Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Which Sian is Disciplined

Taste the whip, in love not given lightly.
Taste the whip! Now plead for me.
-Velvet Underground

Sian Wears:
Outfit: [Bare Rose] Phi Harness (recoloured)
Boots: [Vanilla C] Patent Boots Black/Silver (no longer available)
Nipple Tape: [Graves] G331 Jinx


  1. Been looking for the Phi Harness and couldn't find it, Bare Rose is a huge shop, maybe next time you should be more specific of where is the merchandise located...very frustrating....

  2. Hello Ariana,
    I just had a look at BareRose and the Phi Harness is in the section with the new items.
    BareRose is a big store indeed normaly there are always managers around who help you. It normaly also works to use this site: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index2.php but unfortunatly it seems to be offline at the moment. I hope the answer helps you and you will find the Harness now.

    <3 Dagmar Haiku