Wednesday, September 1, 2010

asymmetric elegance

Standing at home and stretching a bit before going out in a rather elegant dress. I like the idea of moving the holders together so that one shoulder is bare. The dress comes with a golden necklace and golden wristlets.The dress also looks elegant at the back. The two suspenders are put into one there. What i find very nice is the blue oriental pattern on the dress.
Dress: Fierce : **DESIRE (299 Linden)

If you like to test Fierce first before buying something there. There are many midnight mania boards around in that store. There is even one with a 500 Linden giftcard. So you could test even what you like before opening your purse.


  1. I was close to getting that dress but wasn't sure how it would look. Looks fabulous on you!

  2. I got it twice by mistake and as all their stuff is non copy but trans you could have one of them if you like.

  3. Heheh, I was just in-world but had to log off due to phone calls. I didn't see you on. But yes, pass it on if you have duplicate and I will take a look, I have gift card in exchange if you'd like :)