Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ferret of sheba

The ferret of ferrets sitting in its treasure room being busy with counting its gold and jewels. In a corner its being watched by a little mouse which can`t wait for the moment when the royal ferret is going to try to count the jewels on its back. I saw this jewelery for ferrets today and had to have it. Its made of two pieces. One is for the head and the other one for the body. Its made of many little gems and looks very pretty. There are also little golden pieces at the sides and the jewels are connected to each other with gold.
Jewelery: Izo's clothing for ferrets & otters : ferret of sheba (50 Linden)

Somapop and Diapop

I first heared of somapop and diapop when i was a noob, who had found the way to the flickr freebie groups. They had a set of trousers for 1 Linden and i loved them for that. Later i found out that the store has wonderful and uniqe basics which are great for combinations. And that it belongs to two people wich causes also the two brandnames. Many of the items from Somapop are unisex items. For example the t-shirts and the jeans. Its great how they manage to make the clothes look like being 3d with just using the system layers.

Top: [SP] cool as fuck shirt (0 Linden gift in both stores)
Trousers: [SP] spray girlsjeans (99 Linden)
Top: [SP] girls pulli (69 Linden)
Trousers: [SP] LL-R jeans cyan (99 Linden)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * mix 'no match ::punk:: blue (120 Linden)
Trousers: [DIAPOP] jeans green :: low rise (113 Linden)
Shoes: * [DIAPOP] * pointe* (160 Linden)

At the diapop gatcha it is possible to get nice antlers in different colours. What i really like are the comfy sweaters. They have a knit texture. Of course those sweaters are not only systemlayer tops. The sleves and some other parts are made of prims. The texturing of the trousers is also well done. So they look like they are really worn. For me thats something which makes Somapop and Diapop unique. They manage to make basic clothes which could be combined with a lot of other things.

Top: * [DIAPOP] * cherry coke (155 Linden)
Trousers: [SP] RNR HALF jeans light drt (99 Linden)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * mijn trui ::brown green:: (145 Linden)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * liv jeans (148 Linden)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * sakko ::tuxedo jacket:: (155 Linden)
Trousers: [DIAPOP] jeans green :: low rise (113 Linden)

When having a look at the new Somapop branch on the nam3less sim i met Soma and Dianne together with one of their neighbours in their store. So i used the chance for a quick interview. (Soma and Dianne are the ones without claws)

Dagmar Haiku: Because of which reasons did you choose your storenames and are you using a branding concept?
Soma and Dianne: Tinker Hax from Amflify came up with the idea from somapop. Soma his sl name and pop because pop is POP! And Diapop is the female side from Somapop

Dagmar Haiku: Many stores closed lately. What do you think about that development. Do you think only big brands have a chance in second life or do you think that smaller labels have a bigger success?
Soma and Dianne: We are not so busy with other shops, sure we love to shop here in sl but we like to find new small shops or new japanese shops, they are so talentend. And we think it's a pitty when people who worked hard for it have to close their shops, thats a shame. But we have no idea why shops are closing, private matters maybe? Or too much rent? Dagmar Haiku: How do you get the ideas for the outfits you build? Do you just create what you personally would like to wear in second life? Or are you trying to be trendy?
Dianne Peccable: We just build what we like to wear personally here...or what a friend wants from us ... we dont care about trends.. not even in rl...if Soma likes to wear/build a big pink fluffy hat... he'll do;)

Dagmar Haiku: You also work Dj from time to time. What was your favourite band when you have been 14 and whats your current favourite band?
Soma Mayo: as i was 14 my fav band was kiss and ramones and nothing still the ramones and so much more...from pop, to hardcorepunk
Soma Mayo: Dianne only Jantje Smith
Dianne Peccable: Nooooooooooo argh stopppp!
Dianne Peccable: The Strokes. Cage The Elephant. Dead Kennedys. Vampire Weekend. Caro Emerald. Anouk. Tiesto. Ramones... so so many I like. If I would be 14 again I would be so into my punk time again

Dagmar Haiku: What music did you listen when creating your last outfit?
Soma and Dianne: To songs from radio pepito. Dagmar Haiku: Dianne you are from the Netherlands, Soma you are german did you ever really argue because of football?
Soma Mayo: theres no problem for me bc the most Dutchies in final are referees ;) (last time was just an accident) and the dutchies who play in the german league are great!
Dianne Peccable: Yes I love to argue about football with him and I would kick him on his ass in sl if Germany would win from Holland in the finals .. but guess what, Germany wasnt in the final :P hahaha but Holland was! :D Poor Soma is still sick from that match! Dagmar Haiku: Is there anything you would like to add?
Soma and Dianne: Ofcourse our shop at sunrise dream....and the new place we run with our Italian friends, the nam3less sim, we have a great club, cool shops there ( Teddy696 Clowes from **KKPP** shop one of the best talented sculpters and scripters) and some nice vendors to rent.. we dj random parties here...or relax at the beach... you all are very welcome there

Dagmar Haiku: Thank you very much for the interview.

Somapop and Diapop take part in the creators pavilion Summer sale at the moment. So thats a chance to test the quality of their outfits without paying much. The yellow panda shirt always makes me smile somehow that panda looks very friendly. The harem trousers are from diapop and have laces at the side. The sheer shirt could either be worn with a bra under it or when being in private also without.

Top: [SP] panda shirt (69 Linden or 6 Linden at Creators Pavilion Summer Sale)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * harem trousers ::black:: (109 Linden or 95 Linden in a set with a grey top at the Creators Pavilion Summer Sale)
Top: * [DIAPOP] * Hand wash in cool water ( 131 Linden or 95 Linden in a set with grey harem trousers at the Creators Pavilion Summer Sale)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * harempants ::old pink:: (have been an hunt item im not sure if they are still available)

Getting ready

A day in the morning coat could make quite tired. So after having nuzzled for hours on the chaiselongue i managed to get over to the make-up table.First i used some lipstick. Of course in red.
Then i put on some eyeshadow.
But somehow it became rather colourful.
So while brushing my hair i got kind of a crisis and had to cry a bit. Because i m so untalented when it comes to makeup.
But i managed to calm down and to put on a decent dress. So after being glad with my nails i tried to put on a makeup again and it worked.
I even found a fitting necklace and decent high heels and managed to get out of the house without more crying. Hopeing that the evening would become a nice one.
The makeup table is from No strings attached. The item is exclusive to Copley Square Merchant Showcase that means its only available there and not in the other NSA stores. It comes with lots of different poses for putting the makeup on or to brush the hair or paint the nails. There are two versions of the table available a white one and one in a dark wood look. And the table comes with many many props. You could rezz and derezz the makeup stuff on the table but there are also props for holding in the hand included. For example the hairbrush or eyeliner.

The morning coat is from a:s:s. I love how luxory and comfy it looks just like any silken morning coat. I also used the guyliner makeup from that store. The flip flops have been in the beat clash hunt and i like them because they have those little skulls. The black dress is from icing and comes with the dragonfly brooch.

From time to time i look around at the KDC Mall. The necklace was on one of the lucky boards there. It comes in two versions (for different attachment points) and has a resize script. The mix of little diamonds and black and white stones is just nice.
Make-up table: 'NSA' Oh Vanity dressing table (light) (200 Linden)

Morningcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)
Necklace: KDC cupid onyx necklace (0 Linden Lucky board)
Dress: * *ICING* Femme en Noir (295 Linden)
Flipflops: *deviant girls* : *dg* BCH hotflop (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Makeup: A:S:S - Guyliner (20 Linden)

Friday, September 3, 2010

60 Linden weekend with Ezura

Standing around and trying to look cool in a short green dress. But only managing to look like being pounting. The green dress will be in the 60 Linden weekend at Ezura this weekend. It comes with two skirts (for different attachment points) and on all layers. Dress: + ezura + Chahta Lolita Dress *Green (60 Lindens at the 60 Linden weekend)

The dress will be also available in brown and blue. I like very much how well the golden textures go with all the colours of the dress.
Dress: + ezura + Chahta Lolita Dress *Brown (60 Lindens at the 60 Linden weekend)

The blue used for the blue dress reminds me a bit on yves klein blue although its a bit to dark for that but only a bit. The skirts of all three dresses come with a resize script so they fit any avi (well not tinies or only with a lot of work).
Dress: + ezura + Chahta Lolita Dress *Blue (60 Lindens at the 60 Linden weekend)

Three wise monkeys

Normaly i always write little stories with the poses from No Strings Attached. But thats tricky when you don't speak. So no story to the three wise monkey poses from NSA. Its a log which let me think of those pictures with the black frame and a short sentence under them. The guys from 22769 are currently working on a surprise for the german national holiday. So when seeing their project in work and showing them the pose we made the picture below.
The log comes in two versions. One is the group one. The other is one for the single poses.

Pose: 'NSA' - Three Wise Monkeys (50 Linden for rocking friday)


Captain was not in a good mood today. Her mate accidentally navigated the ship off course.
It was not entirely the ship mate's fault as they later discovered the dials had been tampered with. As always, Captain was having a hard time getting through to her.
So repairs were made and they returned to their familiar route and Captain was calm once again ;)
Xelyn and Dagmar are both wearing designs from 22769. The one Dagmar is wearing is part of the "What's Your Sign Hunt" which starts tomorrow 9/4.
On Dagmar:
22769's Casual Couture - Scorpio (WYS-Huntgift 0L$)
On Xelyn:
"Yoshi" from 22769 (330L$)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I don't normally get this dressed-up so I decided to make up for lost time. Do I not look like I exude maximum opulence? Well, I certainly felt like I did after a night out wearing this outfit. This is D-Designs' offer for the upcoming 60 Linden Weekend. It's usually boxed as part of a collection with two other outfits -BUT- this weekend you have the opportunity to purchase just this silk jumpsuit for only 60 Lindens at D-Designs. So, I suggest you get your groove on and be sure to add this to your "to do" list for the weekend because this deal outshines all others.



They knew that their clothes would be soon very dirty. But they didn t mind. All what was important at the moment were sharp swords and that none of their foes would manage to get on the wall.Crayon design released asian inspired outfits named Mandarin today. The look of those combinations is amazing. One part of the top looks like being made by silk and the other part like being made of cotton with some patterns in it. Included in the set are trousers. The belt which is looking through is painted on the belt. As seeable on the picture Mandarin looks good on both genders. The set is available in four colours. The ones on the picture below and in red.
Left: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Green (60 Linden)
Middle: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Purple (60 Linden)
Right: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Black (60 Linden)

Storm wears also:
Skin: [Buried] - Fate II (fair)
Eyes: np - Lunar Eyes (aqua)
Hair: -Lotus- - LAX (black)
Feet: SLink BareFeet Mens - Adam
Tattoo: AITUI - Aka Hyou /sleeves/
Pants: [][]Trap[][] Black Lace Pants
Armbands: Sinistyle - J Bracelets
Weapons: Kimagawa Katana n5


A snakeskin jacket on SL with vibrant textures and lustre? You betcha! Everyone knows I'm a reptile lover both SL & RL so as soon as I saw this jacket I HAD TO HAVE IT. Dress it up or dress it down it's an essential versatile jacket for Fall.
22769 Snake Skin Jacket
Xelyn is wearing:
22769's Snake Skin Jacket (L$90)
Ultimate Red Jeans by 22769 (L$70)
Harness Top by +DV8+ (L$0 Twisted Hunt)

[bathing after dawn]


LaVie I

"Has anybody seen the maid with the hot water?"

LaVie II

"If you meet her, please tell her to hurry. I'm starting to freeze in here..."


Skin: LaVie - Echo/ Dragon Tattoo Skin (groupgift in store, 250L$ joining fee)
Hair: [ploom] - Ashly (former Stumblebum item)
Eyes: MADesigns - SOUL eyes (blue)
Prop: Glitterati - Bathtub (freebie)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pick Your Poison


It's just pixels.


Shop N326 (in the Love sim) sells cigarettes. Not a new thing in Second Life, but I do love when an object such as cigs are made with such care and knowledge, you'll pay the price set just to have a copy.

The two types of cigarettes included in the product.

See the carts behind me? They all work the same (slight nsfw warning), but come in different designs. You can have fun picking your favorite cigarette label, or try a new flavor you might otherwise never be able to purchase.


The shop carts even have fun decorations. Check out the doctor who actually recommends you light up.


The carton fits in your pocket, so your friends can bum some off of you when they'd like. The owner of the cigarette object also gets their own smoking animation to keep.

Speaking of pockets, check out these jeans from 22769. The Ultimate Jeans, they come in a great array of colors. Three of my favorite shades are shown here:

Snapshot_205 Snapshot_204 Snapshot_206
In order of appearance: Ultimate Jeans original, leather, and black.

Check out 22769 for more great products, as well as the rest of Love sim, a Japanese shopping area with quirky stuff. Both have a lot to offer.


Jeans: 22769 Ultimate Jeans, 70L
Shirt: Beggar's Banquet BBT Shirt 050, Discontinued
Cigarette: Shop N326 Cigarette Box, 326L.

Disclaimer: Smoking virtually isn't going to kill you. But if you're an adult and you still think this is true for real life, there's really nothing I can tell you.

Two freebies before sleep

Just before going to bed two freebies.
**em** have rebuilt their store. There are now two camping chairs in the store. On one of them i won this white lace top. It is very cute. I think its also possible to wear it as dress. Top: ****em**** Crochet Tank top IC BOX (0 Linden 15 mins camping)

Likka house takes part in the twisted hunt. I was expecting a dollie dress but was surprised with a hot black lingerie like outfit. It comes with a vest and some bands for the legs. The hat with the tree was also included in the gift. It is quite heavy but keeps you walking decently and not like a slacker.
Outfit: LIKKA*HOUSE Lonely Night (Female) (0 Linden twisted hunt)

Short visit at SD Wears

Today i went to SD Wears because i wanted to slap the midnight mania board. I also managed to do that - you have to be quick it has a low target so its always full very early.

I looked around and found this red orange dress stunning. It has some black textures on the skirt and i like the autumn like colours. Somehow it also reminds on a pirate dress. The cut is asymetric and it has a wide opening at the side. This might be very useful for example when you need to let grow the hair on one of your legs this dress would allow you to hide the hairy leg and to show the shaved one. Dress: SD Vestige Gown Sun (175 Linden)

I also got me a sheer top. It comes on the shirt layer. So you could either wear it with a bra under it to show off your underwear. Or you wear it without anything under it. For example if you go to the supermarket and you are in hurry. So men might allow you to go in front of them to be able to see you walking and the women might allow you that to make their guys only see your back. The green skirt is from icing.
Top: SD Mimo Blouse (New York) (75 Linden)
Skirt: * *ICING* Summer Cruise Redux (not free but also not very expensive)

asymmetric elegance

Standing at home and stretching a bit before going out in a rather elegant dress. I like the idea of moving the holders together so that one shoulder is bare. The dress comes with a golden necklace and golden wristlets.The dress also looks elegant at the back. The two suspenders are put into one there. What i find very nice is the blue oriental pattern on the dress.
Dress: Fierce : **DESIRE (299 Linden)

If you like to test Fierce first before buying something there. There are many midnight mania boards around in that store. There is even one with a 500 Linden giftcard. So you could test even what you like before opening your purse.

Dressed for museum

Sitting on bench, being a bit tired and staring at a white wall. The BOUTIQUE COCO & CO is going to close. So all items there are reduced and there are some freebies. I liked the provocation outfit best. Its perfect for visiting a gallery or a museum.
There are two dresses in the set. The black white one from above and a white lace like dress.
Outfit: BOUTIQUE COCO & CO : Provocation I & II (0 Linden)

Fall with 22769

Spending some time in the garden and jumping into the leaves.
Its nice that its autum now. The falling leaves make those nice sounds.
But unfortunatly they are also a bit wet. So i needed to change my clothes.
The tanktop, jacket and trousers are a cheapie from 22769 to welcome autum. The jacket is sheer with leaves on the on the bits. I also like the tanktop. Its well combineable with other outfits. The striped trousers are great. The wide sweater and the black white trousers are an other autum item from 22769. I like the wide collar very much.
White/red: 22769 Fall Kick Off Outfit (10 Linden)
Sweater: 22769 casuacl couture Ethnic Comfi Jumper (90 Linden)
Black/white trousers: 22769 casuacl couture Black and White Stripe Jeans (90 Linden)
You also could buy the sweater and the trousers together for 160 Linden.