Thursday, February 17, 2011

The dark weaponsmith

Omen Zero here, continuing in my series of excellent hidden stores, but this one has a bit of a twist to it. Those of you who know me know that I often roleplay in a sim called City of Lost Angels. This sim is a fantastic haven for dark urban roleplay, and yes one day I will do a blog post upon it. However, what you may not know is that it is a metered combat sim, and as such you travel through a lot of dark places. When you travel through dark places sometimes your hands and feet really aren't enough to keep you safe. I know that personally a big sharp stick is preferable to a floppy fish when it comes to keeping yourself armed, and when a big stick simply doesn't cut it, I got to The Covenant Realm.

The Covenant Realm

Now when it comes to the sharpest of the sharp, Whreckz Constantine(The owner of TCR) knows how to sharpen a blade. He has a range of weapons, clothing, skins and much more that is truly both unique, and beautiful. Now most might not understand what I mean when I say they are beautiful, but when you have seen a pair of these weapons in your hands, used them swung them and played with the customization+ao, you will finally understand what I mean.

Close up of some products

TCR is a store where if you have a need for combat, CCS or otherwise, you can find the answer here. From his collection of excellent(My favourite weapons infact) gauntlets with extending claws, to scythes, fist weapons, straight razors, swords and much much more you will find a good variety of weapons, and the best thing is, they are incredibly cheap for what you get. 600-800 linden for items as detailed as this is simply phenomenal, especially when they come with custom built ao's and plenty of customisation. Below are just a tiny amount of the options, for the gauntlets, which include changing texture, colour, glow, shine and more.

Original with "Draconic" texture.

Showing off some glow and shine differences

Showing off different Textures

I recommend that all go and take a peek at this store, even if you are not a CCS user. The weapons look beautiful and work in many places like DCS and more. Upon speaking to Whreckz it has also been confirmed that Gorean Meter may be the next meter to feel the presence of his blades. I leave you all with a final photo, showing off the AO that comes with this particular set of claws. Look out for my upcoming Weapon Review upon them, and the scythes, coming soon.

One of the four AO's standing positions.

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