Friday, February 18, 2011

A fine romance? [4]

Gascon left the Restaurant  and headed for where he might find her and sure enough he saw her painting outside Cafe Guerbois . She had not seen him , but on this occasion he had not wanted her to see him. He felt disgruntled that she was now customer to  Cafe Guerbois and not his restaurant, but also relieved just to catch a glimpse of her. Now he was no longer just curious about her, he wanted her back in his restaurant and away from Auguste!

Auguste did not cut a fine figure of a man, in fact he was rather plain looking, the kind of person you could meet 10 times and never remember, not by his looks in any case, but he had an aura about him and was extremely charming. There was something about Auguste that one simply could not resist, it was almost as if  he aroma about him, and once that aroma had filled your nostrils you were completely and utterly  intoxicated by it.., and a great many women had not resisted him.

Whilst she was blissfully unaware of these male attentions, it would be no secret soon of who her admirers were as quite out of the blue she received a gift. Excitedly she opened it to reveal the most beautiful  hand crafted amber  bracelet . There  was no note, no message in fact it was a complete mystery as to where the gift had come from.

Hair & hat: Free group lucky board item > Heart softens
Scarf: Free part of group gift > Bubblez designs
Top: Free group lucky board item ( upstairs )  > Zenith
Skirt: L$30 part of a 3 pack > Mother Goose
Socks: L$10 part of a 3 pack >Mother Goose
Shoes: Free group gift > Tokidoki
Bracelet: L$99 > SKIFIJA

Perfect blue

Wandering around and getting wet and cold feet because of all the snow which is still near the beach. But this is the price of being well dressed. Kimono backside blueI love kimonos. And i love them even more when they are a bit special and different. This one is kind of a mix between a loli goth dress and a kimono. It comes with a fitting headdress, socks and shoes. Although i normaly use the shoes from the brown version of the dress. There are blue ones included but i like the ones from the brown one better.
kimono frontside blue
The textures of the dress are lovely. Shades of blue mixed with white. There are a lot of flowers in the print and the little bands for the socks are just lovely. And the socks are kept in place as well. The skirt has some lace and several layers of prims (its only one skirt but made of many prims). A system skirt was also used but the gap between the system skirt and the top gets covered with the obi so it looks fine.

The poses on the pictures are all contained in the Geisha AO from ## CI ## Animations. Its a great ao with many many poses. Included are also an ao which could be used with a fan (there are fans included) and one for parasols. The poses in the ao seem to be perfect for a kimono. That means the legs are very close to each other all the time so that they do not peek through. I have not tested the ao yet with a long kimono but i suppose it will be perfect for a long one as well. Using it with the short Kimono it looked very cute and elegant at the same time. And there are several versions of the ao included. So there is an extra version of the ao for smaller avis in the set.
kimono side blue
Dress: *Milky Kimono Yuki-Maihana BL Mini* (500 $)
Uses AO: ## CI ## Geisha AO (400$)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The dark weaponsmith

Omen Zero here, continuing in my series of excellent hidden stores, but this one has a bit of a twist to it. Those of you who know me know that I often roleplay in a sim called City of Lost Angels. This sim is a fantastic haven for dark urban roleplay, and yes one day I will do a blog post upon it. However, what you may not know is that it is a metered combat sim, and as such you travel through a lot of dark places. When you travel through dark places sometimes your hands and feet really aren't enough to keep you safe. I know that personally a big sharp stick is preferable to a floppy fish when it comes to keeping yourself armed, and when a big stick simply doesn't cut it, I got to The Covenant Realm.

The Covenant Realm

Now when it comes to the sharpest of the sharp, Whreckz Constantine(The owner of TCR) knows how to sharpen a blade. He has a range of weapons, clothing, skins and much more that is truly both unique, and beautiful. Now most might not understand what I mean when I say they are beautiful, but when you have seen a pair of these weapons in your hands, used them swung them and played with the customization+ao, you will finally understand what I mean.

Close up of some products

TCR is a store where if you have a need for combat, CCS or otherwise, you can find the answer here. From his collection of excellent(My favourite weapons infact) gauntlets with extending claws, to scythes, fist weapons, straight razors, swords and much much more you will find a good variety of weapons, and the best thing is, they are incredibly cheap for what you get. 600-800 linden for items as detailed as this is simply phenomenal, especially when they come with custom built ao's and plenty of customisation. Below are just a tiny amount of the options, for the gauntlets, which include changing texture, colour, glow, shine and more.

Original with "Draconic" texture.

Showing off some glow and shine differences

Showing off different Textures

I recommend that all go and take a peek at this store, even if you are not a CCS user. The weapons look beautiful and work in many places like DCS and more. Upon speaking to Whreckz it has also been confirmed that Gorean Meter may be the next meter to feel the presence of his blades. I leave you all with a final photo, showing off the AO that comes with this particular set of claws. Look out for my upcoming Weapon Review upon them, and the scythes, coming soon.

One of the four AO's standing positions.

Hunting for a skirt

Being dressed nicely for a walk in the forest. Although the mushrooms grew a bit much lately. It is a nice walk. And its autumn. At least at Sanu where i took those pictures. What a great oposite to all the winter and summer sims at the moment. huntskirt 1The skirt and the short trousers are the hunt gift in the Hani 3rd anniversary Hunt. It takes place in all three shops of that store. In the main store are five bags hidden and in each of the satelite ones two. The price is the skirt on the upper picture and the trousers on the picture below. The trousers come in two forms. I liked this one better. The top was in a set from the Honey Kitty lucky board. I used it because i think a top like this one fits to the skirt and the trousers.
Hunttrousers1Hani also has some freebies and cheapies. For example this dress. It comes with two kinds of skirts and even kind of a sweater is included in the set. The dress is also on one of the lucky boards but if having to decide between paying 5 Linden for a dress and waiting to win its easier to pay instead of hanging around at a lucky board. I like exploring sims so i found a japanese sim today. In a mall on it i won those icecrystal wings.
5lindendressI have forgotten to blog the freebies from Sterling Artistry Eyes lately. So here a picture of one pair of the current freebie eyes. It is very dark but the eyes look like they are bright and shinging although being brown.
Items in this entry:
Skirt and Trousers: *Hani* 3rd hunt prize (0 $) (Satelitestore 1, Satelitestore 2)
Dress: *Hani* Ballerina Yoru > Happy (5$ or 0$ at the Lucky board)
Eyes and Nailpolish: Sterling Artistry February 2011 freebies!
Makeup: A:S:S - Guyliner (20 Linden)
Wings: +++ict+++ wing(W) (0$ Lucky board)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir, female (115$)

A fine romance? [3]

He had attended the exhibition, and tried to find an opportunity to introduce himself to her. Not because he was desperate to meet her, of course he was curious about her, but more than anything he wanted her to know who he was, he wanted her to notice. Unfortunately no such occasion had presented itself, as Auguste Chevallier a local cafe owner seemed to be taking her attention all evening!

 He was not so fond of Auguste, and not because he was considered competition in the world of gastronomy! absolutely not! it was more about his overt superiority complex that did not bode well.

That was the last time he had seen her for over a week. He had got quite used to her daily visits to his Restaurant, and had felt surprisingly uplifted by her presence, of course he hadn't realised this until she was no longer there. He casually dropped it in conversation to Marthe that he hadn't had any odd requests for hibiscus tea for a few days. Naturally Marthe picked up this as only the one customer had ever asked for such a thing  " that is one request that Auguste Chevallier will be getting these days as he has commissioned her to do a painting" Marthe replied........ that was when he decided he needed a little fresh air.

Hair: Free lucky board item >W&Y
Scarf: L$25 > The fashion garret
Top: L$1 ( comes with skirt part too) > Diapop
Skirt: L$1  Awram Viie
Tights: Free ( white) > Awram Viie
Shoes: Free > Lemon ginger
Bracelets: Free group/subscriber gift > The sea hole

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Golden Emotions

Being dressed in gold while walking through flowers. The dress is elegant but it works for going for a walk as well as for attending an important ceremony. To say it briefly its a great dress for roleplaying.
emotions gold dress 1
This beautiful dress from Emotions is named Minerva. The roman virgin godess of poetry and wisdom. So its not really surprising that the dress is golden. All the primparts even the wristlets and the ones of the upper arms come with a resizescript. That means the outfit is easily to adjust. For those who prefer complete outfits is also fitting hair included. Its a good thing that Emotions is also a great store for hair that means you often get hair with an outfit. If you look at the EMO-tions blog you could see the outfit with the hair. Im very bad in makeing hair fit so i didn' t used it for the pictures. The skirt is made of lots of double layered prim parts. So it moves very nicely.
emotionsdress in motion
Dress: EMO-tions : Minerva (499$)


Another song title? yep the outfit is mostly deep blues and what do I think when I think blue? no not sea or sky but the song Blue by Joni Mitchell...sorry can't help it music is on my blood. Ok enough about music ..get a load of these tights!! oh how I love these tights which are a group gift at Luce. There is also a paler pair in the same gift which I shall be wearing as soon as I have finished this post!! The dress and bag come together as a gift by Label Mode at the Fashion Garret ( more bargains to blog about there but that's a whole other posts worth).

Dress & bag: Free gift from Label Mode @ > The fashion garret
Tight: Free group gift >Luce
Belt: Former FLF item > Miel
Shoes:Free lucky board item > Honey kitty

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bored on the sofa

Sometimes when being bored it happens that one finds himself or herself in a strange position on the sofa. Or half on the sofa. Thats what i got in mind when seeing this pose which is build in in the new vintage pose couch from Just a pose. The couch has 8 inbuilt poses and is available in several colours. I liked red best. At least for posing pinup like as on the picture. The red body comes from OutRage. I like how the designer put in three hearts into it. Best i like the one on the top. Thats a smart idea in my opinion. But i have to admit im a bit late with posting it as it would have suited clearly to valentine. Nevertheless it is always time to wear something cute and sexy and to heart somebody as well.
Outfit: OutRage - Clearly Lovable (Red Solid) (100 Linden)
Pose: {Just A Pose} Simply Hippy (One pose 25$ or the the set with 10 poses (5 poses but for smaller and bigger avis so 2x 5 poses) for 100$)
Couch: {Just A Pose} Vintage fainting couch (red velvet) (175$)

Look of the day

Well here is my look of the day, with a very ethnic feel, it's something that I would wear in real life.My dear blogger friend Dagmar asked if I would like to do a 'look of the day' post. I think it is designed to share a bit about ourselves as bloggers ( although I could be totally off the mark here). Like Dagmar I also have a love of oriental/ethnic style clothes as they seem to love their bold prints and bright colours, and this lovely little dress on the lucky board at Awram Viie is no exception.

It's interesting how peoples opinions differ when it comes to SL, some like to express themselves in a way that they wouldn't be able to in real life , however I can't seem to do that I always pick clothes that reflect the real life me. For example I was drawn to this outfit for the colours , something which my real life wardrobe is full of because apparently i'm prediposed to being a 'winter', ...that's according to my friend who is a colour analyst and believes we all fit into certain 'colour types' that seem to fit the seasons of the year...odd you might think but when she told me what colours I subconciously are drawn to I found that she was quite correct, lucky guess maybe ....having seen the outfits I wear?

Dress: Free lucky board item > Awram viie
Shoes: L$5 gift ( lighter colour on group luckyboard ) > Ah Flou
Scarf: Was a limited colour group gift but a very similiar one same colour is a 'the next big thing"hunt prize > Zeery's
Hair L$280 > Boon
Leggings : Old group gift > Esora

Monday, February 14, 2011

The queen of hearts

I love the stuff from devious mind, chanimations and all the other stores on the deviousMind sim. And they got a great Valentines groupgift. Its a prop for poses so that it is possible to make a picture and look like being on the Queen of Hearts card. The set comes with two of those props. The one is for the upper body and the other for the whole body. The poses are sexy and cute. The poses themself are also in the set so if you prefer to be the King of hearts and manage to build yourself such a card you could do so and use the poses. The rose on the upper picture was also in the gift. The outfit on the pictures comes from devious mind.

Poses: (*chanimations - "Queen of Hearts" Valentine's Gift 2011 (0$ Groupgift)
Outfit: !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *RED* (750$)

For those who like chocolate and for those who may not eat it

Valentines day is a good day for chocolate. Well every day is a good day for chocolate but at valentines day most people may eat as much chocolate as they are able to. But even at that day some do not want to share. ESSENTIAL SOUL shares some strawberries with chocolate and a cute couple pose about wanting to have those strawberries. Its a valentines dollarbie in the store. Pose: ESSENTIAL SOUL: *ES* Sweet Tenderness (1 $)
Skybox: A:S:S - The Squat skybox (100$)

Others like chocolate so much that they make whole dresses out of it. Well they also add some pink. This dress is a gift from dimbula rose. Its very cute and very tasty. Its only annoying that you need to slap people who nibble at the skirt all the time. But else it would not be possible to move. The uses pose comes from a new set from Just A Pose. The poses are named Simply Hippy and well are poses which deal with the hips.
Dress: :::Dimbula Rose:::: 1st anniversary Gift* Pink Baby Doll 1st anniversary Gift* Pink Baby Doll
Pose: {Just A Pose} Simply Hippy (One pose 25$ or the the set with 10 poses (5 poses but for smaller and bigger avis so 2x 5 poses) for 100$)

Others may not eat chocolate. For example ballerinas. But in exchange they may wear a nice tutu. This outfit is currently on the midnight mania at Libertine. It comes with that ballet dress, gloves and shoes. The stockings are also included of course. The pose is one of the Dagmar Elegante poses from No Strings Attached.
Dress: =Libertine= Ballerine Box Red (0$ Midnight Mania)
Pose in the front: 'NSA' - Dagmar Elegante (35$ for one pose or 150$ for the set)

[waiting for st. valentine]

Red - the current colour of Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge, the colour of hearts, love and... blood. While some of us revel in love's glorious gift with those being close to them, others simply wish the day will pass fast - either 'cause they dislike the commercial touch the day has gotten, or simply because they are on their own. And even though I, myself, am blessed with the two most stunning men, I decided to slip into the role of a Valentine-sniper... who is just waiting for cupid to arrive, equipped with a lot of patience and time.

[revenge on cupid]

Hair: ...Scars... - Koiwai [Red]
Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Goatee
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Ibanez Freebie Blue Eyes
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo

Shirt: {Gisaci} - Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top - Egyria Red
Vest: Schadenfreude - Blanc Deep V Vest
Pants: Armidi Limited - Low Rise Chino
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] - Hugo - White & Black

Cigarette: {Gentleman Store} - Cigarette-White V.2
Eyeliner: A:S:S - Guyliner - 01
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Jet black
Piercings: - .HoD. - Dimpled Piercing - Razor
Weapon: [Black Ops] - HK MP7 PDW v1.3.1

Valentines day with 22769

Wandering through flowers and wearing a dreamy dress. Its the current dress from 22769 for the Courtiers Loft. As far as i know it will be also the last dress 22769 is going to sell at the loft as the loft is going to close. The dress is pink which fits to Valentines but of course its a matter of taste if you like pink or not. Somehow the skirt reminds a bit on the 50ties or 60ties (i really should stop writing things like that because i have no clue) and i love the armcuffs I really hope that the guys from 22769 will create an asian looking outfit using those armcuffs. Dress: 22769 CL Loft dress rosee (100L$)

22769 also take part at the His Fair. Its a fair organized by one of the best men's freebie bloggers for mens fashion, Filipe Connor from Top Secret. For that event they created a freebie even women could wear. Its a simple green sweater with short brown trousers. Its simple and its comfy. The His fair will run from FEB 14-28. The gift from Zeery from the i love fashion hunt fits very well to the outfit. Its a scarf in browns and reds. Fauna often blogs stuff from Zeery and the items from there are always great to let an outfit look more individual. The hunt will end at March 5th and you have to search for a small purple figure.
Outfit: 22769 HIS FAIR freebie (0 $)
Scarf: {Zeery} Vintage Infinity Scarf ::Warm Renaissance:: (0$ Huntgift)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Journey through Lost Haven

Omen Zero here, there are some hidden gems in this world, places of dark beauty and rarity. This particular post is focusing on one of them, and honestly it is one of my favorites in Second Life. Lost Haven is store that is decidedly different. It has rare and unique items that are both hard to come by, and exquisite. Honestly, I find it hard to even -want- to share it in case it becomes so popular that the beautiful rarities that I have bought and modified from it become common place!

However this blog is for the good of all, and so therefore the amazing works of Lucia Cyr and Tala Laval must be shared! What makes this place so unique you might ask, well the proof is in the photography. Within the halls of Losthaven you will find everything from Accessories for your character, amazingly crafted masks, virtually free 3D moving paintings, weapons and detailed armour sets, and not to mention their fully working 3D D&D play boards, with models.

As seen throughout the photos the work is simply of the highest quality, and due to this I would certainly not classify lost haven as cheap. I would however call it incredible value. Nothing is ultra expensive, and even new releases often retail at around 600-800 Linden for full armour sets and the like. Not to mention that at this point in time there are some fantastic specials on sale, though it wont last long I imagine.

Some of my personal favorite work is the full monster forms. There are nagas, clock work soldiers, dryads, demons and much much more. Their goblin forms are fantastic, and even have their own AO created for them. My screenshots do not do them full justice, it truly needs to be seen to be believed.

There really is something for everyone in Lost Haven, and most objects have multiple colours, additions, changes and accessories. There are even Werewolves for those who enjoy to hunt at night.
The accessory sets(Some containing 20+ masks, or objects) are all fantastic looking, and sculpted and cost around 250-400 linden per PACK(not each). The Collars and cuffs are some of the best I have seen in second life, and are all fully scripted. Best of all, nearly every object in the entirety of the store is full Copy/Mod. Yes you can edit it as you see fit, this makes it a modders paradise. I personally love the freedom that is given with such things.
All in all the store is truly a wonder to visit, all should take a look at it. You can find things for any type of character, be they gorean, old world, monster, high fantasy, sci fi, steam punk, post apocalyptic or much, much more. There are often sales, and a permanant 50 Linden clearance board for those who wish something incredibly cheap, not to mention some of the most beautiful dollarbie macabre paintings around. I seriously advise you to take a wander down to lost haven, and be lost in their world for a while, I know I did. I leave you all with a photo of my mask, made and modified from one of the mask sets bought from Losthaven itself.

Chinese hearts

Its Valentines day and Lika Ruby has a new groupgift. Its a chinese dress in brown and gold. On the skirt is a big read heart. As everything from this store its a very elegant dress. The brown fits perfectly to the red of the heart and of course to the gold. The collar has golden and red decorations. The skirt is a combination of a primskirt and short trousers on the pants layer.Dress: +Lika Ruby+ china dress heart (0 $ Groupgift)

A fine romance? prt.2

Today  his mind wandered as he wondered whether she would come back. He noticed that she visited the restaurant every day that week, and he couldn't think why he was so curious about her, so as he entered the Bar he was strangely comforted to see her there.

"Hmmm she's alone again, yet rather dressed up" he pondered whether she might be meeting someone this evening, then Marthe  his waitress and family friend spoke to him and interrupted his thoughts as though she were reading his mind. The wise mature lady had noted his curiosity as subtle as it was "she is an artist and is keen to view the exhibition upstairs this evening, perhaps you may like to accompany her and introduce her to some of the locals? ....." said Marthe .... "me? why would I do such a thing?" he scoffed  and headed back to the kitchen muttering under his breath, as Marthe smiled to herself.

[ There is an art exhibition at the location in this picture where my fictitious story a set  Sunday 13th February at  noon SL time with singer Sweetlily at 12:30pm  with DJ Nani to follow please go along for a wonderful evening of pre-valentine culture Paris metro art gallery ]

Hair: Free group gift > Liriope
Necklace: L$99 ( part of a set > Ganked
Top: Free cupid hearts hunt item ( it's actually a mini dress) Les petits details
Skirt: Free gift > Gasqhe
Boots: free if you are lucky enough to get the L$1000 gift card on the MM board Grumble

In black lace

She had started to use the black needles a year ago. They were a gift a strange guy had given her. He had told her that she would become more and more beautiful when using them daily. And indeed her skin became softer and somehow her body changed. Not much but on a way which was attracting for men and women around her. And this changed her character. She became arrogant, annoying and just horrible. The black needles worked well. After a while she even started to wear the necklace he had given to her. She had to hurt herself to wear it but that was a fair price in her opinion.

Fishy Strawbery has a valentines sale. I really liked the black lingerie and after some male help i decided to buy it. Sometimes i like things but be not sure so i need friends to have a look to help me decide. Actually Storm sent me to the sale and Omen helped me to decide. The set consists out of a corset, undies and stockings. All parts come in a lot of versions. There are two parts of stockings, it could be worn with or without suspenders and there are many layers included. The black needles are an other item from a:s:s deluxe. They are very pretty in my opinion and the right item for letting the evil slowly drain into your rp character. Lingerie: *Fishy Strawberry* Ignition Lingerie - Black (90 $)
Armpiece: A:S:S deLuxe - Tears and Chains, female (158 $)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Strangeland, female (186$)

Jewellery for the Elite

Two weeks ago A:S:S released really great jewellery (i even learned to spell jewellery because of that. Sorry i have spelled it all the time wrong). Its accessoiry which is a bit darker. But extremly well made and pretty.

The butterfly necklace is not symetric what i normaly would dislike. But its tricky to controll butterflys somehow they are unwilling to learn to sit in a symetric way. To make it short i like it. Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir, female (115$)

The big black disks of this necklace fit well to a simple dress. If they would be less elegant they would easily remind on the 70ties but they do not. Which is a good thing in my opinion. There are fitting earrings available. By the way the hair on that picture is a gift from a lucky board. I have been in the store some days ago and its still possible to win it.
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Shoya necklace, female (169$)
Earrings: A:S:S deLuxe - Shoya earrings (0$)
Hair: *mikan-hair-2010LB_MOMO (0 Linden Lucky board)

This necklace is my favourite piece of the a:s:s deluxe collection. It is dark, elegant and hurts. Being tucked into the skin and not wrapped around the neck it forces the one who wears it to bleed a bit. But its just worth the pain. The blood for the skin comes on all layers and the necklace has as all the others a resizescript. I love the picture on the gems.

Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Strangeland, female (186$)

The top which is seeable on all those pictures comes from Lika Ruby. Its the top of a dress i blogged ages ago.

[lotn: slacker sunday]

Crawling out of the coffin and being too lazy and comfortable to change, this is what I ran around like inside of the house just until now. The undies, which are actually swimming trunks, are VITAMEN'S freebie for February, and I really like the bold, floral print in black on white.

A:S:S's latest release includes this semi-sheer tee that comes in all layers; there are 5 dark and 5 light colours to grab, with a price of 50 L$ for one or 180 L$ for a fatpack of 5.

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: =EkoEko= - sharp3
Eyes: [T.P] -Frozen Soul- Blue

Shirt: A:S:S - Dawn tee - white
Undies: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie Feb2011 (free)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Tribal Gift Light (free)
Eyeliner: A:S:S - Guyliner - 01

A fine romance?


He is the owner of the Restaurant, a chef of the highest esteem. His passion is in his creativity,and whilst his good looks have brought him many female admirers he has never taken a wife,he is married to his art, for it has been his lifes work.

He doesn't have time for distractions like women! but today he is distracted by a woman,a woman that has been frequenting his restaurant quite regularly , although he never noticed before. What made him notice today? she wasn't paying attention to him, not in the least , not like most of women that came to his Restaurant and ceaselessly flirted to no avail, but still he noticed her as she was gazing from the window seemingly deep in thought....just for a few moments he noticed and then he continued with his daily regime.
She was an artist, a bohemian of sorts, carefree with no need for the trappings of modern society or the need for material gain. Paris was just another place to which she had wandered and intended to capture the essence of before wandering on to the next place. She was charmed by the Restaurant , and not for it's handsome owner but today she was admiring the beauty of the honeysuckle that sat outside the window where she sat, it's sweet aroma filling her nostrils. Quite out of nowhere she became distracted, for no known reason it felt as if someone had invaded her thoughts and were trying to steal them for their own....then the feeling was gone and she continued with her day.

                        Hair: Free group gift > Liriope
Top: Free gift at the new pig store ( other items also scattered about ) Pig
Skirt: L$50 - sk.002 > Solita
Socks: Free gift > Pig
Shoes: Free group gift . Les petits details
Bag: Free daily gift at The fashion Garret > Label mode