Saturday, January 16, 2010

Xstreet freebies and more

Being bored at work i had a look at xstreet and found some nice freebies. Starting with a fae dress and a forest skybox.

Outfit: *IW* Autumn Fae in Sand (0 Linden)
Skybox: Skybox forest (132 Prims) (0 Linden)

Going on looking around i found a nice suit. Reading 2monkeyz i saw those pierced elf ears.

Suit: BlakOpal Steampunk Formal Suit For Men
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : January freebies

All who know me know how much i love green dresses. So you can imagine how glad i was finding this dress on xstreet. Its also from blakopal. You can take off the skirt and the outfit turns into some nice underwear.

Dress: BlakOpal Emerald Garden Corset and Bustle Skirt

So here some inworld freebies. The black dress is a groupgift at Nanashi & Yesss Designs. The dragon familiar is everything but a freebie. It costs even nerves.

Dress: (Y) Sombre >> Black Silk Dress )

My simmates found that hammock in the just for the guys hunt. The dress is a pick gift from Mashooka.

Hammock : Beantown Creations JFTG-Hunt
Dress: :Mashooka: Emery {metalblue}