Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Journey through Lost Haven

Omen Zero here, there are some hidden gems in this world, places of dark beauty and rarity. This particular post is focusing on one of them, and honestly it is one of my favorites in Second Life. Lost Haven is store that is decidedly different. It has rare and unique items that are both hard to come by, and exquisite. Honestly, I find it hard to even -want- to share it in case it becomes so popular that the beautiful rarities that I have bought and modified from it become common place!

However this blog is for the good of all, and so therefore the amazing works of Lucia Cyr and Tala Laval must be shared! What makes this place so unique you might ask, well the proof is in the photography. Within the halls of Losthaven you will find everything from Accessories for your character, amazingly crafted masks, virtually free 3D moving paintings, weapons and detailed armour sets, and not to mention their fully working 3D D&D play boards, with models.

As seen throughout the photos the work is simply of the highest quality, and due to this I would certainly not classify lost haven as cheap. I would however call it incredible value. Nothing is ultra expensive, and even new releases often retail at around 600-800 Linden for full armour sets and the like. Not to mention that at this point in time there are some fantastic specials on sale, though it wont last long I imagine.

Some of my personal favorite work is the full monster forms. There are nagas, clock work soldiers, dryads, demons and much much more. Their goblin forms are fantastic, and even have their own AO created for them. My screenshots do not do them full justice, it truly needs to be seen to be believed.

There really is something for everyone in Lost Haven, and most objects have multiple colours, additions, changes and accessories. There are even Werewolves for those who enjoy to hunt at night.
The accessory sets(Some containing 20+ masks, or objects) are all fantastic looking, and sculpted and cost around 250-400 linden per PACK(not each). The Collars and cuffs are some of the best I have seen in second life, and are all fully scripted. Best of all, nearly every object in the entirety of the store is full Copy/Mod. Yes you can edit it as you see fit, this makes it a modders paradise. I personally love the freedom that is given with such things.
All in all the store is truly a wonder to visit, all should take a look at it. You can find things for any type of character, be they gorean, old world, monster, high fantasy, sci fi, steam punk, post apocalyptic or much, much more. There are often sales, and a permanant 50 Linden clearance board for those who wish something incredibly cheap, not to mention some of the most beautiful dollarbie macabre paintings around. I seriously advise you to take a wander down to lost haven, and be lost in their world for a while, I know I did. I leave you all with a photo of my mask, made and modified from one of the mask sets bought from Losthaven itself.

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