Sunday, August 29, 2010


A few weeks ago i found this amazing little store... and quickly I fall in love..
I have to admited, when it came to clothes, shoes, purses and everything related with what I wear, I really demanding and picky, and this store make me really really happy... and the designer is such a sweetheart.. so if you want to buy some really well made clothes, for excellent prizes... run all the way out till ZuuMania and discover another way to look amazing.....

This is what i'm wearing...

Hotie.. L$75

Justice, it cames in with different layers so you can play with it; 3 available colors: purple, red
and green... L$125 each one

Camo Punk. 5 available colors for the shorts: gray, green, orange, purple and yellow. It cames
also with the pasties, but i personal prefer it like that :) L$100 for all the colors

Corset Dress. Beautifull Gown, it cames with a beautifull headband that matches L$150.

and of course here is your tp.. ZuuMania

[In all the pics i used Black Maria Hair [all mohawks are free] & Curio Skin [non free but beautifull]]


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