Monday, August 30, 2010

Spying on ghosts

I like monocles a lot. Some are playful, some are elegant and some are just built for purpose. But this one from the current madpea hunt is different. It looks more like being made to see things you can`t see with your own eyes. Maybe to watch ghosts dancing or elves hiding in the long floors of an old castle to spook trespasser with innocent plans. The monocle comes from super possessed a store which amazes with great details and lots of creativity. Monocle: Super Possessed - Monocles (0 Linden Mad mushroom hunt)

So such a Monocle needs fitting accessories. For example a pretty dress which fits well to it. In my opinion this gown from KWZ looks great with the Monocle.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Noir & Rouge (500 Linden)

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