Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancing *ENCEMBLE*

Having a dance on a giant turntable in sweet dresses from *ENCEMBLE*. But sadly this will be only possible till the end of this month. The store is going to close at the 31th of May. Thats at least what i understood with the help of a translation program.
Left: *ENCEMBLE*lleria Set*Black*OPEN Gift*PigSight (1 Linden)
Right: *ENCEMBLE*Item Camp#4*Shanty Set*Purple* (20 Minutes camping)
Trousers: (Slow Kitchen)Mannish_pants(red) (15 minutes camping)
Turntable: Yellow Snow : *YS* Turn Table (Midnight mania board)

So here a picture of a freebie mix from Encemble. They are a mix of groupgifts, lucky board and camping items. The green trousers are a camp item from the next store slow kitchen.

Dresses: mixed freebies from Encemble
Green trousers: (Slow Kitchen)Mannish_pants(Green) (15 minutes camping)

News from 22769

22769 have lots of new stuff since today. This black outfits is the gift from the fallen angels hunt. I like that it looks good as set but that the parts are also well combineable with other stuff. I see that as one of the major qualities of this store. I also like that the clothes seem to be made for men but fit both genders well.
Outfit: 22769 Fallen Angels Huntgift (0 Linden)

This is the monthly groupgift. Its a batik shirt with a bit torn jeans. As the hippie outfit fits so well to the hippie pose and props from the chanimations lucky chair the guys from 22769 even asked me to model it for them so my male me has managed to get on the official picture of the outfit *brag* *brag* *brag*.
Outfit: 22769 groupgift may 2010 (0 Linden)
Pose and props: (*chanimations "A Retro-Valentine's" (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

22769 take part in the myth and legends hunt 2. For this they made this hermes outfit. As vain female i was unwilling to wear the hermes helmet as it destroyed my hairstyle. But as man i was willing to wear it. I love the tone of brown they used for this outfit. It looks great with the gold.
Outfit: 22769 Myths And Legends 2 Huntgift - Hermes (0 Linden)

And 22769 made a new outfit for women. Its a steampunkthemed outfit but it works also well as hippie outfit. Here a similar brown tone like at the hermes outfit got used. I had to giggle when i saw the tramplike hat.
Here its more easy to see the gloves. In my opinion its amazing how well the browns and red and orange fit together. The skirt comes with an resize script.
Outfit: 22769 vintage luzie (390 Linden)
Poses and Props: (*chanimations Gift Spring 2010 - "SingBird" (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

Cute skirts

I love mnk the textures of the stuff from that store are just superb. So I stalked their lucky boards and got two nice skirts.

This skirt is on the lucky board in their store at Switch. The shirt is the latest groupgift from Somapop. If you click on the picture you might be able to read the text on it. The socks are a dollarbie from Crayon Design and they are tintable wich is quite useful.
Skirt: MNK*Lucky Item! _Flower embroidered skirt _line (0 Linden)
Top: [SP] cool as fuck shirt (groupgift 0 Linden)
Socks: Crayon Design - White detailed Stockings tintable! (1 Linden)

This is the skirt from the lucky board in the mnk mainstore. The shirt is also from Somapop. I love the panda. It looks very cute but i suppose it has also an evil side.
Skirt: MNK*SHOP Lucky item(Retro skirt pumpkin2) (0 Linden)
Shirt: [SP] panda shirt (69 Linden)

Myth and Legends Hunt 2

Today the myth and legends hunt started. Here is a link to the blog with the hints.

This is the gift from Mystic hope. It contains a gown for women and a suit for men. They fit very well together so it might be a good idea to wear the outfits when going dancing together.
Outfit: Mystic Hope : M&L Hunt Gift Men - Sir Transylvania (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ : Andor Hair - Sapphire (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Boots: .::Delirium:: Fallen Angel Mens Boots (MHO 0 Linden)
Dress: Mystic Hope : M&L Hunt Gift Women - Lady Transylvania
Hair: Magika - Juliette (B&W: Midnight) (0 Linden)

These set looks rather nice but when you have a closer look at the textures of the outfits your skin starts to itch. The cloth looks like it is rather itchy. But beside this the outfits have both very well made textures - they wouldn t be well made if they wouldn t cause the feeling of itching skin - and also those outfits are great as they fit so well together. The dress is build on an intresting way. The upper part is a prim.
Dress: Romance in Prims : Royal (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)
Suit: Romance in Prims : Royal (0 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Akin Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)

Those butterfly wings are the gift from *The Faerie Wind*. Just when i went to the store i saw a lot of people and found out that they have been there to get the dress which is seeable on the picture. Its a gift for the members of Fab Free group.
Dress: *The Faerie Wind* : Paula Complete Outfit (Fab free gift 0 Linden)
Wings: *The Faerie Wind* M&L Hunt Gift (0 Linden)
Shoes: Caverna Obscura : May Groupgift (0 Linden)


Some days ago a small store has opened. The name of it is *Kawaii*. And so are the outfits from this store. This is a subscriber item from this store. The textures of the pants are very nice.

Outfit: *Kawaii* - Group Gift (Subscriber gift)
Tattoo, Tail and Ears: Dreams - Dark Katz Hunt (0 Linden)

Very pretty are those saris from the store. They come with shiny textures. Its possible to wear the shawl either around your neck or over your shoulder. Or wear the outfit without the shawl.
Dresses: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dresses (Fatpack 1000 Linden)
1: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Torquoise Blue) (140 Linden)
2: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Brilliant Rose) (140 Linden)
3: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Persimmon) (140 Linden)
4: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Dark Salmon) (140 Linden)
5: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Alizarin) (140 Linden)
6: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Forest Green) (140 Linden)
7: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Aqua) (140 Linden)
8: *Kawaii* -Vivaah Choli Dress (Byzantium) (140 Linden)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pam, pam, pam

a chicken tries to escape its rider. So it runs and runs but the tiny elephant has no mercy. It stays on the chicken and forces it to carry its heavy rider. But at least the elephant is dressed well in its flower dress.
Dress: :Twilight: Summer Tiny (75 Linden) (comes with the hat)
Chicken: Flights of Fantasy - Ridable Chicken - Shady Chicken (Midnight mania)

Here a picture of the dress on a model with more fur. The dress needs only 3 attatchment points, so its possible to ride on the chicken and still be decently dressed. Its also possible to get fitting sunglasses to the dress. The wings came with a rfl donation item from the fantasy faire from lil'verse.
Glasses: :Twilight: Tiny Sunglasses (pink glitter) (5 Linden)

The adventurous dragon

A dragon sneaked out of the water. It wiggled it claws for a moment in the water. Then it started to roam around.
After a while it found a shiny treasury box. So it crawled into the box. And searched in it.
At the end it found a pretty dress and decided to run home again.
The tiny dragon avatar is the gift from Sterling Artistry from the Dragon Hunt. In my opinion its the best gift in the whole hunt. The avatar works with the normal huds for tinies (Tinymations + tiny couple animations from abranimations) and is just lovely. It comes with two kinds of heads - a smoking one and one without smoke. So hurry to Sterling Artistry Eyes and search for the hatching dragon to become a dragon yourself.
Avatar: Sterling Artistry : sa Li'l Dragon tiny avatar, green/orange (Dragonhunt gift 0 Linden)

This gown is an other gift from the dragonhunt. Its pretty but well nothing is more fun than a small dragon.

Dress: :KR: The Dragon - Mandarin gown (Dragonhunt gift 0 Linden)


LeeZu! sent out an amazing gown as gift to their subscribers.
It is also possible to wear it as short dress. I love the textures of the top.
Dress: [LeeZu!] Noell Sculpted Dress/rust GROUPGIFT

This gown is also amazin. Its named Queen of the night and a midnight mania gift from C & M Designs.
Dress: ..:::C&M DEsignS:::.. Queen Of The Night (midnight mania board)

Cloaked again

Its always a good thing to wear a cloak while praying. Expecially when the cloak is as well made as this leather cloak from caverna obscura.
The cloak is an item in the lost lamb hunt and very tricky hidden. But its worth to search the lamb. It comes as the last groupgift from caverna obscura with the possibility to wear the hood on the head and hide the hood on the coat.

Cloak: Caverna Obscura Loony Lambs Hunt Gift (0 Linden)
Altar: (*chanimations asianMasala - "A Special Blessing" (0 Linden Lucky chair gift)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The vain princess

Once upon a time there was a tiny elephant princess.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Amethyst (350 Linden)

She was a very vain princess.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Coal (350 Linden)

So she demanded a gown in the colour of a gem everyday from her subjects.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Sapphire (350 Linden)

If they didn t obey she sprayed water over them.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Dawn (350 Linden)

So one day she wore a dress which was green like an emerald.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Folage (350 Linden)

The next day her gown had the colour of a ruby.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Ruby (350 Linden)

One day she even wore a dress which was shiny as a diamond, but she made it very dirty.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Snow (350 Linden)

But the day she wore a sapphire gown in the colour of the water of a lagoon in the begining afternoon something unexpected happend to her.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Tiny - Ocean (350 Linden)

She met a magus who was on a journey. She thought that it was one of her subjects so she demanded "i want a gown in all colours of the rainbow from you". The magus simply said "no". So she became angry and started to spray water at him.
The magus stroked for a moment over his beard and pushed then his staff into the ground.
The princess got more angry and sprayed water at him. But it was to late a mighty spell started to work on her.
When the red clouds disappeard she had to recognize that she had a completly different shape. She had become human. The magus had been so kind to transform not only her he also transformed her dress so she wasn`t naked.
Angry she wanted to spray at the magus but he laughed and handed her a handkerchief. After that he told her that she will only get her true form back when she would manage to make a gown in all colours of the rainbow herself. So she went on a journey to learn from the most talented couturiers, hoping to become an elephant princess again.
Dress: [K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Ocean (400 Linden)
Elephant avatar: Tiny inc. : tiny bright blue squirty elephant (200 Linden)

The Elephant avatars are available in many colours. For example natural grey but also different shades of green, blue, orange, yellow. There is even one in patchwork look so the avatar look like Elmer the patchwork elephant.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Posing on a chair

I really liked this pose chair from ~*~ DeminAtions ~*~. Well compared to some stuff from glitterati for example its a bit expensive because it costs 700 Lindens. But its well made and fun.
The chair comes with 10 poses.
And they are all rather hot.
For the pictures i used some lovely outfits from devious mind, the MmeChatouille lingerie.
I think outfit and chair fit quite well together.
Chair: Pose chair by DeminAtions (700 Linden)
Outfits: deviousMind: deviousBeauty : MmeChatouille (fatpack 2500 Linden, single colour 750 Linden)

too much soma could cause acne

Being dressed rather nice by the darkcatz hunt gifts from somapop and diapop but
Top left: [SOMAPOP] yellow g cardigan (darkkatzhunt 2 gift 0 Linden)
Top middle: [diapop] * i want sun on my skin dammit! :water: 4 (darkkatzhunt 2 gift 0 Linden)
Top right: [SOMAPOP] pulli red (darkkatzhunt 2 gift 0 Linden)
Trousers: [SOMAPOP] blue pants (darkkatzhunt 2 gift 0 Linden)

what is with my face. Its full of acne scars. So i hope to find finally a good makeup which helps me to hide them. But im not sure if there is any make up which is strong enough to deal with those holes in the face.
Skin: [SP] o-lela akne skin (darkkatzhunt 2 gift 0 Linden)

Gothic Lolita

Maybe the man with the scythe spends some time in the fields. So maybe he comes around and has a nice talk with me.
This outfit is a groupgift from Eret!ka. I first thought that i would need ages on the posestand to make it fit but thanks the resize scripts it didn t took much time. All prim parts come with a resize script so it was nearly comfy to make the outfit fit. I like the sweet socks very much and also the corset. Its also possible to wear the dress without the belt. To get the gift join the group and look in the group notices.
Outfit: Eret!ka : Gothic Lolita (Groupgift 0 Linden)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dressed in berry because of the white armory

My friend Tauria was so nice to tell me about a store named the white armory. I have to admit i had never heard of that store before. Its a big store for roleplay clothes. And this week they give away this pretty dress as groupgift. It comes with two kind of sleeves and a system and a prim skirt. Its also possible to take off the train. The skirt has a well working resize script. The berry colour is quite useful. I suppose if you go collecting berries in this dress its not seeable if the dress is tinted by the berries or not.
Dress: The White Armory : Midsummers Eve Gown Set-Group gift (0 Linden)

This ring from Alchemy Immortalis fits very well to the gown. Its possible to change the colour of the gem and the metal the ring is made of. The nail polish is the may gift from Sterling Artistry Eyes.

Ring: ! * )AI ( Graia Victorum Manus Ring (Midnight mania board)
Nail polish: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_manicure_0510_BlueSlashYellow and sa_manicure_0510_MayTulips

Also in the may gift have been those wonderful eyes. I like the shades of blue which are used in the eyes and they are so shiny.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : sa_eyes_MaySkies and sa_eyes_MayFlowers (Maygift 0 Linden)