Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunting for a skirt

Being dressed nicely for a walk in the forest. Although the mushrooms grew a bit much lately. It is a nice walk. And its autumn. At least at Sanu where i took those pictures. What a great oposite to all the winter and summer sims at the moment. huntskirt 1The skirt and the short trousers are the hunt gift in the Hani 3rd anniversary Hunt. It takes place in all three shops of that store. In the main store are five bags hidden and in each of the satelite ones two. The price is the skirt on the upper picture and the trousers on the picture below. The trousers come in two forms. I liked this one better. The top was in a set from the Honey Kitty lucky board. I used it because i think a top like this one fits to the skirt and the trousers.
Hunttrousers1Hani also has some freebies and cheapies. For example this dress. It comes with two kinds of skirts and even kind of a sweater is included in the set. The dress is also on one of the lucky boards but if having to decide between paying 5 Linden for a dress and waiting to win its easier to pay instead of hanging around at a lucky board. I like exploring sims so i found a japanese sim today. In a mall on it i won those icecrystal wings.
5lindendressI have forgotten to blog the freebies from Sterling Artistry Eyes lately. So here a picture of one pair of the current freebie eyes. It is very dark but the eyes look like they are bright and shinging although being brown.
Items in this entry:
Skirt and Trousers: *Hani* 3rd hunt prize (0 $) (Satelitestore 1, Satelitestore 2)
Dress: *Hani* Ballerina Yoru > Happy (5$ or 0$ at the Lucky board)
Eyes and Nailpolish: Sterling Artistry February 2011 freebies!
Makeup: A:S:S - Guyliner (20 Linden)
Wings: +++ict+++ wing(W) (0$ Lucky board)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Le Papillion Noir, female (115$)

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