Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steampunk heroine

The bluered steampunk heroine flying around to find somebody she could help.When landing she sees some birds and tells them how to fly. She directs them with her hands. But the birds somehow do not respect her authority and fly how they like.
So she decides to help humans and searches for a high spot. From there she shoots little fire balls at the cigarettes of pedestrian to keep them from smoking. When she sits alone at home she always wonders why she is so unpopular. But she hasn't found the reason for that yet.
The third steampunk hunt will start tomorrow. The hero outfit will be the gift from 22769. It comes with great red gloves and somehow reminds me on the covers of the thor comics. The belt comes with a resize script.

Outfit: 22769 vintage - steamhunt 3 huntgift TAH (0 Linden hunt gift)

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