Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alchemy Immortalis

Playing the Harpsichord while wearing gloves against the cold. The Harpsichord is scripted rather well. It comes with 5 different themes so its possible to change it to a colour which fits best. With the harpsichord comes a music books which contains 12 pieces of classical music. Very lovely is that the bench on which the player sits moves back when the music stops. It moves back to the instrument when the next song starts and the avatar gets animated to play it again. Here a picture of the instrument in ivory. Not only the instrument is colourchangeable its also possible to change the colour of the bench.
The harpsichord normaly costs 675 Linden. But Alchemy Immortalis are celebrating their first birthday so its on sale on xstreet for only 175 linden. There you also find much more informations about the harpsichord. Take also a look at the other objects which are on sale there is some great jewlery for sale.

Harpsichord: Alchemy Immortalis : The Empress III" Double Manual Harpsichord (175 Linden)

There are also two freebies at the sim of Alchemy Immortalis. For example this nice necklace. Its a subscription gift. You also could take part at a survey. For this you get a oilwarmer.
Necklace: Alchemy Immortalis : Subscription gift

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