Thursday, September 2, 2010


They knew that their clothes would be soon very dirty. But they didn t mind. All what was important at the moment were sharp swords and that none of their foes would manage to get on the wall.Crayon design released asian inspired outfits named Mandarin today. The look of those combinations is amazing. One part of the top looks like being made by silk and the other part like being made of cotton with some patterns in it. Included in the set are trousers. The belt which is looking through is painted on the belt. As seeable on the picture Mandarin looks good on both genders. The set is available in four colours. The ones on the picture below and in red.
Left: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Green (60 Linden)
Middle: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Purple (60 Linden)
Right: CRAYON DESIGN : MANDARIN - Black (60 Linden)

Storm wears also:
Skin: [Buried] - Fate II (fair)
Eyes: np - Lunar Eyes (aqua)
Hair: -Lotus- - LAX (black)
Feet: SLink BareFeet Mens - Adam
Tattoo: AITUI - Aka Hyou /sleeves/
Pants: [][]Trap[][] Black Lace Pants
Armbands: Sinistyle - J Bracelets
Weapons: Kimagawa Katana n5

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