Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dressed in berry because of the white armory

My friend Tauria was so nice to tell me about a store named the white armory. I have to admit i had never heard of that store before. Its a big store for roleplay clothes. And this week they give away this pretty dress as groupgift. It comes with two kind of sleeves and a system and a prim skirt. Its also possible to take off the train. The skirt has a well working resize script. The berry colour is quite useful. I suppose if you go collecting berries in this dress its not seeable if the dress is tinted by the berries or not.
Dress: The White Armory : Midsummers Eve Gown Set-Group gift (0 Linden)

This ring from Alchemy Immortalis fits very well to the gown. Its possible to change the colour of the gem and the metal the ring is made of. The nail polish is the may gift from Sterling Artistry Eyes.

Ring: ! * )AI ( Graia Victorum Manus Ring (Midnight mania board)
Nail polish: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_manicure_0510_BlueSlashYellow and sa_manicure_0510_MayTulips

Also in the may gift have been those wonderful eyes. I like the shades of blue which are used in the eyes and they are so shiny.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : sa_eyes_MaySkies and sa_eyes_MayFlowers (Maygift 0 Linden)

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