Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter season

Walking through the world the Season changes her appearance as she likes to. In Winter she loves just to walk around looking like a living crystal made of ice and snow.
When people get to close to her she disguises as snowwoman. Standing still and hoping that nobody would touch her.
In Spring, Summer and Fall she still wears the winter on herself. Pretty gown full with snowflowers.
Never melting but always there.
Even in summer when she wears black to feel the heat even more the flowers are still on her skirt.
But dancing through the summer she usually forgets them until is it time for fall.
The items in this entry are from two amazing stores, Fallen Gods inc. and Ezura. The crystal skin is the gift from the Fallen Gods Fortune teller. Its a great skin coming with modesty parts so that you even could be in a pg sim more or less naked.
The snowwoman dress is the current groupgift from Ezura. The idea to creat such a dress is cute and its a pretty dress. I like the ruffles and the knots on the front.
The three flower dresses are named Winter night. As they come from Ezura they are wearable in many different ways. For example you could just wear one layer of the top what will make it look like lace. Or you wear as shown on the pictures all layers. The top of the gowns is just pretty. Its either possible to wear the dress just with a necklace which is also included in the set or with a collar with inbuilt necklace. Both versions are lovely.

Skin: CRYSTAL +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortune Edition (0 Linden lucky fortune)

Red Dress: + ezura + Winter Night Set *Red (488 Linden for groupmembers 200 Linden at the moment)
Green Dress: + ezura + Winter Night Set *Green (488 Linden for groupmembers 200 Linden at the moment)
Black Dress: + ezura + Winter Night Set *Black (488 Linden for groupmembers 200 Linden at the moment)

Snowwomandress: + ezura + XMas Dec VIP Gift (1 Linden for groupmembers)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Butterfly in the net

She once had a name. When she was a spirit of nature. Before she got attracted by the thoughts of the humans. So her way of being changed a lot. She spend all her time in the sphere the humans just called the "web" but for she it was much more. Walking around she felt the sadness in the message a young soldier sent to his girlfriend at home. At other places she could feel something like cold information or warm emotions full of love.
But one day it felt like something was tickling her feet. Her skin started to change its colour. She thought she had forgotten all feelings which felt like that.
She tried to get more informations standing with her feet on an information stream.
But it was to much for her. She had to lay down for a moment. Her skin changed even more it looked like golden magma would search its way through her cells.
Finally she managed to found what caused her confusion. It was a butterfly. She had no plan how it managed to get into the web. But she knew that it would be her task to get it out of that place.
Standing in the sparkling moonshine she made her first steps on real ground. Nearly holding herself at the butterfly instead of carrying it. The feeling of real ground was something she nearly had forgotten. But she enjoyed it.
Fallen Gods inc. released the irradiate electric skins about a week ago. Unfortunatly the halloween fortune teller had a leak so some elementals got radiated. But well they look great. The electric ones remind me very much on being living in the internet so i spend some time in the internet at Insilico taking pictures. For those i used the glowing body attachments fitting to the skins. I doubt that i need to add that the skin have the same quality as all items from Fallen Gods inc. have. If they wouldn t they wouldn t be sold. The irradiate electric skins are available in 10 looks. I love the one called grid. It has scars in the face so that i first thought about a story where the scars would be kind of the logo of a gang of outsider elementars.

Skins: IRRADIATE xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ELECTRIC (990 Linden one skin, 5600 Linden for the fatpack with 10 skins and a facetattoo)
Glowing : GLOWING BODY +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (100 Linden)

Butterfly: -RC- Cluster : Butterfly Release (100 Linden)

on big heels

Walking around on some really high heels and being a bit in trouble as they are also tooo big. To even the odd the dress is way to short and way to small. Outfit: PARADISIS Excess Leather : GREEN (Boxed) (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Shoes and pocket: P3 Zebra print heel RED (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Nuuna's skin do not only sell very pretty and unexpensive skins, from time to time they also put out a nice freebie. At the moment its some face tattoos. The pink shirt comes from mr. poet and is also a freebie. The boxers are the monthly gift from vitamen. The eyes are also a monthly gift. They come of course from Sterling Artistry.

Face tattos: Nuuna's tatto layer makeups Freebies (0 Linden)
Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Hakka printed cloth coat (0 Linden)
Boxers: VITAMEN Monthly Freebie on Dec @ House (0 Linden)
Hair left: Levilexia Blonde Fire Spezial Color *Battle Angel* (0 Linden was a groupgift via subscriber im not sure if you could still get it)
Hair right: Exile Rina/Chocolate Swirl (0 Linden was a groupgift via subscriber im not sure if you could still get it)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry December Freebies (0 Linden)

[ancient times love]

This is my entry for Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge '52 Weeks of Color' - and it was sepia-week! Time for me to harvest through some really old pictures and show you that true love indeed stands the test of time.

[ancient times love]

On Photos:
Skin: KENTO Cherish_T4 - Pure
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Formal dress shoes
Suit: Gaslights Emporium - Sepia dinner suit
Monocle: Gaslights Emporium - Elegant monocle
Cane: Gaslights Emporium - Statesman's cane
Pipe: [kusshon] - Tobacco pipe with smoke
Hair: [Shag] - Animal Nitrate
Eyes: A:S:S - Sparkles in your eyes II

On Storm:
Skin: Hermony - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls** - 04
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar Eyes
Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ sweeney 08'
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] - Riding Boots

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[pants for huntfans]

Just stopping by to show you some of the pants I collected at the numerous hunts going on at the moment.

Left: .:Acid & Mala:. - Urban Pants (A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt)
Middle: ::LikeA:: - Denim Camouflage (A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt)
Right: {paper.doll} - EmilyTrousers (Zombiepopcorn Hunt)

The hair worn in the picture is a gift from [Anaphora] for the 'Very Depraved Christmas' - Hunt.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Couturier's Loft for women

As Storm wrote the Couturier's Loft is a store where german designers sell special items to a special price. Although i heared that also stores from austria could take part if they got some great items and like to take part.
One of my favourite german stores, Ibizzare, sells a dress at the Couturier's Loft which is normaly sold for 220 Linden for 80 Linden. Its a purple dress with a cut which normly lets every body look pregnant. Well this dress does not. The shoes are from Magnifico and got very high heels. The crazy hair is resizeable and has many little things on it. Its kind of funny that Womens Dreamy Body shop sell a skin at the Loft which goes so well with the hair. The skin has smokey eyes. The Jewlery comes from the Virus Collection. Its a set with many parts and a hud so that you could either wear it with bling or without and you even could decide which items should have bling and which not. The sweater is resizeable and has a nice texture. Its great that the primpart of it is made so well that its nearly invisible where it starts. The jeans have been blogged by Storm allready. They belong to the set from 22769.

Trousers: 22769 - Destroyed Denim Outfit (100 Linden)
Top: [Cynful] - The Ari Sweater - The Couturiers Loft Special (70 Linden)
Hair: The Celtic Cruix : Crazy Hair (99 Linden)
Skin: WDB Special Skin "Sadie" Smokey -for TCL- (100 Linden)
Jewlery: Virus Collection Jewelry Set - 13 - Special Edition - Onyx (98 Linden)
Shoes: Magnifico : [ m ] Plateau Heel (Black) (100 Linden)
Dress: Ibizarre Rhinestone Dress (violet) (80 Linden)


Spending some time with the scapegoat in the garden to train it. If somebody wants for example an expensive laptop as x-mas gift he will be told while he is just opening his gift (inside will be 5 pairs of socks) that the scapegoat ate the laptop and that there wasn t enough money left to buy a new one. Unfortunatly sometimes it really eats x-mas gifts. The 22769 adventcalendar is going on. In the next week there will be two cute trousers and a lot of sweaters or t-shirts in it. The outfit on the first picture will be a gift in the candy cane hunt. The blue scarf and the candy cane are also gifts in the calendar and so are the x-mas horns.

Outfits all are free and from 22769 so here the list:
T-shirt: 22769 advent calendar - december 13 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
Candy cane: 22769 advent calendar - december 10 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
Jeans: 22769 advent calendar - december 08 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
Scarf: 22769 advent calendar - december 12 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
2: 22769 candy cane 2 huntgift
3: top: 22769 advent calendar - december 11 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
4: top: 22769 advent calendar - december 09 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
Trousers: 22769 advent calendar - december 14 (0 Linden Advent calendar)
5: top: 22769 advent calendar - december 07 (0 Linden Advent calendar)

[the couturier's loft for men]

The Couturier's Loft is a new event that features only German designers. Every two weeks, the offered goodies are being exchanged, and nothing costs more than 100 L$, which is a real steal deal if you have a closer look at the quality offered. I'm showing you 22769's contribution today, a full outfit called 'Destroyed Denim' that you can snatch up for just 100 L$.

Their offer consists of a ripped jeans with sculpted cuffs and a big, leathern belt, a texture-change leg bandana (you can pick between green, blue or red) and a petrol-blue shaded shirt with an interesting sleeve solution. The white embroidery on front and back gives it a nice, ethnic touch and adds a delightful contrast to this urban looking outfit.

Outfit: 22769 - Destroyed Denim Outfit (at The Couturier's Loft)
Shoes: *DECO* - Test Boots Brassy

Monday, December 6, 2010

[warmth in black and white]

This stunning pea coat in tweed is the generous Christmas gift from +KiiToS!!+ that comes in male and female version and is available in store until Dec. 31st. Afterwards, make sure to stop by at ::[Mr.Poet]:: to grab the colour-changeable scarf for free and you're perfectly prepared for the next batch of snow!

[warmth in black and white]

Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls** 05
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar Eyes

Jacket: +KiiToS!!+: Pea Coat *Tweed* (free)
Pants: Armidi Limited - Low Rise Chinos
Scarf: ::[Mr.Poet]:: Wide Scarf (free)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hope everyone is having a wonderful SL Holiday Season!

Nordic Knit Dress by 22769
Nordic Knit Dress by 22769 L$55 for the fab free x-mas shopping tour. This item is Transferable great for gift-giving.
Stockings by LeeZu (December Gift L$0)
Boots by Bukka (past lucky chair item L$0)

Hard to choose

No Strings Attached takes part in the taste of SL again. This weekend the theme was favourite Things. So instead of putting her favourite out for sale, NSA sells a 200 Linden giftcard for only 100 Linden. So it was really hard to decide what to buy. But i always wanted to have this cute couple pose. So i used my chance and bought it. Its called "and so they lived" and perfect for reading stories.
Pose: 'NSA' - And They Lived... (220 Linden)

NSA also take part in the zombie popcorn hunt. The prize is a cute x-mas photoset. Its a frame which is worn on the hud so if you take screenshots on with having the hud option checked (so that you also take a picture of the stuff on the hud) you get a cute x-mas frame on the picture. Included are also a gift and a berret. By the way the outfit Paco wears on the pictures will be sold by 22769 in the Couturiers Loft.
Pose, Frame, Gift and Berret: 'NSA' - ZombiePopcorn Hunt 03 Prize (0 Linden)

Shopping for the free

Standing at home and wondering if i shrank. But then recognizing that the loss in height was only caused by flat shoes.The purple sweater is the current groupgift from mnk. There is not much to say about it. Its like all stuff from mnk. Cute, well made and with uncommon textures. The trousers are a gift from Urban Girl.
Top: MNK*group gift :: Frill cami (0 Linden)
Trousers: :: Urban Girl :: Gift
(0 Linden)

So here some more freebies. The hair is from trico. The one on the left and the right side are on the lucky board and the one in the middle is the x-mas groupgift. I love the idea of putting butterflys on the hair. The black top on the left side is a great gift from Badoura Design. The designer is one of the few who really could deal with the colour black. The trousers and the top in the middle are from the Sassy Kitty Midnight mania board. They are sexy, the trousers are very short and the top has a nice cut with a pretty pattern. The top on the right is a groupgift from Courious Kittens. The bags and all the poses used in this blog entry come from croire. The poses are funny and you could always use a bag for putting your new items in.
Hair: :::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOAD LIA (RED) BOXED
(0 Linden)
Top: BADOURA DESIGN Sybil (0 Linden gift) (0 Linden)
Trousers: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Low Unbuttoned Jeans Grey (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Hair: :::{{trico}}::: x'mas gift (BOXED)
(0 Linden)
Top: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Floreal Tops Grey (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Hair: :::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOAD 2 (light brown2) BOXED
(0 Linden)
Top: *C:K* *UPDATE GROUP GIFT* Tyrallen Tops (0 Linden)

Bags: Croire: Floral Totes (90 Linden for one colour (they come in two versions one for the shoulder and one for the hand) and 360 Linden for the fatpack)
Croire: it's casual , aw, shucks , pretty chilly (those are pose fatpacks and cost 75 Linden or 15 Linden for one pose)