Friday, February 18, 2011

Perfect blue

Wandering around and getting wet and cold feet because of all the snow which is still near the beach. But this is the price of being well dressed. Kimono backside blueI love kimonos. And i love them even more when they are a bit special and different. This one is kind of a mix between a loli goth dress and a kimono. It comes with a fitting headdress, socks and shoes. Although i normaly use the shoes from the brown version of the dress. There are blue ones included but i like the ones from the brown one better.
kimono frontside blue
The textures of the dress are lovely. Shades of blue mixed with white. There are a lot of flowers in the print and the little bands for the socks are just lovely. And the socks are kept in place as well. The skirt has some lace and several layers of prims (its only one skirt but made of many prims). A system skirt was also used but the gap between the system skirt and the top gets covered with the obi so it looks fine.

The poses on the pictures are all contained in the Geisha AO from ## CI ## Animations. Its a great ao with many many poses. Included are also an ao which could be used with a fan (there are fans included) and one for parasols. The poses in the ao seem to be perfect for a kimono. That means the legs are very close to each other all the time so that they do not peek through. I have not tested the ao yet with a long kimono but i suppose it will be perfect for a long one as well. Using it with the short Kimono it looked very cute and elegant at the same time. And there are several versions of the ao included. So there is an extra version of the ao for smaller avis in the set.
kimono side blue
Dress: *Milky Kimono Yuki-Maihana BL Mini* (500 $)
Uses AO: ## CI ## Geisha AO (400$)

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