Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cute skirts

I love mnk the textures of the stuff from that store are just superb. So I stalked their lucky boards and got two nice skirts.

This skirt is on the lucky board in their store at Switch. The shirt is the latest groupgift from Somapop. If you click on the picture you might be able to read the text on it. The socks are a dollarbie from Crayon Design and they are tintable wich is quite useful.
Skirt: MNK*Lucky Item! _Flower embroidered skirt _line (0 Linden)
Top: [SP] cool as fuck shirt (groupgift 0 Linden)
Socks: Crayon Design - White detailed Stockings tintable! (1 Linden)

This is the skirt from the lucky board in the mnk mainstore. The shirt is also from Somapop. I love the panda. It looks very cute but i suppose it has also an evil side.
Skirt: MNK*SHOP Lucky item(Retro skirt pumpkin2) (0 Linden)
Shirt: [SP] panda shirt (69 Linden)

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