the stores on the sim take part in it: Chanimations, Deviousbeauty, Cupcakes & Poetry and Captain's Quarters. The huntgift you have to search for is either a bottle or an apple with a clock next to it. The gifts are stunning. The dancing outfit on the pictures is the gift fromm deviousBeauty. It could be worn in several ways. The primparts have a resizescript. The cigarette holder, the applecupcakes and the poses are the chanimationsgift. Their gift also contains the backdrop with the heights and inbuilt poses. The white hair comes from Wasabi Pills. It has a unique cut and its possible to tint one of the buns and the surrounding hair in an other colour. The makeup belongs to the new 22769 visage line. It looks like the makeup of Death. She is a character in the sandman comics and the older sister of Dream, the maincharacter in those comics.
Outfit: !dM deviousBeauty - MissDhalia (0 L$ Huntgift)
Poses and props: (*chanimations - deviousSuspect! (0 L$ Huntgift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Makeup: 22769 ~ visage Death Make Up (20 L$)

For more informations about the devious hunt. Take a look at the chanimations blog.