Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late revenge

Commander Maria Lindsey was pirate by birth and captain by accident. She was the daughter of Commodore Benjamin Geare and she spend the most time of her life with hating him desperatly. But she pretended to be a good daughter. She even laughed with him about old stories. Like the face of her mother when he sold her to the most dirty brothel he had ever seen. Maria did her best not to let her father recognize that she was also female. She fought like a man, was able to drink more than a sailor and even the old parrot of the mate blushed when she told a joke. But deep inside she hated and waited. When the chance came she took it. She never understood why her father was the captain of a ship and couldn t swim but she knew to use that fact. So she pushed him from board when they entered a ship. They made lots of money with that ship and when the crew recognized that the captain was gone they made Maria to their new captain. One of her first action as captain was sending the crew from board. Then she started to inspect the ship. She looked for a long time at the throne of her father.
She spend about half an hour with the throne then there was nothing left of it. But Maria felt much better.
This is a look of the day post. The coat was a gift in the go4goal hunt from LnL. Its just amazing how great the textures are. There was a female and a male version of the coat in the gift.
I do not know if the coat is now sold by LnL. But the store is worth a look. The textures of the outfits which are sold there are just amazing. At the store also some events take place from time to time.
The hat and the cane are from cogoo. The poses are also a gift from Cogoo a nice small store in the wastelands.

Hat: [[[COGOO]]] Captain hat (80 Linden)
Cane: [[[COGOO]]] Birdskull cane (0 Linden groupgift)

The pirate names came from this site: Pirate names.

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