Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dancing in red

Dancing around in new lingerie from Ezura.
It floats very nicely. And the textures are great.
And it is possible to shorten the skirt. So that the tops of the stockings are better seeable.
This is the new lingerie set from ezura.
It comes with five skirts, a sheer and a non sheer one, two open versions (also sheer and non sheer) and with a short skirt. Its also possible to wear just the system parts. I love the textures at the jacket they are so pretty. This is the burgundy version of it but its also available in other colours like black, white and teal.

Outfit: + ezura + Lace-Top Brocade *Red (488 Linden)

Oh no his undies are pink

Lying on the bed and trying to pretend that the boxershorts are really mine. I washed his boxershorts by mistake with my new red shirt and well that wasn`t good for the boxers. So i painted some hearts on it and hope that he won`t find out what happend.
The shirt and the boxershorts are from its cake a very nice store with unique stuff. They have a lot of funny and cute things and its worth to go there.
T-shirt: .:it's Cake:. O.G. Tshirt (40 Linden)
Boxers:.:it's Cake:. Love Me Boyfriend Boxers (40 Lindens)
Legwarmers: D-DESIGN Joy White (60 Lindens this weekend)

another summer of love freebie

There are so many great gifts at the summer of love. I really like this bloody top. It comes on all layers and might be the right clothing for a vampire because then you always have food with you.
Top: SOL Fair Info Point - Domestic Abuse : ISPACHI - Bloodstained - Tank Top (0 Linden summer of love gift)
Skirt: SOL Fair Info Point - Bi-Polar Disorder : *Urbanity* Ruffled *hearts* (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)
Legwound: Wound on the calf: {Dead Carrot} Cicatrix{No More Skirts? shoot me! I} (175 Linden)

Owl fight

Today i argued with the owl. It said i should only wear brown. I got very very angry and tried to kick at it. But it wasn`t impressed so i stoped and ate a mouse in front of its eyes so it was rather jealous. (It was of course a mouse made of marzipan so it looked only like one).
The dress and the scarf and the anklewarmers are the 60-Lindens weekend items from D-Design. The knit textures are very well done. I like the colourful belt but it is of course possible to take it off and to wear for example a leather belt so that the dress looks a bit more elegant. The prim parts are resizeable. If you prefer just to wear the legwarmers without the socks thats possible too.
Dress: D-DESIGN Melissa White (60 Lindens this weekend)
Scarf and legwarmers: D-DESIGN Joy White (60 Lindens this weekend)

even falconers start with small birds

Echlibeth always wanted to become a falconer. But somehow she was a bit afraid of birds of prey.
So she decided to start small.
Or even very small. But somehow this was not a smart desicion. The bird was always too afraid to fly off her hand. First she thought that it was scared by her coat so she took the coat off.
But it didn`t help at all. So at the end she sat down and looked at her bird and was wondering what to do with it.
This is a new item 22769 is selling on xstreet. It comes with a coat and a belt. All the prim parts have a resize script. I like the belt with the skull very much. The system parts are well made. I had to shorten the trousers a bit so that they worked with boots.
For the pictures i used again the bird poses from No strings attatched.
Outfit: 22769 Vintage Series "Wasto" (99 Linden )
Poses with the Bird: 'NSA' - Blue Bird (200 Linden)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancing sunflower

A sunflower dancing around. It jumps from foot to foot.
And even manages to fly some metres.
Then it heared something in the bushes.
But after some moments the sounds have been forgotten again and it enjoyed the sun again.
The outfit is from the lucky board from caverna obscura. Its a very lovely one as it looks like a sunflower. It comes with two kinds of tops and skirts. The gloves are also great.
The poses are from No Strings Attatched they are named Evangeline after the owner and creator of Evie's closet who is a close friend of the creator of No Strings Attatched and available at the summer of love fair.

Dress: Caverna Obscura : Ash&Petals (0 Linden Lucky board)
Poses: 'NSA' - Evangeline I (100 Linden) and 'NSA' - Evangeline II (100 Linden)


OoEas has some basic tops for women on the midnight mania board. Its a set of three in violet tones. Tops: OoEas! Midnight Mania 06 (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Skirt: SOL Fair Info Point - Bi-Polar Disorder : *Urbanity* Ruffled *hearts* (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)

From an other midnight mania i got those trousers. They make me grin a bit because people used to wear trousers with such patterns when i was 5 or so and they liked them alot and now they are embarrassed because of it.

Trousers: !DPD [Leopard Jeans][Gold] (0 Linden Midnight mania)

Trying to complain but fail !

After decorating her outfit with feathers of the black-white valkyres Geirskögul flew everywhere around trying to show off her trophies. But somehow nobody was around. She was a bit disappointed. So she decided to eat a popsicle. It was very tasty but it melted very fast she was pounting and decided to call the firm to complain.
But she underestimated her strength. When she lifted the headset she didn `t manage to keep in mind that it was made for humans not for valkyres. The rest of the telephone landed in a corner. Now she was really angry and sat down to plan what to plan what to do with those ice creators.
rbcg. is a store for stuff and things and its going to reopen today (rebuilt and redesigned). In the store lots of fun stuff is sold. The feather dress is very pretty. It comes on all layers in a version with pants and one without so that it could be worn with trousers. The popsicle made me laugh. It makes such a pounting face. The telephone is not only available in black. You could get it also in mint, white and pink. I think it would make a good prop in a murder story for example to make pictures of somebody who got strangled with a telephone. Or when playing to be a magician in a society without technology it could be impressive jewlery.

Dress: rbcg.If you are a bird black (250 Linden)
Phone: rbcg.telephone! (black) (75 Linden)
Popsicle: rbcg.melty popsicle! (40 Linden)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freebie collection

Eret!ka is a great store for skins and clothes and sometimes they give out nice groupgifts. For example this black skin. The top is a hunt gift from ducknipple and the leggins are a summer of love gift from *TuttiFrutti*.Skin: Eret!ka---> Black Julia Gift (0 Linden group gift)
Top: Ducknipple: Milker - Dot blue (0 Linden Addiction hunt gift)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Wkd Painter Ultra Low Legging

The dress is a dollarbie from seldom blue at the icon sim. The flats come from a midnight mania board.

Dress: (SELDOM BLUE) LILIA DRESS - 1L! ( 1 Linden)
Flats: ::Rebellion:: Dolores Ballet Flats - Texture Change Bows (0 Linden Midnight mania)

These trousers have been sent out as subscriber gift from Humby Designs today. The tops are gifts you get for subscribing at !Doux Couture.
Top left: **!DPD says "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Romper black) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Top middle: **sweet little says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Krisie Corset) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Top right: **sweet little says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Strawberry Cami) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Trousers: Humby Designs : Jeans - brown dot (0 Linden subscriber gift)

This morning it was possible to visit the Summer of Love without getting killed by the lag. There are some nice freebies spreaded around. You have to click or to buy the question marks on the floor. With the item you get notecard with informations to different illnesses.

Dress: aDIVA Couture Misses Jones (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)
Shoes: ..::FadaBebe::.. Envy*Boot-Violet (0 Linden Midnight mania)

I won those outfits at the lucky chair at !Doux Couture the shorts are an other subscriber gift from there.
Dress: !Doux Couture [Lucky Chair][Cutout & Wrap Dress] (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Top: !Doux Couture [Lucky Chair][Argyle Tank] (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Shorts: **RAWR revolution says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (0 Linden Subscriber gift)

This dress covers everything which should be covered and leaves the rest open. The camera is a pose prop from <> . Both items are gifts at the summer of love.
Dress: *W&D* ILOVEMYSELF Dress (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)
Camera: <>´ FaceSpace Box (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)

I only wear eyes from Sterling Artistry Eyes so i was glad when i found out that the store takes part in the midsummer nights dream hunt. In the pack are three eyes in natural dreamy colours.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Midsummer Night's Dream hunt gift (0 Linden Hunt gift)

Car washing in the morning

In the morning i was wandering around in one of the silken bathing coats from A:S:S. Smoking a bit and thinking of where to get a nice drink to get rid of my headache.
Silkcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - copper (95 Linden)

So i somehow managed to get to the carwash sale and drunken as i was i bought some more outfits from 22769. First i bought the one with Famous Pornstar because it made me giggle. Then i bought the soviet one and then i thought well as im drunken a blue shirt fits and bought it also. The checkbox capris are great for everybody who loves ska. The ones who prefer punk could wear the stonewashed ones.
t-shirt: 22769 sports tee vendor (unisex) (5 Linden)
Capris: 22769 checkered capri jeans vendor (unisex) (7Linden)
T-shirt: 22769 soviet tee No.3 (unisex) (5 Linden)
Capris: 22769 brown capri trousers (unisex) (7 Linden)
T-shirt: 22769 pornstar tee (unisex) (5 Linden)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretending being Oscar

Sitting at home on the desk and smoking a bit. The morning coat is made for such activities. I only need to learn how to look like oscar wilde.
The morning coat is available in many colours here a picture of three of them. The coats come with a prim collar, robetails and there is also the possiblity to wear prim sleeves and lower legs. The textures on the coat are fine ornaments. The coats are made for men but with a bit work they also fit females.

Left: A:S:S: - Oscar - green (95 Linden)
Middle: A:S:S - Oscar - blue (95 Linden)
Right: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

The loose dragon tank is great to show off a bra as it is loose and if a woman wears it without anything under it a lot body parts are visible. But with that cut it is great for playing for example a worker in a tanktop full of sweat in roleplay. The trousers are black and have a zipper at the frong and as most trousers from a:s:s they are lowrise. Its also possible to wear them with prim parts at the lower end they are a bit wider then.

Shirt: A:S:S - Loose tank - Dragon (50 linden)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 linden)

The white tank top is also great for roleplay in my opinion. Its just simple and white. But there is a sheer version included. As it is rather hot at the moment its great to have a sarong. It comes with a resize script and is just made of prims. The wet bathing boxers are perfect for spending some time at the sea with friends.
Shirt: A:S:S - Summer tank - white (65 linden)
Sarong: A:S:S - Sarong - Aqua (65 linden)
Boxers: A:S:S - Wet swimming trunks - Brown/turquoise (65 linden)

Wild ride

The wild cowgirl manages to balance on the wild moose but then she sees a can on a pfost and needs to shoot at it. She tries to pull out her pistol but has to recogize that its only a tattoo.
The moose is at the moment on the midnight mania board at neon frog studios. It is sculpted and made of only 11 prims. And of course it jumps around in the garden tramples on all moles and frogs and sings nasty songs when being drunken. The shirt is from stylesucks a t-shirt store. It looks a bit like having some ropes knoted around the body. I won the hair on a lucky board at D!va. The lowrise trousers are of course from A:S:S:.
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi"(Ruby) Luckybord limited color (0 Linden)
Top left: - GUNS GIRL (69 Linden)
Top right: - BOUND PART 2 (69 Linden)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 Linden)
Tattoo: [Love Zombie]Armed And Ready Tattoo (0 Linden Midnight Mania)
Skin: BeReal Debra Skin Deep Red Lips (0 Linden addiction hunt gift)
Moose: NEON FROG STUDIOS : Moose (0 Linden Midnight mania or 700 Linden)

Dancing in black

A friend told me about a nice luckychair and freebie group, named free-licious, where it is allowed to post items which are on group lucky boards. Im now for maybe two days in this group and it has been very helpful. The people in it are able to answer a lot of questions and like sharing their knowledge. Because of this group i won this lolli goth dress. Its works well to dance around in it and the textures are well made. It comes with black fishnet stockings with a lace top (hidden under the dress) which work also well with nice underwear. The lacing is a complete system one.
Dress: Aliza Karu Shop : Lolita goth outfit (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

At !!KIss Kiss Bang Bang!! everything is 20 Lindens or below. I went there and won this shape and the skin on the lucky board. Even the dress was included in the pack. The purple boots are a current groupgift of KKBB. Skin, Shape and Dress: !!KKBB!! - Kylie Skin and Shape w/ Chocolate Mini Dress (0 Linden Lucky board)
Boots: !!KKBB!! Vendetta Knee Boots - Blue Lilac (B) (Groupgift or for 10 Lindens in the store)
Poses: NSA : Posey poses (150 Linden per set)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing Ben

Laying at home and missing Ben. He is not very big and his tail is just so short.
The thought that he is all alone at a place where wild owls are is just horrible.
Maybe he isn`t alive anymore.
So at the end it might be a good idea to go to search him. The rolling at the floor caused a urgent need to change the clothes.
When being back in the park i met a bird.
It was very communicative.
And not afraid of anything.
When it balanced on my finger it was hard not to laugh because his little feet tickled me.
It whistled something that sounded like "Ben".
So i held it closer to my ear. And yes i was right. The bird knew why i was in the park.
It guided me to a little hill.
Then it flew away.
I sat down and after some minutes i saw something black coming closer.
It was my friend Ben. His fur looked a bit messy but he seemed to be fine.

The bird poses are a new release from No Strings Attatched. They are sold at the summer of love. And they are lovely. I like the one very much which looks like the bird is flying away or landing.
The poses with the rat are the donation item from No Strings Attatched for Operation Squegee. As the Operation Squeegee bazaar is over they are going to be sold in the store (and the Lindens will still go to Operation Squeegee as it will take ages to get rid of all the oil in the ocean and at the coasts).
The first poses are called "Black Dog". As english isn`t my mothertongue i needed to ask for the meaning of that and "Black Dog" means "Depression".
The outfits are two current Hunt items from Ducknipple. The textures are very well made.

Poses in the flat: 'NSA' - The Black Dog (SoL gift)
Poses with the Bird: 'NSA' - Blue Bird (200 Linden)
Poses with the Rat: 'NSA' - "A Friend Like Ben" (250 Linden)

Outfit in the Flat: Ducknipple : Sonnet - Blue (0 Linden VF Hunt gift)
Outfit in the Park: Ducknipple : Hurley layered - Black / Blue (0 Linden Mad Pea July Hunt gift)