Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Another song title? yep the outfit is mostly deep blues and what do I think when I think blue? no not sea or sky but the song Blue by Joni Mitchell...sorry can't help it music is on my blood. Ok enough about music ..get a load of these tights!! oh how I love these tights which are a group gift at Luce. There is also a paler pair in the same gift which I shall be wearing as soon as I have finished this post!! The dress and bag come together as a gift by Label Mode at the Fashion Garret ( more bargains to blog about there but that's a whole other posts worth).

Dress & bag: Free gift from Label Mode @ > The fashion garret
Tight: Free group gift >Luce
Belt: Former FLF item > Miel
Shoes:Free lucky board item > Honey kitty

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