Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day with 22769

Wandering through flowers and wearing a dreamy dress. Its the current dress from 22769 for the Courtiers Loft. As far as i know it will be also the last dress 22769 is going to sell at the loft as the loft is going to close. The dress is pink which fits to Valentines but of course its a matter of taste if you like pink or not. Somehow the skirt reminds a bit on the 50ties or 60ties (i really should stop writing things like that because i have no clue) and i love the armcuffs I really hope that the guys from 22769 will create an asian looking outfit using those armcuffs. Dress: 22769 CL Loft dress rosee (100L$)

22769 also take part at the His Fair. Its a fair organized by one of the best men's freebie bloggers for mens fashion, Filipe Connor from Top Secret. For that event they created a freebie even women could wear. Its a simple green sweater with short brown trousers. Its simple and its comfy. The His fair will run from FEB 14-28. The gift from Zeery from the i love fashion hunt fits very well to the outfit. Its a scarf in browns and reds. Fauna often blogs stuff from Zeery and the items from there are always great to let an outfit look more individual. The hunt will end at March 5th and you have to search for a small purple figure.
Outfit: 22769 HIS FAIR freebie (0 $)
Scarf: {Zeery} Vintage Infinity Scarf ::Warm Renaissance:: (0$ Huntgift)

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